Sarah the hedgehog by stonetheechidna18-d5k1v2o

Sarah the Hedgehog

: Sarah Artemis Hedgehog

Power: Telekinesis

Family: Sister- Samantha the Hedgehog

Theme Song: Nicki Minaj- Super BassThe Song

Voice Actor: Rihanna

Species: Hedgehog

Weapon: Daggers

Personality: Carefree, Sarcastic, Enthusiastic

Hair Color: Purple

Fur Color: Pink Lavender

Eye Color: Teal

Favorite Colors: Gold and Teal

Age: 12

Clothing: Golden shirt with a teal waistbelt. Blue jean shorts, and gold and teal sneakers with teal braclets and white gloves.

Picture: Sarah the Hedgehog


Sarah was born in the Realm of Hatred in Mobius. She abandoned her parents with her sister, Samantha because she was hurt and hated by her parents each day. Because of the fact that she was born in the Realm of Hatred, is how she got her sarcastic personality. When she was born, she was given the teal braclets that are on her wrists to handle her psychic powers. Without the braclets, her power of telekineses, she would have created a black hole due to all of the pressure. Her rivalry with Bridgett started as a child, Her and Bridgett was best friends, until Lyon the Hedgehog came along. They both had a crush on him, Bridgett was a princess so she stated a new law that required anybody that she loved would be hers forever. That is how they became arch enemies.

Current Life

Sarah is currently the boyfriend of Stone the Echidna. Sarah and Stone plan to have 2 children. A boy named Midnight, and a girl named Rabecca. Sarah and her sister Samantha do everything together. Sarah's job is to protect her sister from predators. People that try to kidnapp Samantha are trying to use her power of poison for bad. Sarah protects her sister and does it well. She currently is blind in one eye, due to Bridgett, which is why her hair covers one eye.

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