Sika's life

Sika is a soul from Soul world. Souls are elf like creatures and their worst enemies are Vampires

Sika's mother was a vampire and her father was a soul. Sika also has a sister named Hellina who is a vampire. After Sika and Hellina's birth, their parents gave them to The Souls tribe's cheif, Sisha and his wife Silvana. But one night a vampire stole Hellina. Sika happily lived with Sisha and Silvana until Sisha was killed by vampire queen.

Aftrer awhile Silvana had a little boy and in the memorial of his husband she named her son, Sisha.

Sika meets Sonic and others

Sika met Sonic and his friends during Mammoth Mogul's return. She helped Sonic and others to find the magical crystals to stop Mogul and her sister but she was hypnotized by Mammoth Mogul and became evil.

Sonic and others fought with Mammoth Mogul and made Sika to become normal again. Then Sika fought her sister and Hellina killed herself.

After her first adventure, Sika took Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Tails's help to stop the vampires from destroying all of the souls.

After awhile Sika founds out that she's one of the Chosen Ones. She helped Sonic and others during their fight against the Darkness Protectors.

Other Info

Age: 17

Gender: female

Likes: having friends, good people, The Light Warriors, peace, her family

Dislikes: The Darkness Protectors, The vampires, war, anyone who tries to hurt her friends

Love Interest: doesn't have one...


Sonic the hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Silver the hedgehog

Shadow the hedgehog

Amy Rose

Prince Zane

Warrior Sue


Prince Darkness

The Vampire Queen

Jonathan the Darkness Protector

Mammoth Mogul

Hellina the vampire