Samantha Dove is the main protagonist of Sonic Unleashed , Sonic Riders , Sonic and the Secret Rings , Sonic and The Black Night ,  Samantha and Sonic and The Battle of Heaven and Hell ( Fan game ) . Edit


Samantha is a white dove with love hair and a bang that covers her left eye . At the end of her hair their is a green dot . She has green eyes and white feathers . She wears a green emerald circular necklace , A light blue tank top , Black jeans , green boots .    
IMG 20150829 092148 kindlephoto-27838627

Samanatha Dove


Even though being in the Babylon Rouges team she is also a nun . Samantha can be really hostile and aggressive ( especially to males ) . But she is a Warm Hearted 21 year old .


Age : 21

Name : Samantha Dove

Powers and Abilities : Hydrokenisis , Pyrokenisis , Aerokenisis 

Oc Owner : PiggyBird98

Type : Aggressive , Nice , Warm Hearted , Fast , Smart , Intelligent , Religious  , Short Tempered 

Religion : Christianity

Likes : Church , God , Jesus , Her Religion , The Team , Her Family , Blades

Dislikes : Males sometimes , bad language , porn , nudity 

Team : Babylon Rouges 

Theme Song : Centuries by Fall Out Boys 

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only one in the Babylon rouges who has powers . 
  • She started being a nun at 18 

She is a Misandrist .

​Transformations Edit





Silver Knight 





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