Sayuri is a secret spy for the Makeh Assasians


Name: Sayuri

Age: 18

Species: Seedrian

Gender: Female

Alignment: Bad

Personality: Smug, Sturbborn, Determined

Likes: Winning, Spying, Eavesdropping,Money

Dislikes:Annoying people, when people dont get on, Working in groups


Hair Colour: Silver

Hair Style: Long

Fur Colour: N/A

Eye colour: Sky Blue

Attire:Dark grey and purple sleevless shirt, Dark Purple Amulet, Dark Grey and purple shorts,Dark Grey Shoes.


Relatives: Sylvia (Sister), Marussa (Physchotic Cousin)

Friends: Marussa, Tobo, Tyson, Talu

Love Interest: Zepherian

Neutral: Sylvia (She couldnt become her sisters rival, but feels betrayed of her leaving them for Shadow)

Rivals: Anyone who stands in her way

Enemies: Nammi, Sonic and Co. Ivy, Arlen


Ability Type: Speed

Abilities:Speed, Martial Arts

Super form(s): N/A


Sayuri was taught Martial Arts when she was a child, and was also a friend of Zepherian. When she was 15, Zepherian signed her up for the Makeh Assasians in secret. Instead of being annoyed, Sayuri was honoured to be apart of them. She develops friendships with their enemies and learns their weaknesses before making up an excuse to leave them and let the Assasians take care of them. She enjoys her job, especially the money she gets paid.

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