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D.J.M Colored

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Biographical Overview
Name Rohan Makai Gupta
Nicknames D.J.M
Age 17
Birthday March 31
Birthplace Maki Tempal
Physical description
Species Arunachal macaque
Gender male
Height 3'11
Fur/feather/scale colour tanish brown
Eye colour lime green
Attire He has black shoes with yellow and green designs on them. He has a brown afro and his fur color is a tannish brown. He has a green and black jacket with grey pants. He always wears his green, yellow, and black headphones that his grandfather gave to him.
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Hero Chaotic
Favourite food fruit salad
Likes Music, his headphones, his fans, world tours, the Vexian Force, and others pursuing their dreams
Dislikes Dr Ecomori, Music critics, Dream Crushers, Meat
Relatives Father: ????

Mother: Kiraha Gupta ??? (died in child birth)

Grandfather: Motu Gupta

Skills and powers

Special info

Type: Special and Power

Tribe: The Monkey Tribe of Shrulankaba

Elemental Power: Air (he uses sound)

Weapon: High tech boom box

Combat Style: Close Combat

Love interest: None (Needs one; Ask if you have a recommendation)


Rohan is an up beat Arunachal macaque who loves to bring in the beat in parties. He's loud and very outgoing and loves making a show. He's modest and loves the fact that dreams can be made true, like his own.


Rohan is a profesional D.J and music mixer. His job lands him in gigs all around the world, and even in other dimensions (Mobius). Rohan grew up without parents. He never knew his father and his own mother died in child birth; it was his grandfather, Motu Gupta, who raised him into the young monkey he is today. When rohan was a child his tribe was assimilated into a nearby city. His grandfather, a tibal elder, wanted to break away but Rohan was faccinated by the city's lights, colors, but most of all sound. He soon quickly learned almost all known instraments and when he graduated from tribal school he left his tribe and pursude his dream career of being a technical musician, a D.J. His grandfather may have been against his tribe being absorbed in the city's pop culture but he helped his grandson pursue his career. He gave him a high tech boom box and special headphones, made by a famous blue bird technician, on his grandson's departure. Rohan's grandfather died then next few days due to an illness and Rohan has used his gift of music to entertain and teach in honor of his grandfather who helped him get to where he is.


Thunder Punch the Mongoose

Blue Jay the Blue Bird

Fire Arm the Hedghog

Digit the Dhole


Freddy the hedghog

Drey the Mongoose

Blanch the raccoon

Dr. Ecomori


His personality is based off of an assimilation of Indian, South American and African culture

He's a mix of a macaque and a howler monkey

His tribe is believed to be the decendants from the monkey mountain god Sumaru in the continent of Inmara.

Rohan is a vegetarian

I consider him my fursona, especially since I'll be a D.J apprentice in 2015

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