Robert the Armidalo

Robert in his Mobius colors fighting outfit.

Robert J. the Armadilo is a Sonic fan character created by LestatDragonEyes12 and Wxh20 in YouTube.


Robert James the Armadilo was borin the planet Mobius. His mother and father raised him in New Tech City downtown area. Were he lived for years. His parenst died when Robert was very young, so Robert lived by himself and didn't even finish Middle School. He lived in a disgusting apartment and had to get money by fighting at a place known as "The Pit" were he would fight for cash.

Until the day he was chosen by legendry fighter Aron Apollo, to join a tournametent of skill.

The M.I.A. (Mobius Intelligence Agency) told Robert that he would be a "spy" and that the tournament had been funded ilegally and that the boss, X'al Lung, was selling drugs. Robert had joined and had beat almost every one, until the last oppoent came. It X'al and that he knew all along that Robert was a spy working for the M.I.A.

Robert was able to bust up there operation and helped saved the other opponets.


Robert after that had gone on a winning streak for a long time in boxing. He had represented Mobius in the "Galactic Games" a sorta Olympic game-style game. He represented them in boxing.

After that, the goverment called upon him again, to fight against a threat. Which was a hulking mad monster known as "GIA".

Him and other fighters were able to fight them and won.

Basic Info.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Spieces: Armidilo

Powers: NONE

Fur Color(s): Blue

Hair Color(s): NONE

Favorite T.V.: The Contender

Favorite Movie: Rocky II

Alligement: Good

Attire: A black jacket, black shoes and pants and a black hat.

He also wears red and blue shorts for his fights, because those are the Mobius colors.


NONE all deceased.


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