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Name: Scamp the Siamese

Age: 11 1/2

Species: Mobian/ Siamese Cat

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Group(s): Team Outcast (Agility type member)

Personality: Sweet, Polite (When he feels like it), Sneaky, Loud, Obnoxious

Likes: Pranking people, chocolate ice cream, annoying people

Dislikes: Being caught red handed, his traps or pranks backfiring


Hair Colour: Dark brown

Hair Style: Spiky hair in the front, short and spiky in the back.

Fur Colour: Light/ Sandy Brown, Dark brown

Eye colour: Ice blue

Attire: Work on it later (I'm at school, and there are no pics for me to look at.)


Relatives: N/A

Friends: Sylvia the Cat, Ariel the Hedgehog, Autumn the Fox, Alan the Hedgehog

Love Interest: Sylvia the Cat (Major crush)

Neutral: Autumn the Fox (In a weird way xD)

Rivals: Alan the Hedgehog (In a way)

Enemies: Arrow the Hedgehog, Ana the Rabbit


Ability Type: Agility


- Can move very quietly

- Good at jumping over things

- Good reflexes

- Can build traps and pull off pranks

Super form(s): None.


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Other Info

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