Hey everyone, I'm red. Most of you probly know me as the brother of the famous sonic the hedgehog. But i'm going to tell you all about my incredible adventure!! Well hope you like my story! And remember to keep moving forword!!! See ya..


"What's so special about the emeralds anyway?' I asked with a scornful look."There just a bunch of gems with endless power"I stated..."First of all,You and I both know, what they can do. Second, You were the one who flung them in the deepest corners of the universe!" Surge explained.

I was at S.P.O.M headquarters, Seemed like even when I wanted to settle down with Mira, i coudn't because everyone needed me."Why me? Why!? All i have is this incredible power to be pyrokinectic, and reach up to temperture at 10,000 degrees" that's nothing!" I said. I tried to keep a straight face. I coudn't, what happened next realky made me mad: "I'm pairing you up with mileena this time.he said. I groaned, "I know, you two have your different perspectives,, but you'll make good team" he explained.

Then she walked up too us, the same little dragon-warror costume on, with the pink mask covering her mouth. I sighed."Suprised to see me,eh,Red? I could tell she had a smirk on her face. The odd thing was, I've known mileena since i was fifteen now, and i have never seen her without her mask off. I often wondered what she was hiding.