A Sonic Boom is a attack preformed by Sonic and Dash.


Sonic and Dash quickly break through the sound berier in the form of a spin dash and launch the "sound berrier" at opponents. In the games, it can be exicuted by pressing ax2 and b bottons. Other speed characters can also use the sonic boom but have diffrent variations.










(you can add your characters to the list).


Somic Boom: is an averega sonic boom used by Sonic and Dash.

Neonite Sonic Boom: is the attack preformed by lucas as he attemps to mimic a normal sonic boom. He sends a red electric energy reffered to as neonite and it takes the once weak sonic boom he sent and turns it into a neonite filled " sonic boom".

Fire Sonic boom: is a sonic boom preformed by blaze and it is a sonic boom wich mainly consist of flames.

Rosy sonic boom: is a sonic boom used by rost, her sonic boom starts off slow but gains speed.

Dark sonic boom: is a sonic boom used by shadow wich is filled with negative energy

Two tailed sonic boom: is a sonic boom used by sky and tails wich is the weakest out of all the sonic boom.

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