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Sarcoma the Hedgehog


Sarcoma was born at the exactly the same time as Nekuyo. She was switched with another echidna at birth, and grew up with another family. Then when she was 16 she joined G.U.N. She was supposed to kill Nekuyo, as G.U.N. thought he stole the Choas Emeralds, but ended up falling in love with him.


Sarcoma is a expert marksman in Bow and Arrows, Pistols, and most importantly, Sniper Rifles. She is a black belt in all of the worlds martial arts. She is almost as strong as Magnus, although she is much faster. She tends to help Team Element, altought she is not a part of it. And she has the amazing ability to calm magnus down. She is considered to be a speed type.


She tends to be smarter than Nekuyo, but can be kinda stupid at times. She is much nicer and likes to hear what people have to say. She is the funniest person out of Nekuyo, Chinoka and Protech.

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