Roxanne 'Flare' Flametail the Fox
"Well, at least I ain't the type of party-pooper like you, god damn this place needsa' clean up from ya bawlin' and whinin'!" - Roxanne

-This fox aims to chill and make friends while she takes on any challenge the world has to offer, without any knowledge of what happens. She alongside Shine chill together and take the time to fight against rivals from all around.-

Roxanne 001

Basic Information

  • Roxanne 'Flare' Flametail
Known Names
  • Flare, Roxy and Boofhead (By Shine) 

Physical Info

  • Physical Age: 18
  • Species: Red Fox
  • Weight: 49.90kg (110lbs)
  • Height: 144.5cm (4.9ft)
  • Gender: ♀ Female
  • 4th March
  • Epitaph, Skyaros
  • Tigria 'de Fiore' Flametail (Elder Sister)
  • Ophren Flametail (Elder Brother)
  • Isaiah Flametail (Younger Brother)
  • Daniel Flametail (Father)
  • Loruna Flametail (Mother)
Ideal Accent
  • Redneck
  • Lawfully Good
Love Interest(s)
  • None
Misc Info

Theme Songs:

So What by P!NK (Lyrics)03:43

So What by P!NK (Lyrics)

Roxanne's Main Theme

Bioshock Infinite Trailer Song - Beast of America05:41

Bioshock Infinite Trailer Song - Beast of America

Song she thinks of when based on society.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Music (Any music that has a good beat), Edgy / Cool Fashion, Exploring/adventuring and Challenges, kicking people's butt and most of all, fortune / mystery.

Dislikes: Lectures, no lights, tight spaces, no music, felines and people dissing her 'style'.

She is more of a speed type, considered that she isn't as 'buffed' or well trained as Shine or has no ability to fly.
  • Strength: Poor
  • Agility: Excellent
  • Spirit (Determination): Good
  • Intellect: Poor
  • Endurance: Average
  • Social: Good
  • Misc (Tatics): Excellent

Her 'destiny' is with fire, however she is one of those who don't know of her relationship with the flame and if she did she would prefer to be 'smooth criminal'

"I don't need them powers of yours, or me own....I got...just me!" - Roxanne

Her techniques can vary quite alot like from stealth or tactical attacks, but for now the fighting techniques will be revealed:

Other Techniques (more likely from the Streetshadow Gang:

  • Thievery (Pick Pocketing etc)
  • Dealship
  • Tactis

Fighting techniques:

Sliding Dash: "Whee!" She runs and slides towards the rival's feet, either tripping them or making them flip forwards before the rival could land it's head on Roxanne.

Punch and Gabbin': She punchs the rival in the face, then slapping it in the face, and without hesitation she punches the rival in the guts and giving it a head kick.

Le Flower of Flying: "Look out, FLYING FOX! Haha!" She lands on the Rival's shoulders, pushes herself up and then descends back down to punch or land on the rival's head.

Thalcheo' (Skyridian meaning 'Thief of the Dirty Tricks): She slides between the rival's legs or grabs them by the waist swinging around to kick them from behind.

Not exactly a 'ability' but her tail lights up on fire occasionally, could be showing she is mad, jealous or insane. However it doesn't harm anyone or light anything nearby.


"If there was a way to live, it would be to do the unthinkable" - Julius Redneck, Blacksmith Master

Roxanne grew up as a rebel and is still a rebel. She is a very social, musical person of modern times. The first thing she did after she entered into Mobius was listen to music. The song could be from Station Square or Adabat or even from mysterious unknown realms (Most likely in some way, Earth). She enjoys listening to music with her musical player, it also hypes up her mood. She may find herself still pick pocketing, however when Shine knew what pick pocketing was, Roxanne stopped her criminal behaviours, trying to change her behaviour. She's a mystical or religious believer, always thinking of the impossible or paranormal activities of the world and a fortune-loving hippie. Her social side tends to get into people's lives like how Ghostly or Ravager likes Shine or when a disco party comes and invites Chen with his 'manly friends'. She is a good friend to turn to, or a comedian/musician, whichever you approve, Roxanne enjoys being herself despite her oblivious and unintelligent actions.


Roxanne can be a bit taunt-worthy, if she taunts someone she isn't very cautious of her surroundings, As for her strength, she's rather weak, still being able to punch someone but cannot carry or is able to hold weight. Unlike Shine however, she is afraid of huge heights, the furthest she could stand is about 120cm above. Even though she isn't afraid of water, she cannot swim. She gets easily distracted by 'shiny' and 'cool' things.

Despite her flaws, she is quite weak to a few other things:

  • As a Skyridian, she cannot connect with the Chaos Emeralds, she also feared she might become un-purified if she used the chaos emeralds herself, revealing it's 'mistrust'.
  • The Shadebrood are quite powerful against most pure living beings, if she was outsmarted, she would take quite a hit from the brood.
  • Even though Music keeps her in beat, she is could also be stuck into the 'beat' to easily, making her easy to attack when not paying attention.

"I don't know about you, but admitting weakness ain't a good thing, Shine"

Backstory: Rebellious Society

"Normally, talent comes from those who don't even know what it is" - Ruffeneck, Leader of Streetshadow Gang replies.

Roxanne lived in the old, lower district of Epitaph, where most middle class and poorer classes lived. Her father, Daniel, being a blacksmith had lots of requests and duties. Therefore the only parent that had watched over the children was Loruna, who was a fire sorceress from the magi guild. Roxanne was a part of the magi guild as well, however she acts as if it doesn't exist and does her own thing.

Roxanne kept creating mischief and stealing things for herself and her new friends she would make within the streets. She seeked thrills and dangers, all she wanted was freedom from no ones control, she wanted to be herself and herself only. Every day her reputation as a mischievous criminal child had grown slowly but it didn't stop her.

Her hatred towards authorities and the rich society had also grown quicker than her own reputation. She started to rise her expectations and steal from the rich, her agility had improved through her own self teaching. While she isn't a master, but she had her own ways of escaping and beating her rival. With every hand on riches and scraps, she was able to convince new friends to join her in small pillages on the rich.

However, one day, Roxanne and her small gang was about to take a hit on the nobility group of Epitaph's main temple. Before she could make a move, her mother, Loruna had spotted her and took her home personally. Her mother yelled and screamed hysterically at Roxanne, just like an overprotective mother, however it was interrupted when she received an arcane encrypted message, requesting call to arms on ... the incoming attack of Epitaph. Loruna ran outside to the rescue, while Roxanne ran out of the house to return to her gang, she was snatched up from the large crowd that was fleeing from the catastrophe of the attack on Epitaph, led by Dael 'Blight' Soulblood and his servants. Roxanne didn't see her mother again, and the crowd dragged her into another portal tower....which took her to mobius.

-Life in Mobius- It was another 10 years later, she became quite skilled at playing drums, thievery, tatics and dealship. She lived alongside Ruffeneck and the band of 'Solid Venus', living the same life as she did on Skyaros but in a more stable condition, and more together at last. Around the time Roxanne was 14, the gang had stole EVERYTHING from another jeweler store, trading new goods to other groups, Ruffeneck appointed Roxanne to sell the 'stolen' goods in another area of the city, as her 'peace and quiet' job. A few months from when she turned 17,she met Shine, they became great friends. Roxanne didn't toughen herself like Shine, but she used her old criminal ways to be able to assist her like for example, Tactics, agility and determination. Shine and Roxanne became more like a team, and became Team Moonfire.


Considered that she lived a ordinary citizen life, not much was told about her Skyridian life.

LozzaLolzor's 3rd FC

She was created to be Shine's friend years ago, originally being a female kelpie dog (still looked like a fox xD) and was named Redfox.

Please forgive me if my grammar is poor, feel free to ask any questions if something doesn't make sense and I'll clarify for you. :),

  • Roxanne as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat- Not a really a fitting costume is it? 8D
  • group foto yah
  • anime and old look, sort of xD
  • Collab - Muffin and Lozza eue

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