Shiro 2

original pic by CLAMP, I like how it turned out

Ouka-noir 02:35, August 20, 2011 (UTC) (original drawing by CLAMP

General Information

Name: Shiro

Alias: Ghost of Rivercrown, Firewolf

Gender: Male

Species: firewolf

Age: at least over 800 years

Fur: blue shades of flames, pale blue underbelly and muzzel

Eyes: blue

Relatives: Nine (mother)*, Entei (father)*, Sora (older sister)*, Emerald (older sister)* *=deceased

Place of Birth: Rivercrown

Date of Birth: unknown

Afflication: Ouka, GUN

Alignment: Good, formaly bad

Abilities: icefire, fire, speed, empathic with wolves and fire

Wepons: fire, icefire, long blade

Specialty: hunting and tracking

Personal Info

Favorite/Theme Song: none

Favorite Food: apples and fish (the fish is usually burnt)

Hobbies: sleeping, hunting, training

Rivals: Eggman, Kingdom of Dredaria

Owner/Partner: Ouka- they are both empathic with wolves and as such found out their intentions, becoming friends because of their rivals being Dredaria. Dredaria attacked Rivercrown and Glaceria.


Shiro was born as a guardian of the canal city, Rivercrown. Though he was still young, he contained great powers of icefire and fire. As is a tradition in Rivercrown and Glaceria, the guardians of Rivercrown are to become partners to the heirs of the Kingdom of Ice; Nine and Entie to King Fai and Queen Saphira as well as Sora and Emerald to Yukito and Reks. It was to be that Shiro and Ouka were to be united when Ouka turned sixteen, a time that never came. When Shiro was only 3 (three hundred, they age by century) their home was attacked at the same time as Glaceria was. Everyone except for Shiro was killed.

Shiro waited in his home for a chance at revenge when he found the perfect partner, testing all who came and trying to find his partner. It wasn't until five centuries had passed that she appeared. When Rouge, Shadow, Gamma and Ouka entered the city Shiro appeared before them and summoned ten fire wolf familiars to attack and defeat them. Even though the outsiders defeated the summons, Shiro was still upset with how his partner hadn't appeared to help him and attempted using his icefire only to find Ouka repeling it with her own icefire.


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