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Short Selania Tribute

Selania by ooblue skyoo-d5synis

Selanias Official Design (2013)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mytheria, the name the place, and anything/everything RELATED to Mytheria or Mytherians belong to Silende!! This includes the characters, names, places, ideas, and etc. (Well, ok I came up with the idea of Alina/Selania and other characters that I created being Mytherians.) Other than that everything belongs to Silende, and you HAVE to ask her to use any of these ideas, or else it can be considered theft.

Basic Stats/Personality

Sonic Team VS. Archie Team Portrayal: Sonic Team Portrayal

Name: Selania

Nickname(s): Sel

Name Meaning: Ancient Mytherian for "Keeper of Peace"

Age: 15 (Held in suspended animation for approximatly 2,000 years)

(Current) Species: Mobian/Hedgehog/Mage/Mytherian

(Future) Species: Mobian/Hedgehog/Werehog/Sage/Mytherian

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 3',4' (12'5 ft while in Mytherian form)

IQ: 160-220 - Maximized Intelligence

DOB: 5/24

Birthplace: Mytheria

Residence: Mytheria, Crisis City, New Mobotropolis

Occupation: Witch, Hairdresser, Singer

Social Class: Shy/Kind Outcast

Alignment: Hero

Top Speed: 200 MPH Gifted Runner

(Current) Abilities: Magic, Super-Speed, Mind-Reading, Healing, Opening Portals

(Future) Abilities: Super-Speed, Mind-Reading, Healing

Side Note*: If Selania uses to much magic it tires her quickly and leaves her drained. She has to rest to build up her strength. If she over uses her powers she will faint and remain unconscious for at least three days.

Achilles Heel: Right Hip

Hobbies: Styling Hair, Shopping, Hanging Out With Friends, Practicing Magic, Learning Swordsmanship, Dancing, Playing With Dogs

Talents: Singing, Gifted Keyboardist, Magic, Mind-Reading

Weaknesses: Darkness, Evil Magic, Over-using her magic when stressed

Likes: Reading, Cats, Dubstep, Making fudge, Friends, Sleepovers, Cute animals, Ballet, Swingsets

Dislikes: Bossy people, Cold weather, Bullies, monsters

Favorite Activities: Helping others, Reading, Singing, Dancing, Playing, Swinging

Least Favorite Activities: (Will Update)

Friends: Silver the Hedgehog, Adela the Vampire-Cat, Silende the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sarin the Hegdehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rife the Hedgehog, Mike the Hedgehog, Lexia the Hedgehog, Diablo the Hedgehog/Wolf, Saris the Hedgehog

Rivals: Scourge the Hedgehog, Paralyzer the Hedgehog, Pyromania the Hegdehog

Enemies: Valafore, Death, Dr. Eggman

Known Alter Ego's: None

Anti: None

Known Relatives: Kalisha (Mother), Karsor (Father), Silver the Hedgehog (Future Husband), SJ the Hedgehog(Future Son), Destiny the Hedgehog (Future Daughter), Delanci (Future Daughter)

Team Strength: Power

Love Interest: Dating Silver the Hedgehog

Alt. Reality Love Interests: Shadow the Hedgehog, Diablo the Hedgehog, Scourge the Hedgehog


---Fur: Black

---Hair: Black

---Nose: Pink

---Muzzle: Peaches & Cream (Small freckles)

---Eyes: Jade Green

Attire: Dress, Sash, Brooch, Moccasins

Alias: Nocturne Pack (Werewolf pack)

Alliance: Hero

Occupation: Singer, Hair Stylist

Forms: Werehog, Sailor Selania (Alt. reality, see below)

Weapon of Choice: Bow staff

Fears: Snakes, Spiders, Monsters, Haunted Houses, Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Man-eating Plants, Lightning/ Thumdestorms, Beetles, Mice, Fog, Howling, Deep water

Suffers: Anxiety, Pride

Habits: Nitpicking

Fashion Statement: Dresses and Slippers

Flower: Lily of the Valley

Favorite Place: Forests

Gourmet Of Choice: Fudge, Caramel, Strawberries, Cheeries, Vanilla Icecream, Veggietarian Pizza

Beverage Of Choice: Milk, Eggnog, Hot Chocolate

Favorite Colors: Red, Gold, Pink, Lavender

Chaos: None Yet

Theme Song(s):

Selanias Backstory

Selania was born on the planet Hetezar, home of the Mytherians. Her father's name was Karsor and her mothers was Kalisha. Her mother Kalisha was the descendant of a Mytherian and a Nine-Tailed fox, thus a Witch; meaning Selania would also be a Witch. Selania was born a few weeks early and was sickly as a little girl, she wasn't expected to live past three years. Selania was also unnaturally chubby, and her chuubyness stayed with her. 

As if a miracle Selania did live past her third birthday and slowly got better. On the eve of her fifth birthday her home was attacked by a dragon. Her parents told her to run and not look back, which she unwillingly did. Soon she was lost and alone in the forest when a nearby boy, Sarin, on from the country found her. She was cold and weak and he picked her up and carried her back to his home. Sarins mother, Naf 'tealle took her in and began raising her as her own daughter.
Pc selania the hedgehog by rally the fox-d6bzpg2

--- Will update later...

Sailor Selania

In the Lunar Zone, Selania is a school girl and can magically become Sailor Senshi Selania. Other than that I don't have much info on Sailor Selania.

Selanias Photo Gallery: (Red Dress = Modern / Purple Dress = Classic)

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