Sir Gerald Donald Reubin Farrely III showing how much he loves Britain

About== Name: Sir Gerald Donald Reubin Farrely III

Alias: Sir Gerald Donald Reubin Farrely III

Age: 50

Species: Wealthy British Pigeon

Love Interest: Queen Elizabeth II and the Hetalia version of England

Likes: Britain, England, Tea, Scones, The Queen, God Save The Queen, Top Hats, Pigeons, British People, Union Jack

Dislikes: Foreigners ILLEGALLY GETTING INTO THE COUNTRY, Britain Haters, Coffee, People who make fun of Britain, People who make fun of his eyebrows


Sir Gerald Donald Reubin Farrely III is a proud British man who spends his day drinking tea and eating scones and plucking his eyebrows. His father is Sir Gerald Donald Reubin Farrely II. When he was very young his father was kidnapped by an evil British-hating foreigner who attempted to get into Britain illegaly. He would save him, but he's scared to leave Britain because Britain is the only home he knows.

He instead works at Heathrow Airport and stops people from illegally getting into the country. He gets many complaints for racism but he just says "I must say they are jealous of my British Swag"

To this day he strongly believes that Britain is the best country in the world.

Relationships with other characters

Queen Elizabeth

Sir Gerald Donald Reubin Farrely III loves the Queen very much, even more than Prince Phillip. He stalks her around by pretending to be a normal pigeon even though he's the size of a human which scares the living hell out of the Queen. He scares off tourists

Hetalia England

Sir Gerald Donald Reubin Farrely III is so obsessed with England that he even moved and destroyed a couple of atoms to get into the Hetalia universe. England hates him because he keeps eating his scones and creeping the hell out of America, who he hates.

He's also all like "lol im iggy pigeon i say lololololol *sips tea*" and England is just "omg go back to your universe"

England has been thinking of putting a restraining order on him.

Gallery of Britain

Warning: The following is the most British thing you will ever see. Beware

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