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Full Name: Zachary Maxwell Red Barnipus (Bar~nip~pus)

Age: 19.

Voice Actor:Drake Bell(2006-Present)

Theme Song(s): The chase by Timeflies
RedXFaith =3 copy

RedXFaith <3

(his theme for pursuing Sonitus), Skyfall by Timeflies(Kinda what happens when he IS pursuing Sonitus, his flirty side),Switchblade by Timeflies(FionaXRed break-up)

Theme Band?: Timeflies

Alignment: Neutral

Non-Immediate Family: Sonic (Younger brother) Manic (Younger brother) Sonia (Younger sister), Queen Aleena (Mother), Cathy (Older sister) Knuckles(brother-in-law)

Immediate Family: Faith:(Wife), Hayley and Vivien (twin daughters), Sapphire (oldest daughter), Milo (second oldest child, only son)

Love Interest:Faith(currently and forever)

Other Possible Love Interest:Mina Mongoose(for a short time when he wanted to become a singer), Julie-Su,(worked with her at G.U.N since he was 11) Blaze the cat

Powers: Super Speed, Teleportation, Pyrokinectic,

Super Forms: Super Red, Hyper Red, Burning Red, Dark Red, Chaos Red

Alias:Hotshot,Redhead,Zachy Waky(by chloe),Dealy Inferno,The kinectic heatwave,Red blur,Complainer,Incompenent Ninny(why sonitus why?),The Furry Lover,Outlaw,Disgrace,Menace to society,Sex-addicted Creep(no he not really addicted),Jerkface,Royal-Pest,The ladies man,Broham,Sear,Little Brother,The dude with the emotional problems,June bug(by fiona),The sophmore who wasnt that great in bed afterall(lol you find out soon eneough) The ultimate Whiner,Snuggle Bunny(by his mom),Wellie Bear(by faith, lol)

Birthday:June 10th


Zachary Maxwell Red Barnipus, is a prince from the planet Cryteria. Long ago the planet Cryteria, was a peacful place until the war started.Red's Mother Queen Shiba Raytal Corneria III, ruled Cryteria with a more peacful way of life.Shiba's childhood friend believed he could rule better than Shiba causing a small rebellion, which led to a war. Shiba's side which was the north side. King Henry Forts declared himself king. Little did Shiba know he was a evil mastermind. Well Shiba led her army and the battle had begun. Red was 19 during this time period and was a lieutenant and was fighting hard. But something kept distracting him, someone. It was King Henry 18 year old duaghter Sarabi. Red and Sarabi had secretly met during the war and had a wedding to unite the two kingdoms, but they were to late. Sarabi who was tuaght basic Cryterian combat by shiba refused to fight. She witnessed the war through her own home. KIng Henry had conjured up a deadly weapon that was sure to ensue victory if it had went of right, the cannon's electrocumpolsive shock springs had failed. Cuasing an explosion that basically tore the hole planet apart. As the planet fibers were ripped apart and sucked away into the void. Queen Shiba grabbed her son(who was knock out in the blast) Along with Sarabi put them in two-different space shuttles. Right before she sent red, she pecked his cheek with her lips.

"Goodbye my son, may my greatest blassing be taken care of elsewhere." She pressed the eject button on the pods. Shiba eyes teared up and she dropped to her knees as the very fabric of her home planet was being torn apart, thats when the void had a cosmic rift that disengrated the entired planet. Leaving no traces of civilisation.

When the rift reached Red, and Sarabi(they were into different space pods, but not on the same course toward mobius) is re-inverted the teenager's timeline cuasing them to decrease in age by the time they reached Mobius. Red's pod landed in the kingdom of Mobodoon, and Queen Aleena Barnipus Took him in without hesitation. Sarabi's Whereabouts are currently uknown.....

(still under construction)


To Faith:

"Okay..... so you took on like 30 guards in like five minutes..... MY arm was broken and I could barely see! Stupid tear gas-thowing assholes!"

"Why do I have to be the good cop? Your always the BAD cop!"

"Jesus Faith, You could have kept him alive long enough for questioning or something!"

"You look like a bloody mess! Straight from a horror movie! What? No i don't wat a kiss!"


Relationships With Other Chararcters:

Sonic the hedgehog: Growing up in the same houshold with "Big Blue" wasnt easy. They constantly tried to out do each in everythign, brewing a strong rivalry. Red being classified as the opposite of sonic only good. Red is rather lazy, when around sonic, which usually pisses sonic off...

Fiona Fox: Despite the heartbreak Red suffered from Fiona he stills loves her dearly, and will never stop loving her. Although sometimes he bring up the past just to make her fell bad.... All in all they still get along great,like they never broke up really.

Knuckles the echidna: Red's best friend and partner in crime. The two bump heads every now and then but they have a brother like relationship going on... Which makes them inseperable..

Racquett the fox: Red's other best friend even though Rac may disagree with it... Red finds Rac rather cool despite his grumpy nature... He sometime teases Rac on being a jek, for not daing certain girls that Red thinks he should.... They argue alot, and fight but all in all there great friends.....

Shadow the hedgehog: The two hedgehogs have a somewhat hateful rivalry form one another. Always duking it out or trying to kill each other when they meet. Although on various occassions, if their is an enemy more greater then both of them they will team up... Sometimes they even refer to it as having a "little" fun....

Rouge the bat: Rouge and Red have never dated. Although they have made sexually advanced contact upon one another. Red respects Rouge dearly for more than one reason. She's able too hold her ground, she's sexy and she a flirt just like him....

Amy Rose: Red and Amy are good friends. Actually there great friends. Red like Amy alot, becuase she's alway so happy. He finds her adorable. Red sympathizes with Amy becuase of her heartbreak with Sonic. Which is why it sometimes leads to more then just a friendly hug with the pink hedgehog....

Faith the hedgehog: Faith originally figured Red to be reckless, self-absorbed, and essentially very much of a flirtatious person when she met him as a new member of the Cell. She was correct lol; though she didn't take into account his acts of heroism and bravery until after their first mission together which she knew he had arranged for them to be alone in. Faith was far beyond the point of cooperating with him at the time though it became evident that he was clearly interested in her, addressing her as "hot" and "beautiful." Despite being turned down, rather coldly at that (even though she found him attractive), on numerous occasions Red's persistency and charismatic behavior began to amuse her considerably, therefore she decided to open up to him a little and never looked back on this decision.

Soon enough Red pointed out that he could see hurt in her eyes and that her occupation as an assassin may have gone further back than most among her were lead to believe by her facade. Highly annoyed by his direct output Faith avoided speaking to him for days on end though his insistency yet again got the better of her and she finally confessed her vendetta with her father's murder Mr Sonitus and admitted that the Cell was the only place she had left to go after he died. Faith also conveyed to him that this was why she never got close to anyone, living in fear of suffering the immense pain if she had lost them. Red eventually convinced her that this was not a positive way to live and that if she shut herself away from the world she could end up being a "hallow shell." At this he vowed to never leave her side and to always be there for her; not long after Red became one of the few Faith felt comfortable showing more compassion for and eventually she started developing romantic feelings for him.

Blaze the cat: Red loves Blaze. He has expressed his feeling numerous time for the lavander cat. They have a lot in common. Despite the whole " Blaze vs Faith" fued that goes on. Red will sometimes take her out on a romantic date. Which ticks Faith off to a high extent...

Jade Redfox: Red and Jade make an incredible team. Red who falls for her instantly and wasn't afraid to tell her how good-looking she was. The Hedgehog and the Fox, usually play around on several occasions. Red respects her as a very skilled fighter, and he'd pratically do anything to protect her...

Roxanne 'Flare' Flametail the Fox: Red met 'Roxxy" as he likes to call her in a small town club. She was on the dance floor having a wonderful time.Very amused and somewhat entertained, by her fun-loving and optimistic nature, He approached her, yet she was to busy jamming to notice. With a light tap on her shoulder, he said:" Hey" she turned around before giving out a wide smile."Hey boy! Buy me a drink!!" she demanded. Red obliged, and took her to the bartender buying her as many drinks as she wanted.. Full aware it was unsafe to let her go home alone, he was able to fish out her adress. Upon arriving to Roxxy's home, she made sexual advances on him, which Red wasn't that uncomfortable with, he just didn't want to take advantage of her.... He laid her down on her bed, then scribbled his phone number down along with a message"If you ever want to chill, Call me some time...-Red". Since that day they've been the best of friends.

Natasha Saforez:Red met the Mouse in a club.(oh that's suprising.) He was impressing by her engineering skills. He approached her, and he leaned on the turn tables. He knew she was working very hard, so he offered that he step in while, so she could go on a break... Natasha protested at first, but the hedgehog kept insisting. He was on fire on the turn tables. Which suprised Natasha very Much. After her short break, she offered he drop by and spin track with her again someday. The hedgehog agreed, and smiled as The mouse scribbled her phone number down on his arm.

Mallory Tribourne: Red has a  very deep intimate relationship with the lynx. She lables him as her "boy toy". For some unknown reason, shen he hangs around with her his life is added with more thrill. Now that he's been helping her escape from G.U.N she has become exceptionally close to him. When she wants him, he just can never say"no".

Bunnie Rabbot: Red finds bunnie quite attractvive and loves her acscent. The make a good pair all and love each other companie.(under construction)

Michael the fox: To Red, he is displayed as a little brother Red has always wanted. His thriving sense for adventure, somehwat reminded Red of himslef when he was a child. He tries his best to help in whatever situation he has including girl trouble. Red has always been very fond with mike.

Sawyer the cat: (under construction)

==Future Red: (Under construction)

Red's Tourette syndrome

Red has suffered from Tourette syndrom ever since he was nine years old. Involentary actions, such as him excessivly cracking his knuckles, to repeatedly tapping his foot. There was a point in time when his Syndrome was hidden, Unfortuantly when he was assigned to Sonitus case it came back, in the form of heightening his speech. Currently when he is upset or is angry, when he trys to yell his voiced is heightened to a shocking degree. Giving his allies/friends/ and family as sudden jolt of fear. It doesn't happen very often though.

Red also suffer from muscle spasms and excessive tremors from when he was tormented by Sonitus....


Red has founded his own night club called: "Midnight Paradise". It's grand opening will becoming soon.

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