Hey guys! This a story kinda like mortal kombat but with sonic characters, i've been daydreaming about it for a while now, So Here It Is...

Notice To ALL Children Under the age of 12: This story is very bloody and Full of Gore... So Read at your own risk...Red the hedgehog 11:23, May 23, 2011 (UTC)

Notice: this story is non-fictional it really never happened...

It Begins

"Ugh my head, where am I? Red asked himself staring into blank space. "Why the hell Is it so dark in here? The last thing i remember is being with sonic, knuckles, tails, honey,amy,espio, vector and charmy." he said to himself.

~Suddenly Lights come on~

What the hell! Why am i in some giant football stadium?" he asked again. "Hahahah!" a familiar voice declared."Eggman!" red shouted how you get up there?! Where am i? Where's my friends!? he asked as he grimaced. "A ha! Your here! you just have to kill them to get out of here alive! Suddennly, all eight of red's friend where rising from the floor they seemed to be helpless unable to speak or think straight."What did you do to them?" he said. "There under my control and if you don't kill them. They kill you!" he announced" First up! Tails!" he said" oh i almost forgot! you can have one weapon of your choice!"eggman said."A giant tray of high-caliber weapons apppeared before him:a dadgger, a blaster, scouter, anti-gravity shoes, a missle luancher, mnines, grenades. Red chose the grenades.