Sabrina the hedgehog is a cute, smart, intelligent and attractive girl. She may be quick, but not quicker than Sonic! She enjoys hanging around with Sonic! She thinks Sonic likes her as a friend but she is sooo wrong! Sonic tells Knuckles (which is such a bad idea.) Sabrina tells Rouge about her love interest of Sonic but they're both too shy to tell each other. :)


Sabrina is a 14 year old hedgehog. She is a light blue hedgehog with a pink dress, a silver glitzing belt and matching shoes. She is a singer and never lets her friends down. She also has a dark side which is purple. She has attitude!!!

Her nicknames are:

Sabz (Sonic)

Sabi (her friend Asmaa)

Cutie (Shadow and Knuckles)

Luv (drunk Sonic and Shadow)

Hun (Rouge)

Love interests

The only person she likes is Sonic! They kiss when Sonic shows her he is super. Sabrina was shocked to see it but then Eggman came to take Sabrina to his underwater base. Sonic came to save her but saw that Sabrina was already super. Sonic found out that Amy and the others came and shouted kiss kiss kiss kiss! Sabrina blushed, their lips touched and they kissed a desireable kiss. That is how they fell in love with each other.

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