Sera the Fox and Kryptonite the Cyro-Tech Monsuno 2

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"Race is on fellas, win or's your choice" - Sera Kinjara

-Monsuno Controller who got her first monsuno from the Cyro-tech Business and sent off exploring. Getting to know Kryptonite and possibly not realising the future goal ahead of them is coming near.-

Known Names: Kinjara, Serah (See-rah) and Code Name: Temporal

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Birthdate: 19th November

Ideal Accent: American (Fuck yeah, dem Americans xD)

Allies: Cheyenne 'Shine' Aktani the Hedgehog

Tigger the Tiger

Enemies: Kaeldyr and Shaldyr


She is quite determined towards her goal, rather brash and tauntworthy. She takes fights seriously but yet childishly and thinks her way through complications and fights with others. Maybe not Heroic, but she takes risks at some cases (But not brave, to face a huge-ass dragon alone for example but will light her tounge on fire if she wanted too). Not during fights however, she is naive towards people.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Her Monsuno Kryptonite, pie (who doesn't 8D), winning and pranking.

Dislikes: Losing (Orly?), S.T.O.R.M (In particular, Commander Trey..ALOT) and being scared at small things.

Basic Information:

She's rather a scaredy cat more than anything, she may seem like she can do anything however not everything is the case. She acts childishly alot for her teenagehood and wants to prove the world how 'awesome' she is and her monsuno.

Kryptonite and other Monsunos:


Kryptonite, Sera's main Monsuno.

Cyro-Tech Monsuno

Creator (Leader of Cyro-Tech): Kantos Silvercrow

Animal Influences: Saber-Tooth tiger, wolf and somewhat a bear.


Strength: Excellent

Agility: Average

Intelligence: Good

Endurance: Good


Tidal Shock: Shoots a Lance of Water at the enemy with a slight hint of electricity

Azure Storm: Surrounding Kryptonite would be blue lightning bolts of electricity, it can hit air Monsunos.

Ravaging Strike: Kryptonite imbues his claws with electricity to attack land/ground Monsunos, can be pretty effective if used with water but may shock Kryptonite himself.

Crystallic Barrier (a part of the Cyro-tech DNA essences): The crystals on his shoulders dissapear, and enclose around him, basically making him particuarly stronger in endurance but not agility. He may sacrifice his own crystallic power to protect others, (it is the same effect on other monsunos, just when given to another, Kryptonite cannot shield himself)

Personality Traits:

Ravenous, Savage and almost non-predictable.

Other Monsunos:



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