Sorry about the shadow of my phone ^^;

Yay, another character :D Because I'm addicted to designing new characters :3

General Info

Name: Sabine the Echidna

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Mobian/ Echidna/ ?

Alignment: Good

Personality: Rather nosy, energetic, sly, over- confident at times.

Likes: Listening to music (particularly techno), hacking computers, pulverizing the bad guys.

Dislikes: When Rebel confiscates her headphones, when she can't be of any help in a fight.


Hair Color: White

Hair Style: Short bangs in the front, long in the back.

Fur Color: White

Eye Color: Pink

Attire: Teal long- sleeved shirt with yellow arrow- like designs on the front, and on the edge of the sleeves, purple shorts, black gloves with green bands that glow dimly, white boots with green rings on the top that glow dimly, and teal heels/ front toes, and indigo on the front toe, purple headphones with a pink diamond- shaped design on each side.


Relatives: N/A

Friends: Andromeda the Bat, Fae the Cat, Rebel the German Shepherd

Neutral: Rebel the German Shepherd (At times XD)

Enemies: N/A


Ability Type: Skill


- Martial Arts

- Computer Hacking

- Good runner

Weapons: Her computer hacking skills, and her pointy- toed boots

Weaknesses: Afraid of the dark, gets rather jumpy, clumsy when fighting on more uneven terrain.



Work on later.

Other Info

- She has had a name change twice.

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