Early Life

Before Gerald Robotnik died, he created a blue and red hedgehog ,he ment it to be a clone of shadow but something messed up and Shawn was born.As a child Shawn liked Sonic ,He thought he was cool,and then he met tails.

Soon after Sonic met Tails ,Shawn thought Tails didnt like him
File:Shawn pose 1.jpg


Family Reunion

Shawn was the first one to free shadow from his sleep. After shadow woke up he thanked Shawn and later Eggman found out the two were brothers. So he tried to destroy them both but he failed. they togather stopped him rather easily

Finding Sonic

Shawn soon came across sonic mistaking him for the bad guy the two got in a fight ,after Sonic won , the Island they were on exploded and Shawn and Sonic ecsaped barely but Shawn wasnt seen again.