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Sasha The German Sheperd
Sasha anthrod
Basic information
Name Sasha Fleming
Nickname Sash, Sashie
Gender Female
Age 25
Species Humanoid Canine (Border Collie)
Personality Tough, Hard working and friendly
Current residence An Alternative Reality Earth
Occupation EDF Law Enforcement Officer
Alignment Good
Physical description
Height 6 ft
Weight 79kg
Attire EDF Blue Trench coat

Red T shirt

Black Suit Trousers

EDF Combat Boots

Personal information
Hobbies/Talents History

Video Games/Movies/Books (Anything with a good story really)


Hand to Hand combat

Likes Meeting new People


Irn Bru (Scottish Drink/ Soda)

Going for a walk on the beach

Most sports involving a ball

Dislikes Losing unfairly

Being outwitted

People with no respect for others

Being hit on the Nose

Show off's


Relatives Bess the Border Collie (Adopted Sister)
Friends Saren Arturias

Rustic Songbird

Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze

Flareus "F.EXE" (Ex)Accel

Romantic interest N/A
Acquaintances N/A
Rivals Commander Poison (Cyclone Commander)
Enemies Cyclone

Any threats to Earth and her friends


Weapons: Unlike her Sister Sasha doesn't Carry as much weapons and tech as Bess, What she does carry is a Tech Energy Blade Capable of Cutting through anything and is designed to drain Energy From powerful Individuals which makes it useful for bringing down enemies with a lot or strong powers, It can also disrupt Powers making it hard for her enemies to come back at her and for her to be able to actually hurt some of the much more tougher opponents. She also carries a very strong Hand Gun which Fires Armour Piercing rounds, as well as carrying the usual Police Weaponry.

Abilities: Sasha Is Basicly The same as Bess No powers But Has Learned a lot from her Sister growing Up over the Years with her sparring and playing together, Sasha Has learned Many Techniques to bring her oponent down with ease, She is a little taller and Stronger than Bess As well as Faster and more Acrobatic, However she Suffers a little at being as quick thinking as Bess and because of that Bess can usually Beat her in most sparring matches,

Again as Sasha and Bess are both dogs the can Hear and Smell at a higher ability than most making Stealthy characters much more prone to being Caught by Sasha, She also use's this during her Criminal Investigations leading to more accurate results.

When Sasha fights Shes uses a mix of Fast movements, Strong Physical attacks with smart thinking, always looking for the best way to bring her opponent with no more force than necessary, Constantly looking for a weakness to exploit and within her ability limits,.

As Sasha's story has changed a lot from when I first made her currently is being held off till further notice

goodbye18000 I'm watching you........AS YOU SLEEP MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!

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  • An amazing Photo By Cassidy the hedgehogGo to Cassidy the Hedgehogs DA

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