Sheila Hard Color

Though she doesn't often acknowledge it, Sheila is very beautiful and is often told so by people she meets.

Sheila the Cat is a character created by ToaAntan.


Sheila was born to a wealthy couple who were in the early years of wealth and still working toward their riches. Her early childhood consisted of almost never seeing her parents, who were too busy with their work toward wealth to bond with their daughter. Sheila coped by playing alone and even then she managed to bother her parents who one day decided they couldn't handle the responsibility of a child and drove her into the countryside where they saw what looked like a house and left her at the driveway, assuming someone would come out and find her after they blew the horn and drove off. Little did they realize the "house" was an abandoned barn and poor Sheila was all alone in the middle of nowhere. About two days later she was found sleeping, laying against a tree trunk, by a young wolf boy named Trev. He began asking around to the few neighbors he had about a cat girl to see if any of them were the parents but to no avail. Sheila was abandoned and though Trev could not yet afford to take her in, he began caring for her, bringing the girl food and educating her at the base of the same tree every day. Sheila was a fast learner and despite all she'd been through, she was a very happy girl. Trev eventually taught her to catch her own food and Sheila surprised him most when, instead of fishing the conventional way, she dove right in after the fish, surprisingly catching at least one or two each time. Eventually Sheila's days of learning came to an end and Trev offered her a room at his home which she would stay in for another year before heading out on her own. Sheila is a nature girl and loves the outdoors.

Abilities and Skills

  • Skill with a Combat Staff: Sheila was taught to use a staff by Trev as a form of self defense. Sheila's staff is a collapsible one that can be stowed by tucking the clip into her shorts.
  • Scratching: Sheila can deploy her claws at will when she looses her staff. She keeps them extremely sharp and when she attacks with them, she aims for the jugular artery.
  • Agility: Being a cat, Sheila is incredibly acrobatic and light-footed.


For a girl who was orphaned on a muddy driveway in front of an abandoned barn, Sheila is incredibly optimistic and has a natural zest for life. She is quick to make friends with those she meets but isn't as instantly trusting as MX-5 would be. Sheila's motto is not to sweat the small stuff and learn to take what life throws at you.