Name: Shargon the hedgehog

Species: Hedgehog

Bio: Shargon is a mysterious hedgehog that is in match with Sonic, he is extremely fast and powerful; he is able to form blasts of energy from chaos emeralds. Shargon also has 2 super forms. Shargon once met Sonic when Sonic and Tails were runing through Green Hill; Shargon showed up with a green chaos emerald. He told Sonic, "How much are you gonna pay for this thing huh?" Sonic replied saying, "What?!'s 50 rings?"

Shargon, not impressed with Sonic's offer, said "300, no more no less."

Sonic, now mad at Shargon, said "300?!?!? ARE YOU INSANE?! I can't pay you that much now!"

Shargon then said, "If you don't pay...I'll sell your own stuff. So are we gonna do this the easy way, or the hard way?' Sonic being confident, said, "Hard way heck yeah!" They did a battle in which at one point shargon said "Heh..not to can have the emerald...I'll rent it...but you better pay me that 300 at the end of the week!" as he ran off.

Moves: Dark wrath: A powerful combo in which he does a barrage of punchs and kicks before uppercuting his opponent into the air, leaping off the ground, and landing on top of the person as he smashs them into the ground.

Hellish kill: A powerful move only useable in his shadow form. He punchs the enemy in the gut and kicks them in the face, knocking them away as he walks over to them he stomps on their chest, damaging their ribs as he grabs them by the head, throws them in the air, turns around as they land onto his spikes. He pulls them off, throws them away, and finishes them off with a chaos burst.

Chaos burst: a powerful burst of energy he can only use this if he has a chaos emerald

Forms: Normally a green color

Super: He gains a red coloring as his spikes on his head grow slightly as his aura gains a blue tint he is only able to use this with three or more chaos emeralds. At three, it's weaker than Super Sonic. At 4 it's weaker, at 5 its even at 6 its slightly stronger cannot be used in 7.

Shadow: Only useable with all 7 chaos emeralds. He gains a black coloring and is completely black besides his eyes, which are now completely white. He loses nearly all control of his spikes, protrude through his back and his aura is white he is even with hyper Sonic in this form.