Russel the Terrier

Full Name

Russel Jack Sheryl








Lawful Good


His array of weapons are his sports equipment which he hexed using a witch's spell.


April 29th, so he's a Taurus.


Russel is calm, cool and collected. He will never wait to help out someone in need and is very loving. But he is by no means a pushover. Threaten someone he loves or attack him: you will feel his fury

Sexual Preference

Russel is bisexual but doesn't identify himself as such, he prefers to be known as who he is and not what gender he prefers to date

Voice Actor

English: J. Michael Tatum


Russel wears a Grey t-shirt with a picture of a yellow topaz, grey jeans with two pockets on each pant leg, Grey socks: one sock has a picture of an emerald and the other sock has a purple amethyst. He wears Grey and orange sneakers, both have been worn out quite a lot. Around his neck is a small silver cross pendant.

Hair Color: Black with pale brown highlights.

Hair Style: Trimmed bangs in the front and hair that reaches to his neck in the back

Fur Color: Brown and White.

Eye Color: His eyes are a stunning shade of orange and are also tinted white due to his genetics.

Height: Russel is four foot and four inches tall: A common height in his family.

Weight: Russel weighs one hundred and thirty pounds, even though half comes from muscle. Russel is white with brown on both sides of his head with a white line down the center, unlike the rest of his body: he is completely white and his nails are an off shade of black. Also, Russel's body is semi-muscular due to training in the gym and various projects around the city.

Russel's Family

Jasmine: Russel's Mother, They can be at odds at times, but they still love each other.

Ronoh: Russel's Father and role model. He is what Russel inspires to be like.


Jackson: Russel's younger brother, Jackson is only 2 years old. Russel has promised to take care of his little brother no matter what.


Friends: Andrew: Russel's best friend and next door neighbor. Concordia: Russel's other best friend and Andrew's older sister. Cory: Russel's life-long rival and friend, the two share a love for sports. Leona: His team-mate on the school soccer team. Arti: His team-mate on the school Basketball team.

Neutral: Penny: Russel and she aren't friends yet aren't enemies ever since Russel dumped her. 

Rival: Cory: Both he and Russel compete with each other on anything competitive.

Enemy: Russel doesn't have any enemies at the moment due to knowing everyone in the city and no one has any notable qualms with him.


Abilities: Russel boasts excellent flexibility and reflexes, he is well-rounded in anything athletic and can also cook using his eye for precise measurements. 

Special Abilities: Russel can use energy at his command to turn his sports gear into more powerful versions. He also learned magic from a woman he had met when he was younger.

Weaknesses: Russel doesn't have many notable ones: though he is scared of minor things like darkness and large crowds other than when he's on stage. And also deep bodies of water.