Reens' Male Counterpart

Reggie the Hedgehog Furry Male Dollmaker

Reggie the Hedgehog is Reens' male counterpart. He has not yet appeared in roleplaying.


Name: Reggie Andrew

Species: Hedgehog/ Mobian 

Age: 15 (almost 16)

Gender: Male

Personality: A bit less cocky than Reens, and also a bit more timid and naive. He has her adventureous spirit and sticks up for his friends in any situation.

Likes: Adventures, chili dogs, riding his hoverboard

Dislikes: His chili dogs not made to order, hoverboard malfunctions, friends in danger

Alignment: Good


Favorite Food(s): Chili dogs, chocolate, anything sweet

Favorite Color: Light and Dark blue

Favorite Song: None

Favorite T.V. Show: Mobius' Most Wanted

Favorite Sport: Tennis

Favorite Book: Greek myths and Aesop

Favorite Movie: None

Other Info

Weapons: Sword

Birthday: June 18th, 1998

Theme Song: It's My Life

Voice Actor: None

Accent: American, partly Southern

Family: Pops (father, deceased), Ma (mother, deceased)

Love interest: None

Friends: Troy, Mike

Rivals: None

Enemies: Eggman, Eggman Nega

Abilities: Can run slightly slower than Sonic, has enhanced strength and agility. Otherwise, he is always ready to listen to a problem and usually jumps into action feet first.

Minor Abilities: Science, can speak alien and wisp, knight skills

Special Abilities: Can turn super, he becomes yellow with dark red eyes, his robotic arm can transform into any weapon or item needed (basically just like Reens)

Ability Type: Speed, Power, Flight (with hoverboard)

Hair Color: Blue

Hairstyle: Mostly loose, held back in a ponytail

Skin Color: Peach

Eye Color: Light Blue

Height: 5'5"

Weight: To be determined

Appearance: He wears blue glasses, a blue shirt under a black hoodie, and blue jeans. He also wears blue and white gloves and white socks. His shoes consist of being blue tennis shoes with white laces and sides and grey soles. 

Coolest Feature: His robotic arm

Hoverboard: Silver Strike

Team Name: to be determined

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