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Welcome to the Sonic Fan Characters Wiki!
"This was my first wiki I joined and MY god it's amazing. I've been inspired to design characters and actually try hard on art and character creation whether it was fanbased or original! - Love this wiki forever, and you just wasted your time reading this quote test ~ c:"

We have 3,162 pages of Fan characters and Sonic-Related stories since May 2009.
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Sigma feature pic
Sigma the American Mink is a cheery, friendly, 16 year-old yellow American mink who lives in the Tropical Coast Zone of the Lost Hex. As a young girl growing up on a floating continent, she was isolated from much social contact with others. She resorted to tales of well-known heroes and slaying monsters as a way to pass her time and to keep her interested in the outside world...

Update (01/6/17) -Wowza! The wiki is really shaping up. The front page has recently undergone a few tweeks and changes. Don't hesitate to drop a recommendation down in a discussions form. We're open to everyone's suggestions! With that being said, have a good week everyone~!


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