Michelle has blond hair with hints of brown on it every now and then. Her eyes are brown and blue in color. She looks like she's in her very early twenties due to the Hakazins having the maximum age nearly twice as high as Mobians.

History (W.I.P)

Michelle, considered one of the best soldiers of her time, agreed to take part of a genetic super soldier experiment. The experiment was dubbed the tartigrade experiment, one that allows soldiers a form of invincibility on the field. Unlike most other stories told like this, not only will she willingly join the experiment, not only will the experiment go well, but there will be a mass production of these super soldier units.

Michelle move on to become a great soldier, however with a bad track of disobeying orders despite it being for the greater good. When deciding to disobey orders once more in order to save many more civilians at the cost of more soldier's lives, Michelle was forced into retirement.

Having lost a job that she loved, and since the police department business "was way too tame a job for me," Michelle moved on to become a vigilante of Arden.

Of course, being the soldier she is, she never followed the "no killing" rule that most vigilantes do. As such, her vigilantism has been labeled moreso as murder and assassinations to the public eye.

She usually gets majority of her capital from stashes of enemies she defeats and contract kills, which is how she manages to gets her hands on military grade equipment.


Michelle keeps a calm mind most of the time, including in battle. She enjoys toying with weaker opponents, unless they are too weak and/or are just wasting her time.

Michelle is a bit hypocritical, believing that people doing crime is bad, yet she does it herself to stop crime.

She loves seeing what opponents are capable of, and will attempt to make them reach their max potential to see if they are worthy to fight.


Reinforced Ardoncal-Enervibral Blade

This red blade is her signature weapon. The enervibral metal is able to cut through anything solid, due to its ability to separate the molecular bonds, allowing it to easily work its way through an object, and the sword's Ardoncal properties dissolves platelets and their components, preventing regeneration for several minutes. If for some reason it is not powered, the Ardoncal metal is still able to cut through most metals on the planet much easier than a hot knife through butter. Ardoncal itself is also nigh indestructible, the sword found in top shape in the aftermath of a skyscraper explosion.

While it looks light, this sword actually weighs about thirty pounds. Ardoncal is a very dense metal.

Dual Custom Uzis

The bullets of these uzis are designed to be very light and aerodynamic, allowing their travel speed to reach Mach 5, increasing its range. The bullets themselves are explosive, and it can leave a gaping cavity in the average person's chest, even with kevlar armor, and the bullets themselves are designed for marksman accuracy.

Crimson Xevion Armor

This specially designed tank armor durable enough to outlast an MOAB thermobarbaric bomb with only moderate dents. The suit acts as an exaggerated version of oobleck, hardening on contact against attacks.

The suit can easily handle the environment it is in: volcanos, deep oceans, arctic climate, and extreme ends of the pH scale. 

Xevion (pronounced se-f-eye-un) is a magical element not exactly from Mobius (Mobius, but on an alternate plane of existence), and as such, the armor has an invisible aura around it that absorbs about 95% of energy based attacks, as well as offering magic immunity.

Metal Skeleton

Made out of a special nonmagnetic metal, this allows Scarlet to not only have enhanced durability, but due to robotic knowledge, it enhances her strength to about 1,000 times that of the average mobian.



The classical shrapnel grenade.


A grenade that emits a incredibly loud noise and bright light, blinding and deafening the foe.

Smoke Screen

The smoke screen is slightly harmful to the lungs as it clouds the area, forcing people without protection to back out. And of course, it's also a smoke screen.

Clear Death Grenade

Breathing masks or not, you will need your own personal supply of oxygen if you want to survive this invisible smoke grenade. It temporarily adds an extra oxygen atom to O2, making it into ozone. Not only is this harmful to breathe in, there is now a lack of oxygen in the vicinity.

Xevion Grenade

Michelle has grenades capable of destroying buildings. Obvious reasons are obvious, she will sparingly use them. The grenade is heavily durable, able to be shot with conventional fire, resulting in no major degree of damage. It is also resistant to concentrated laser strikes. That's a good thing, considering Michelle wears them when equipping them.

Proximity Mines

These are used a bunch. They are small rectangular boxes fitting into the palm of one's hand, activating when one is in close proximity, hence the name. The weapon is powerful enough to clear a room, and can stick pretty much anywhere. It can even float on water with no major problems

Grappling Launcher

She has one, where it helps her quickly reach areas up to 500 feet away, the grapple reaching transonic speeds.



Strength: 9-B, 8-B with standard equipment

Speed: Subsonic in travel speed, Relativistic in reaction speed


Scarlet's retractable claws are extremely sharp, casually piercing diamonds, and her grip is even better. She can easily break out of handcuffs, grip and scale buildings, hold onto a supersonic jet in flight, and cut down the hinges of a door in one fell swoop.


"Why do you even need the frag grenades? Your punch alone is equivalent to the weight of two buses compressed in the area of a fist. Trust me when I say you hit hard." ~Dusk

From casually bending reinforced steel in her palm, to being able to carry a cubic meter of osmium for extended periods of time, Michelle proves the strength she has to do the extraordinary.

Enhanced by her skeleton mainly, She can casually punch through heavily armored bulletproof glass, kick down steel doors, and chop trees with her hands. It is because of her strength that she feels no recoil from most weapons, despite their power, which is how she once used a sentry gun as a handheld weapon.

Even with her sword powered off, Michelle's strength behind it has allow it to easily slice cars in half.


After walking into a casino and questioning a mob leader, eight other people were ready to draw their guns out. Once incapacitating the mob leader via a hand chop to the neck, he dropped a casino token out of his hand, and the eight others were quickly unconscious or killed immediately before the token even hit the ground.

On her own running power, she has chased and caught up to speeding highway cars.

As for slicing speed, she has shown to slice an apple in half too fast for the normal eye to see, after being told that she wouldn't be able to keep up with a group.

Durability and Resilience

Without her suit, Michelle has still proven the likes to survive anything thrown at her... including being blown up by a plane bomb, and belly flopping into the ocean five miles down. Her bones are durable as well, her skull easily taking a bullet that could split a great white in half.

While her armor is resistant against the elements, Michelle herself is much more resilient thanks the Tartigrade Experiment. She can walk out of flames, handle temperatures close to absolute zero with difficulty, outlast lightning strikes of up to several billion volts, prove to be immune to most genetic level diseases, survive in the vacuum of space and ocean trenches, waltz through a barrage of radiation at about 8,000 grays, and even last for long periods of time without food or water. Michelle has shown to be even able to resist things such as tear gas, tranquilizers, and even a milligram of botulinum toxin poured into her drink, despite already being in a bedridden state.


Michelle doesn't try to be the one of the smartest people on Mobius, but if she wanted to, she has that potential. Michelle's mind is able to process information at least dozen of times faster than the average Mobian, and she uses this to become an expert tactician and planner on the go, as well as make calculated responses in much less time.


Michelle is noted to be able to react and avoid gunfire even after they have been fired, and she has proven to be able to dodge lightning on multiple occasions. She has been able to casually slice, bat away, and even catch Alyssa's arrows mid-flight, and has even counter-shot other bullets.

While there are some things or people that Michelle simply cannot avoid in time, such as Cole (pre multiverse core boost), she can take notice of it.

Healing Factor and Pain Tolerance

Michelle is no pushover. She can fight at full capacity even with her own sword lodged into her chest, and only be stunned for a few seconds after a surprise snipershot to the back of the head. The regeneration had actually pushed the bullet out of her skull in the process, as her skeleton was too durable for the bullet to penetrate further.

As for her high end feats, Michelle, before her suit granted her immunity to telekinesis, intentionally had her brain exploded from the inside for a secret heist. She conscious within a day.

She jokingly states she has wasted four of her nine cat lives due to some absurd things she manages to recover from, though in reality Michelle pretty much has nigh eternal youth.

War Experience

Throughout her time a a soldier and her vigilante career, Michelle has obtained excellence in stealth, marksmanship, and combat, knowing nearly a dozen forms of martial arts.

Minor Self Molecular Manipulation

Scarlet can control every molecule in her body... as such, she can fake her death by stopping her heart and pulse rates, though continuing to make her blood flow normally. It has also made her resist Blood's ability of hematokinesis when she was being hunted down.

It is her molecular body control that assists her the most in keeping a stable inner body temperature.


If someone could reverse engineer the serum that made Michelle powerful and inject her with it, she will lose her tartigrade abilities, but only momentarily.

The enervibral of Michelle's sword can be easily turned off via EMP strikes.

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