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"I'm not even a fire elemental, and I can still handle the heat better than you."


Name: Silerowe Steel (Alliteration for the win! eue)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Race: Shironan


As a metal elemental, Silerowe has had to train his body and mind to withstand the strain and stress of using metal; due to metal being the most stressful and stubborn elements to use. To this end, he has a great deal of physical strength, stamina, and is durabel enough to take attacks that would fell normal men.


Being a member of the Metal subspecies of Shironans. Silerowe is capable of manipulating Metal to his every whim.


Silerowe has tree-green fur, covering a vast majority of his body; with the exception of his muzzle, chest, the tip of his tail, and the inside of his ears. Those sections of his body are colored white, with his chest fur being somewhat unkempt. He has hair long enough to be tied into a small ponytail, this is his common hairstyle that he can often be seen keeping his hair in. He has three tinges of fur on either side of his muzzle. The sclera of his eyes are glossy white, his irises red, and his pupils black.

As far as body builds go, Silerowe's quite impressive. Training his body to withstand using metal has made him strong. He's on the taller side of most Shironans, and his body shows obvious development in muscle; giving him a bit of a bulky physical build. Namely in his arms, chest, and legs.


-To be written-






Silerowe, like most everyone else from Shiro, used to be an Alternate version of a member of the main cast. In Silerowe's case, it was Tails.

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