About Solarix== Original codename: Metal Epsilon

Alignment: Evil

Theme song: "Ultranumb" by Blue Stahli

Powers: Electricity, chaos, time travel, magnetic.


One dark day, Galaxus, tired of losing to Epsilon at every of their confrontations found a new plan. He created a robotic copy of Epsilon. The idea was simple...But then something happened. Something that almost costed Galaxus his life. Metal Epsilon refused to listen to his orders an fled, destroying the base. Later, he joined the metallix horde, following the idea of a robotic utopia where robots are superior to all.

But still, that wasnt what he desired. He wanted power. He wanted to rule himself. He created a army of own copies, who he programmed to listen to him blindly anywhere, anytime. But that was just the beginning...

After long time of researches he found about the whereabouts of "The Ibilis Trigger". He managed to find it, then drain part of its dark force to become a entirely new being. He upgraded his body and changed name to Solarix. With the new power, including time travel, he developed a new plan.

He went back in time to 11 years before now, where he found a small orphanage. After murdering the new owner and disguising as him, he started to lead the orphanage. Hin intention was to create a genetically modified race of monsters that would make his new army. And so, he experimented. For 10 years, he was experimenting with the orphans, including Bash the echidna who later joined his nemesis, Epsilon. One day he just disappeared, as if he never been there.

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