Sawyer the human

Sawyer Johnson

Sawyer's new and current profile, as a anime character and nekomato cat-girl...

About Sawyer:

Name:Sawyer Johnson


Age: 25(Anime) 19(Originally/Mobian) 28(Currently/Mobian)

Height: 5'9(Anime) 3'5(Mobian)

Weight:115 to 140 (she states)
Sawyer the cat request 1

Sawyer at age 25 and drawn in sonic style...Credit to User:Baine the hedgehog

Eye Color: Gold/Yellow

Fur Color:White

Skin Color:Light Brown(Caramel/Anime)

Love Interest(s):TBD

Ethnicity: African American/ Brazillian/Puerto Rican

Voice Actor: Jasmine Guy



Alignment: Lawfully Good

Theme Song:(Looking for one)



Sawyer doesn't possess specially enhanced powers or physically enhanced attributes like her other co-workers. Yet, she does possess a high level of speed. Her agilty is is far more complex and a definent factor in her movements. Scaling walls and multiple terrains at ease. Although her vision isn't exactly terrible she has a problem focusing on enemies with a long-ranged fighting technique. Sawyer is a professional sniper who excells at hand-to-hand combat and is a very dominate fighter. Mostly pressing her opponents and attacking more then defending. Which causes her to tire out even faster and leaves her vunerable for a powerful array of attacks. Although Sawyer is very small for a Mobian Cat she can take her fare share of damage. Sawyer is a determined perfectionist often trying to outdo her oppenent and work on her technique as much as she can.

Combat Profiency:

Sawyer's a powerful hand-to-hand combat master. She strikes in quick poweful thrusts and kicks..She can peform a series of strong bone-breaking kicks at several opponets without breaking a sweat. Her fist-based attacks are a little slower, but just as powerful as her kicks. Although Sawyer has always been the kind of individual to get right with buisness. She does occasionallly play with her opponennts, if she has a complete advantage over them. She believes and has proved she is the most Elite agent in all of Mobius.


"No chow, No meow..."

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