'Name: Rex'

'Species:' Hedgehog

'Eyes:'  light blue

'Age:'  14

'Fur:' Red

'Relations:'  Meon the hedgehog (good friend), Dexion the cat (friend),Andy the hedgehog (brother/enemy)

'Likes:' Jokes,power,friends,protecting,training

'Dislikes:' His brother,losing

'History:' His parent's died when he and andy were born,when he was 5 he wastaken from his brother,they metted again when they were 10


magic: 3/5


fly: 2/5

speed: 3/5

'Powers: fire powers, ice powers, energy powers

'Favorite atack:' energy beam

'Forms:' Super form,Ascended super form(Aka Super form 2),Ultimate super form(aka super form 3 can't control it totally),Fury form(his strongest form can't control it and it will activate when his fury is at maximum)

Theme song: Crush40-Live and learn 

Personality: determinated,smart


Im not giving up!

You are not my brother anymore!(Rex to andy)

I can't defeat you but at least i will slow you down!