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Sonic Hearts.

Note:This is what really happened with Blake when he got his Key-blade. The story is told in Blake's POV. The theme song for the first 14 chapters is: Simple and Clean.The theme song for the other chapters is: My Sanctuary.

Sonic Hearts

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Chapter 1: My Journey Begins

My adventure began when I was sleeping. I was falling in water, but I could breathe. I landed on a platform.Then birds flew away. I looked down, and it had pictures of my family and friends. I walked around. Then 3 bright lights appeared. When they disappeared, a sword, a shield, and a rod were in their place.

A voice spoke."Choose your path."the voice told me. I walked toward the sword.

The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Do you choose this path?"the voice asked me. I took the sword.

Finally,choose the path you want to reject. the voice said. I walked toward the shield.

The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all,do you reject this path?" the voice asked. I put the shield back,then I walked to the rod.

The power of the mystic. Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin,do you want to reject this path? the voice asked me. I threw the wand."Now that your path has been chosen, your adventure begins" the voice said.

A light swallowed me. I woke up.The next day I was in my room looking out my window."Hmm,looks like it's gonna be a great day." I told myself. I walked outside.

I went to the woods. As soon as I arrived, I saw a boy, a human boy. I walked over to him."Hey, I'm Sora,"the boy told me."The name's Blake the Hedgehog,"I replied."So,you're from this world...interesting,"Sora said."What do you mean, this world?" I asked.

Just then black creatures appeared. I took out my Cyframe and pressed a button, and suddenly my energy cannon appeared."This isn't your fight, go.!" Sora yelled as a weird sword appeared. It looked like a sword with a key. "No, I'm staying!"I said. Then I touched his weapon.

Suddenly, his weapon glowed and a white light appeared around my arm. When the light vanished, I was holding the same sword, but it looked different. The black creatures came toward us. I swung the sword. Suddenly the creatures disappeared and an object in the shape of a heart appeared and vanished.

After 30 minutes of fighting, all of the creatures were defeated."What was that,and what am I holding?"I asked Sora."Those creatures are called Heartless,"Sora explained.

Then he turned his attention to my shoulder."You have a cut,"Sora told me. I looked at the cut."I'm fine,"I replied.

"Ok, that's good. The weapon you have is called a Key-blade,"Sora told me, pointing at the sword in my hands."Ok, Key-blade ,Heartless, you need to explain more,"I demanded.

"Ok, Heartless are creatures that are formed when someone loses their heart, and a Key-blade is a special sword that defeats Heartless and sets the hearts within them free. It also locks the keyhole of each world,"Sora explained."Keyhole?"I asked confused.

"It's the doorway to the heart of a world,"Sora explained."Ok?"I said waiting for him to continue."The Key-blade chooses it's master, and judging by yours, you have been chosen like me,"Sora finished explaining.

Then..."I have to go,"Sora told me."But-"I started but Sora vanished. I was so confused. I decided to head back to the mansion.

Chapter 2.Research.

I walked through the door.Hannah walked up to me."Hey bro,what's up?"She asked me.I told her the whole story."That's weird."Hannah said shocked."I know,but it doesn't matter,like we have a keyhole to this "world"."I said."Still,you might want to check in on it."Hannah replied.She flew away using her 5 tails.

I decided to head to the library.I walked up to the computer."Hello,master Blake,what is your wish?"It asked me."Keep a look out for dad."I answered."But that is against my programming."The computer told me."I'll explain later."I replied."Ok,security mode on,searching for Master Burst,"The computer said."He's in his study,good."I said.As you can guess,i'm not allowed in here.

Anyway,I made my way through the sections,till I came across one called:Destiny.I never saw it before,and i've been here 3 times.I walked down the section.I saw a book called:Destiny Holders.I opened it and saw a note."This is for all the past,present,and,future chosen Key-blade masters."I read out loud.I continued looking through the book,until I saw a familiar name."Sora:born on Destiny Islands,Main Key-blade:Kingdom Key."I read.Then I saw another name."Riku:born on Destiny Islands,Main Key-blade:Soul Eater."I read.Then I saw another one."Aqua:born in The Realm of Darkness,Main Key-blade:Rainfell."I read.Then another one."Terra:born in the Land of Departure,Main Key-blade:Earthshaker."I read.I continued to read,I at least read 3 more."Ventus:born in the Land of Departure,Main Key-blade:Wayward Wind."I read."Roxas:born from Sora's heart,Main Key-blade:Kingdom Key."I read."And,Kairi:born in the Radiant Garden."I read.I tried to see what her main Key-blade was,but it was fuzzy.I put the book away.

I was walking out of the library when a light appeared."Go ahead,touch the light."A voice told me.I reached a hand out.Then the light swallowed me.While I was in the light,I saw a figure."Who are you?"I asked it."Just a friend,here take this."The figure told me throwing something at me.I caught it.It was a letter.When I looked up,the figure was gone.I put the letter in my pocket.Suddenly,the light vanished.

Chapter 3.An Unexpected Turn.

I was on a beach.I looked around confused.I saw a sign."Destiny Islands,it can't be."I told myself.

"Hey,Blake."A voice called to me.I turned around.There was Sora with 2 people.They ran over to me."Guys,this is Blake."Sora told them."Hey."I said."This is Riku."Sora said pointing to a silver haired guy."Lo."Riku said."And,this is Kairi."Sora told me gently pushing the girl toward me."Hi,Blake."Kairi said."Guess what guys,Blake can use a Key-blade."Sora told Riku and Kairi."What?"They asked."It's true,Blake show them."Sora replied."No,thanks."I said."C'm."Sora begged."Fine."I said giving up.

I summoned my Key-blade."Woah,that looks like my Key-blade."Kairi said.She summoned hers.We compared the 2."It's true,their exactly the same."Riku,and,Sora said."How did this happen?"Riku,and,Kairi asked.Me and Sora explained."Incredible."Riku said shocked."The Key-blade is called:Destiny's Embrace."Sora told me."That reminds me,I have a letter."I said.

I took the letter out of my pocket.I gave it to them.They opened it."To Sora,Riku,Kairi,and,Blake,yes I know about you:Blake,anyway I need your help,the stars are going out again,I need you to investigate.From King Mickey."Sora read out loud."KING MICKEY!!!!."Sora,Riku,and,Kairi said out loud."Whose King Mickey?"I asked."He's the king of another world."Sora answered."Ok,what did this King Mickey mean when he said the stars are going out?"I asked them."He means that worlds are being destroyed."Riku replied."And,how exactly are we supposed to investigate?"I asked."Well,um how do we?"Kairi asked confused."I don't know."Sora answered.

"Maybe we can help."We heard a voice say.we turned around and saw a duck and a dog."Donald,Goofy."Sora said running toward them."Sora."Donald said."Great to see you again."Riku and Kairi told Donald and Goofy.Then Donald and Goofy saw me."So,he must be the guy the king was talking about."Goofy told Donald."Yeah,this is Blake."Sora told them."Hey,about helping us?"I asked."Right,me and Goofy can take you to investigate in the Gummi Ship."Donald answered.

They showed me the way to a big space-ship.Suddenly the door opened."Right this way."Goofy told us.We walked in.I was amazed.I took a seat."So,I forgot to ask,how did you get that letter?"Sora asked me.I told them everything."Sounds to me like it was a member of Organization XIII."Riku said."But,I thought we defeated them all."Kairi said."Well,we did,but it still sounds like them."Sora replied."Well,while we think about that,where's our 1st stop?"I asked."Atlantica."Donald answered.

Chapter 4:Surprises at Atlantica.

We were on our way to Atlantica."So,tell us more about yourself."Goofy told me."Well,I come from what you call a world known as Mobious,my family's rich,and,um,"I started."What?"Kairi asked.I whispered into her ear.Her face went blank."What?"Riku asked her.I gave Kairi a piece of paper with words on it.She held it up.I stomped my foot.The letters scrambled and formed a sentence.They read it."I'm half-vampire."They read.After 4 seconds of staring at each other,they started laughing.Everyone but Kairi,and,Jiminy."It's true,see."I said.I showed them my my fangs."Ok,we believe you,but to the point,Atlantica will be coming up in a few seconds."Sora told me.

8 seconds later,we stopped."Ok,time to work my magic."Donald said.He waved his wand and a blue light appeared.The next thing I knew,we were underwater.Sora,and,Riku were mermen,Kairi was a mermaid,Donald was half-octopus,Goofy was a turtle,and,I was a Merman too."What happened to us?"I asked."I used our magic to transform us into sea creatures."Donald answered."Now,what we need to do is find Ariel."Sora told us."Ok,we should split up."Riku added."Ok."We said together.

I decided to head toward a cave I saw.I swam toward the cave.I saw a light.I swam to check it out.When I reached the spot where the light was coming from,I was shocked.I saw another merman battling a heartless,what's weirder is he was using a Key-blade too.I swam up to him.He noticed me."Who are you?"I asked him."Funny,you don't remember your best friend."He told me."What are,Dan?"I asked."Duh."He replied."What are you."I started before he pushed me away.

He summoned his Key-blade and took down another Heartless.When he finished,he swam toward me."Come on,it's not safe."Dan told me.We swam together.We found the others and I introduced Dan."Cool,he can use a Key-blade too."Kairi said."I agree."Riku said.

Then a mermaid appeared."Ariel!"Sora exclaimed."Sora,Donald,and,Goofy."Ariel replied."I assume King Trition has been informed about the Heartless?"Goofy asked her."Yes,and we're trying to figure out where their coming from."Ariel answered."Well,let's head to the castle."Sora told her.Ariel nodded.

We swam toward the castle.Ariel went into the Throne Room while we waited outside."Daddy."Ariel told her dad."Ariel,I told you to stay inside while the Heartless are loose."King Trition told his daughter."But,I brought Sora,Donald,and,Goofy."Ariel replied."Fine,send them in."Her dad told her.Ariel came out and motioned for Sora,Donald,and,Goofy to go inside while me,Dan,Riku,and,Kairi waited outside.

A few minutes later,Ariel came out."Daddy told us we need to go to my grotto."Ariel told us."Of course,that's where it was last time."Sora replied.

We swam toward the grotto,there was a woman with tentacles."Ursula!"Ariel and Sora exclaimed."Well,well if isn't precious Ariel and friends."Ursula replied."What are you doing in my grotto?"Ariel asked Ursula."Oh,wouldn't you like to know,but I don't have time."She answered.Ursula snapped her fingers and Heartless appeared."Have fun with my darlings."Ursula told us.She vanished.

I summoned Destiny's Embrace,Sora,Riku,Kairi,and,Dan summoned their Key-blades too.We split up to take down the Heartless.During the chaos,a flounder and a crab appeared."Flounder,Sebastian what are you guys doing here?"Ariel asked the two.They swam up to her."Ariel,we're here to help."Flounder answered.

While we fought,Ursula was watching us through her crystal ball."Yes,tire them down,so I can take him."Ursula said.

A Heartless came toward me,I swung Destiny's Embrace as hard as I could.It went down.I looked around and saw an object glowing,so I swam over to it.I looked at it."Hmm,it says something right here."I told myself."This is for the 1st born Prince of Heart,use this to help you,forever ?."I read.I took it.

When I turned around,all the Heartless were gone."Man,that was hard,but it's done."Sora said.Then we saw black ink coming from the castle."Oh,no Daddy."Ariel exclaimed,She swam off toward the castle.We followed her to the Throne Room.

We saw it was ruined."Ariel."King Trition said hurt.I swam over to him."Your hurt,i'll fix it."I told him.I took out my wand"Healsi Meramin Nostoi."I said waving my wand.Suddenly,King Trition was healed."How did you do that?"Donald asked me."My magic."I answered."Magic?"Riku asked confused."Well,you see I was born with a gift,but that's all."I explained."That's not all he has."Ursula said watching us with her crystal ball.

"But what's more important is:Ursula got the Trident."King Trition told us."With the Trident,she has the power to rule everything."Sebastian told us."Well,let's get it back."Goofy said.We huddled together and formed a plan.

Later we found out where Ursula was.We swam toward her."Not so fast my kiddies,I have all the power in the world!"Ursula told us.She grabbed the Trident.It glowed and she grew to giant size."You won't get away with this."Ariel told her."Oh,really?"Ursula asked.

She pointed the Trident at Ariel and a beam shot from it.Ariel froze in her place."Ok,Riku,Donald,Goofy,distract her while me,Kairi,Dan,and,Blake attack."Sora told Riku,Donald,and,Goofy."Right."They said.

They circled Ursula."Now,attack!"Sora yelled.Me,Sora,Kairi,and,Dan jumped and slashed the sea witch."Nice try,but you'll have to do better than that."Ursula said mocking us."Ok."We said.

I took a shot at her right between the eyes."Sora,finish this!"I yelled."Right."Sora replied.He jumped up and slashed Ursula in the stomach."No,how could this happen?"Ursula asked defeated.She vanished.

"Glad that's done."Riku said."Daddy,here's your Trident."Ariel told her dad.She gave her the Trident."Thank you,all of you."He told us.

Then a weird thing happened.Mine and Sora's Key-blades started glowing.The Trident rose.Then a beam of light shot from mine and Sora's Key-blades.Something that looked like a keyhole appeared.The light hit the keyhole and we heard a noise like something locking.

"Yes,the Keyhole has been locked,the world is safe."Sora said."Well,I don't mean to be rude,but we gotta go."Donald said."Come back soon."Flounder told us."It's a deal,later."Sora told him.

Then Donald waved his wand and we were brought back to the Gummi Ship."Well,that was cool."Dan said."That reminds me,I found this."Kairi told us.She gave Sora a piece of paper."It's an Ansem Report."Sora exclaimed."Ansem?"I asked."He's the one who discovered the Heartless."Riku explained."Well,read it."Me and Dan said."While digging around in my archives,I discovered something,as there's the 7 Princesses of Heart:Alice,Aurora,Belle,Cinderella,Jasmine,Snow White,and,Kairi,there's also 7 Princes of Heart,not even I know who they are,but I hope to find out soon so I can tell them."Sora read.

"Wow,well while we save the worlds,we have to find more Ansem Reports."Riku pointed out."Ok,now our next stop is:the Radiant Garden."Goofy told us."Right."We said.We took our seats."Here we go."Donald said.He pressed a button and we were off.

Chapter 5.Shocking Secrets at the Radiant Garden.

We were on our way to the Radiant Garden."What exactly is at the Radiant Garden?"I asked the others."Well,we have some friends there,don't we?"Sora asked Donald,Goofy,Riku,and,Kairi."Of course."They answered.

I stared into space.I was seeing the future."Hey,Blake."I heard Riku tell me.Everybody was staring at me."What were you staring at?"Kairi asked me."Oh,nothing."I lied."I was calling you to tell you we've arrived."Riku told me."Ok."I said.

Donald waved his wand again and suddenly we were at the Marketplace."Man,it's been so long."Sora said.I noticed something behind a tree."I'll catch up with you guys."I told them."Ok,be careful."They replied.

I headed behind the tree.I saw someone.He had a weird looking sword."Who are you?"I asked him."The name's Leon,now show me your power."The guy replied.He ran right for me.I quickly jumped and slashed him with Destiny's Embrace.Leon got up with a strange look on his face."Well well,i'm impressed."Leon told me."What were thinking,attacking me,i'm not some kind."I started before fainting.

I woke up."I think you over did it,Squall."A black haired girl told Leon."Yuffie,it's Leon."He corrected.I got up,and grabbed Destiny's Embrace."Now,I don't know what's going on,but i'm leaving."I said.Suddenly,Sora,Riku,Kairi,Donald,Goofy,and,Dan ran into the room."Blake,don't."Sora told me."Well excuse me,but this guy attacked me."I said."Yeah,bout that,sorry."Leon apologized."Wow,Leon said sorry,hahaha."Sora laughed."Can it."Leon said."So,where's Aerith?"Donald asked."She's checking out the library for more Ansem Reports."Yuffie answered."That reminds,me:I have one right here."Kairi told them.

They read it."Hmm,7 Princes of Heart,interesting,i'm sure the king would have told you about them by now."Leon told us."Well,let me upload the report into the master computer for more clues."A girl with with a pink dress said coming into the room."Aerith."Riku said."Hi."She replied.

Aerith took the report and scanned it.Suddenly a file opened."Hmm,it says each Prince has a birthmark hidden on his body,the birthmark will appear when he's ready to accept his destiny."Aerith told us."Weird,we've been to alot of worlds,but never have noticed anything."Goofy told us."There's more,each Prince isn't even aware of there destiny."Aerith finished."Well,now I think it's a good time to show you guys something."I told the others.

I took the object out of Hammer-space.They took a look at it."Hmm,this is for the 1st born Prince of Heart,use this to help you,forever ?"Aerith read."Blake,where'd you find it?"Sora asked me."It was at Atlantica in Ariel's grotto."I answered."You stole this out of the grotto,why?"Kairi asked me."Because,I felt like I was being led to it."I answered."Interesting."Leon said."What?"We asked."If this object,or orb was leading Blake to it."Leon said before Yuffie cut him off."Then maybe he has something to do with it."Yuffie finished."Are you saying,i'm a Prince of Heart?"I asked."It's too early to tell,but you should keep an eye out."Leon answered.

Then a guy came in,he was wearing a head-band."Guys,we need help,there's Heartless targeting the castle."The guy said."Thanks,Cid."Yuffie and Leon told him.We left and found the castle,there was a woman with a black cape."Maleficent!"Sora exclaimed."Aww,yes you brought him to me."She said.She summoned more Heartless.I summoned Destiny's Embrace but Maleficent grabbed me."Help!!!!"I yelled.

Just then a mouse appeared."Mickey,help me."I said not knowing who he was."On my way."He said.He summoned a Key-blade.He ran toward us and slashed Maleficent.She let go of me."Thanks."I said."No thank you for helping."He replied."Help for what?"I asked."For coming,I need to talk to you."He answered.But more Heartless appeared.We summoned our Key-blades and attacked.

During the battle,a woman with long back hair and a guy with blonde spiked hair arrived."Tifa,Cloud,go!"Leon ordered."Right."They said.They rushed into the battle.Tifa delivered quick kicks to 4 Heartless at once.While Cloud slashed more with his giant sword.After 5 long hours of fighting Heartless,we could rest.

The others noticed Mickey.They got on one knee."King Mickey,what do we have the honor of seeing you?"Leon asked."To talk to Blake."Mickey answered."Ok,is this about the orb I found at Atlantica?"I asked him."Well,yes but there's more."Mickey answered.He pulled out another Ansem Report.I took it."I dug around in my archives and found out,the first Prince of Heart has a pink birthmark on his right ear in the shape of a star,hopefully my friend,Mickey will find him."I read.

"Ok,so if the first Prince of Heart has a pink birthmark in the shape of a star on his right ear,then we need to find him."Sora said."Right."We said."If you excuse me,I need to talk to Blake."Mickey told the others.They left for the castle.

2 minutes later,me and Mickey arrived.Dan noticed I had a blank face."What's wrong?"He asked me."I can't say."I answered.Then Maleficent appeared."Oh no,your not getting me again."I told her.I summoned Destiny's Embrace.I ran toward her."Nice try."She told me.She vanished."Thank goodness,she's gone."I said."Blake,behind you."Tifa told me scared.

I turned around to see a giant Heartless."We're coming!"Sora yelled.But then a light came out of my head and the Heartless vanished."Ow,that hurt,what was that light?"I asked."Hmmm,has that happened before?"Cid asked."No,never."I answered."Interesting."He replied.

We decided to leave for the next stop,but then one of Yuffie's shuriken started floating.Mine and Sora's Key-blades shot a light,and a keyhole appeared.Then the light hit the keyhole and we heard a locking noise."The keyhole is locked."Leon said."Now that that's gone,let's get going."Riku told us."Come back again."Yuffie told us.We waved goodbye.Donald waved his wand and then we were on the Gummi Ship with Mickey."Here we go."Goofy said.We were off.

Chapter 6.Pixie Power at Neverland.

We were on our way to the next world."Where are we going?"I asked."To Neverland."Donald answered."Neverland?"Dan asked."It's a place where no-one ages,but there's these creatures called Fairies that use magic pixie dust."Sora answered."Sounds cool."I replied.

We stopped and Donald waved his wand.Suddenly we were on a pirate ship."Hello!."Sora yelled.Then a boy dressed in green appeared."Hello,Sora."He said."Blake,Dan,this is Peter Pan."Sora told me and Dan."Hey."I said."Hello."Dan said."What brings you guys back to Neverland?"Peter asked Sora."We're here to find the Keyhole."He answered."Well,have a look see."Peter told us.We split.

I was walking below the deck when I saw something flying by.I ran after it,right into Peter."Ahoy,Blake."He said to me."Oh,your not gonna believe it,I just saw a flying light."I told him."Oh,that was Tink."Peter told me.Then the light appeared.I looked at it,it was a miniature person."Hello,you must be Tink."I told her.She nodded her head."So,this is a fairy,she's so cute."I said.

Then Tink got up and said something,but all I heard was bells."Oh,she says:thank you."Peter told me.Then Tink spoke again."She's asking if you would mind flying."Peter said."Oh,flying,I don't know,I mean i'm not exactly ok with heights."I replied."Don't worry,all you need is faith,trust,and a pinch of pixie dust."Peter said."Ok."I said after deciding it was time to face my fear.

Peter grabbed Tink and sprinkled some pixie dust on me."Now all you need to do is think of a time you were happy."Peter instructed.I thought about it.I remembered the time,my family was having dinner when dad slipped on some ranch sauce and the turkey went flying and landed on Hannah.I was so happy.

Then I felt myself rising off the ground."Your doing it,now just spread your arms and fly."Peter told me.I did and felt myself rushing.I was flying.I flew out of the door and on to the main deck.Sora looked up."Aww,he's discovered the joy of flying."Sora thought.I flew right past Riku."Hey,be careful."He told me."Sorry."I apologized.I flew right into Kairi and knocked her down."Sorry."I said picking her up.

We rose and flew."Thanks,Blake."She told me.I sat her down and continued to fly.It was amazing,all my troubles flew away.But that changed when I saw him,the guy in the black cloak from the light.I flew to him.He noticed me."Well,I see you're finally happy."He told me."What do you mean?"I asked him."Nothing,just enjoy it while you can."He replied.He vanished.I was floating there,shocked.I just flew away.

When I reached the ship,it was dark."Where'd you go?"Mickey asked me.I told them about the cloaked guy as I stepped onto the ship."Hm,Organization XIII was destroyed,so that couldn't have been one of them."Mickey said after thinking."So whose was it?"Goofy asked."Well,if he gave Blake the letter,than it was."Mickey started before we heard a crash.

We looked and saw another pirate ship."Captain Hook."Peter exclaimed."I told you I would be back."Hook told him.Suddenly,Heartless appeared.I summoned Destiny's Embrace.The Heartless came at us.Peter,and,Sora went after Hook while the rest of us took care of the Heartless.I slashed my way toward the plank."This is a long shot."I told myself.I jumped off."I'm at the park playing with Hannah."I thought.Suddenly,I was flying again."Captain Hook,here I come."I said.

I flew all the way to Hook's ship.I made a landing just in time for 3 other pirates to come toward me.I jumped and chopped them on the back.They went down.Sora came over."Impressive."He told me."Thanks,I took 3 years of Karate."I replied.Then we noticed Peter in a sword fight with Hook.Tink flew over to me."What is it?"I asked.She spoke."Peter's in trouble,on it."I reassured her.

I flew over to Peter and Hook.I drew a sword."Blake,this is my fight,go."Peter told me almost playfully."Oh,no thanks,I wouldn't miss this for anything,how about after this,we send Hook to the brig?"I asked him still fighting Hook."Of course."Peter agreed.We swung our swords and Hook fell into the water.The last we saw was him being chased by a ticking crocodile.

We flew back to the ship."That was fun."I said laughing."Well,the Heartless are gone."Riku told us."Cool,now to find the keyhole."Kairi said.Then Peter's sword rose.Mine and Sora's Key-blades shot a light,and a keyhole appeared.Then the light hit the keyhole and we heard a locking noise."We've saved another world."Donald pointed out."Yippee."Goofy said."Well,it's time to go."Mickey said."Actually,i'm going to be staying here."Dan replied."Ok,have fun."We said.Then Donald waved his wand.Then we were on the Gummi Ship."Time to go to the next stop."Sora said.Then we were off.

Chapter 7.A Magical Time at the Castle of Dreams

We were on our way to the next stop."So,where are we going?"I asked."To the Castle of Dreams."Donald answered.I decided to take a nap.

While I was napping,I had a dream."So,have you done what I asked?"A man with red bandages on his face asked someone in a shadow."Yes,he's been found,should I execute the next step?"A guy with black pointed hair asked."Later,but for now,I have something else for you to do."The man answered.Then Heartless appeared.The black haired guy summoned a key-blade.The Heartless attacked while the man vanished.Then.

"No."I said waking up."Blake,what's wrong?"Sora asked me."Nothing,just a bad dream."I answered."Oh,ok anyway,we're here."Sora told me.I got up.Then Donald waved his wand.

Suddenly,we were in a town."Why exactly are we here?"I asked."To find the Keyhole,what else?"Riku replied.I just stared at him."Ealxkb."I said."Huh?"Kairi asked."Nothing,never mind."I answered.

We walked to a cottage."This is it."Sora told us."Who lives here?"I asked."You'll see."Riku said.We walked in."Cinderella iron our dresses."We heard a voice say."Cinderella hurry up."Another voice said."Cinderella stop messing around and start dinner."A third voice said.

We saw a girl with blonde hair come rushing by carrying a dress.We saw her run into another room.5 seconds later,she came out.She noticed us."Oh,hello."She said.Then 2 girls and a woman came into the room."Cinderella,I told you no visitors."The woman told the girl."I'm sorry,you need to go."Cinderella told us.

We left."Why was she letting them tell her what to do?"I asked the others."I'm not sure."Mickey answered.Then the 2 girls and the woman came out.They stepped into a carriage and rode off.We walked back into the cottage.There we saw Cinderella sitting in a chair crying.

I ran over to her."Why are you crying?"I asked her.Before she could answer,a light appeared.When it vanished,a woman with wings was standing there."Dear child,stop crying and tell your Fairy Godmother why your so sad."The woman told Cinderella.

Cinderella stopped crying and stood up."I want to go to the ball,but step-mother told me:it's no place for a peasant."Cinderella told her."Perhaps there's something I can do."Fairy Godmother replied."Sora,could you bring me a pumpkin from the garden?"Fairy Godmother asked Sora."Sure."He replied.

Sora went to the garden and 5 minutes later,he came back carrying a medium sized pumpkin."Perfect."Fairy Godmother said."Now,Blake,could you bring me 6 mice?"She asked me."Ok."I said weird-ed out.

I searched every room except for the attic.I walked in and saw some mice wearing little clothes.I bent down to see them.They saw me,all of them ran away except for one.He was wearing a shirt,shoes,and,a cap:all were red.

He walked up to me.He spoke."I'm sorry,I can't hear you."I told him.He spoke again."What a sec."I told him.I took out my wand"Shrinka dink,shrinka dink,shrinka dunk."I said waving my wand.

Suddenly,I began shrinking."Thank you,I was trying to say,i'm Jaq."The mouse told me."I'm Blake,"I said.Jaq grabbed my hand and shook it."Nice to meet you."Jaq replied."I don't mean to be rude,but what are all of you doing here?"I asked him."Cinderelly found us and is letting us live here."Jac answered."That's so nice."I said.

"What do you need?"A girl mouse asked me."Cinderella,I mean Cinderelly wants to go to the ball,but Fairy Godmother wants 6 mice to help her."I answered."I want to help Cinderelly."Jaq told me."Us too."5 other mice said."Ok,deal."I told them.I took my wand."Shrinka dink,shrinka dink,shrinka dunk."I said waving my wand.I grew.

Then the mice jumped into my pocket.I joined the others."Ok,now I need you to twirl."Fairy Godmother told Cinderella.Cinderella twirled around.Then Fairy Godmother waved her wand and a long white dress appeared,along with white gloves,a white head-band,white earrings,and a black choker.Finally,glass slippers appeared.Her hair was in a bun.

Then Fairy Godmother waved her wand again and the pumpkin turned into a carriage,and 4 of the mice turned into horses.Jaq turned into a horseman,and the last mouse turned into a carriageman."Fairy Godmother,could you transform us too,so we can watch Cinderella?"Sora asked Fairy Godmother."Of course,now close your eyes."Fairy Godmother agreed.We closed our eyes.She waved her wand.

"Now open your eyes."Fairy Godmother told us.We opened our eyes.We were dressed so fancy."Now,the spell will be broken at midnight."Fairy Godmother warned us.We got into the carriage.

Then we heard the horse's footsteps and we knew we were off.20 minutes later,we were at a castle.We got out.We split up.We met each other in the castle.We noticed everybody had their eyes on Cinderella.

Then a guy dressed in royal clothes walked over to Cinderella,we assumed he was the prince."Would you care to dance?"The prince asked her."Of course."Cinderella answered.They walked to the center of the ball-room and danced.

I was standing there,thinking when a girl in a beautiful pink dress came over to me."Would you like to dance?"She asked me."Sure."I replied speechless.

We walked to the middle of the ball-room and started dancing.I looked into her blue eyes,they were so beautiful.I started blushing.Luckily,she didn't seem to notice."May I ask your name."She asked me."It's,it's Blake."I answered still nervous."Nice to meet you,i'm Julia."The girl replied."Julia,that's a cool name."I said blushing."Thank you."Julia said.

Sooner than I was hoping,the clock chimed 12."I'm sorry,I have to go,"We told each other at the same time.I ran away.I met the others.We climbed into the carriage.While we were on our way back to the cottage,the pumpkin carriage vanished,and,the mice turned back into themselves.Our fancy clothes were gone too.We walked the rest of the way.We arrived at the cottage.

Chapter 8.Rescue Mission.

Cinderella went inside while we stayed outside.Me and the others found an inn.We got our rooms and went into them.I sat down on my bed."Julia,so beautiful."I thought.Then I remembered,I dropped my mask.I kept thinking about it until I fell asleep.In the morning.

I decided to explore this world.I snuck out and headed toward the market.I saw a girl there,she was about to be run over by a carriage.I ran for her.I was able to save her.I sat her down."Thank you."She told me."No problem."I replied.

We looked into each other's eyes.I saw those blue eyes,I knew who she was."Julia?"I asked her."Yes,who are you?"She asked."Nobody important."I answered."What,why are you unimportant?"Julia asked."No reason,I gotta go."I answered.I turned to leave,I knew she probably wouldn't like me without the fancy clothes.

But Julia grabbed my arm."Wait,maybe you know who owns this mask."Julia told me.I looked at it,it was my mask."Nope,sorry."I lied.

But Julia without warning,stopped me and put the mask on my face.Her eyes lit up."Blake?"She asked me."Yes."I answered.She hugged me."I,I,never mind."I said."What?"Julia asked me."I lo,lo,love you."I said nervous.She just stared at me."I'm sorry,i'll just go."I said.

But she grabbed me."Don't,I love you too."Julia told me.It was my turn to stare.I was about to say something when I saw Mickey mouthing:Come on.I let go of Julia."Can I come with you?"Julia asked.I looked at Mickey.He nodded."Ok."I answered.

Me and Julia went to Cinderella's cottage.There was the others.5 minutes later,the prince's royal carriage appeared.The prince stepped out and headed inside.We went to the garden and walked inside.

We heard the royal messenger."Is there any more girls who live here?"He asked.I heard Cinderella's step-mother."No,there's no-one else."She said.I heard banging.It was coming from the attic.

Me,Julia,Sora,and,Kairi snuck up-stairs."Someone let me out."We heard Cinderella scream.I saw Jaq come out.I picked him up."Help Cinderelly."He told me.

I tried opening the door.It was locked."The key must be in the step-mother's pocket."Sora told us."We need to get it."Kairi added."Ok,stand back."I demanded.

I took my wand."Shrinka dink,shrinka dink,shrinka dunk."I said waving my wand.We shrunk."Now,to get the key."Julia said.We made our way down to the main room.I saw the key."Launch me."I told the others.

They picked me up and threw me.I landed in the step-mother's pocket.I grabbed the key and fell.I landed safely.

Then we made it back to the attic.I grabbed my wand."Shrinka dink,shrinka dink,shrinka dunk."I said waving my wand.Me,Julia,Sora,and,Kairi grew.Then Sora took the key and unlocked the door.Cinderella came out and ran down-stairs.

We joined the others.We all heard."No,I won't accept this."The step-mother screamed.We took that as a cue to run into the room.We saw Heartless.Me,Sora,Kairi,Mickey,and,Riku summoned our Key-blades.Donald got out his wand.Goofy got his shield out."Julia,run."I yelled.

I turned around,there was Julia holding a Key-blade too.There was no time to think.We rushed into battle.After 40 minutes,all the Heartless were gone.We turned toward the step-mother."No,this isn't over."She said."Yes it is,your under arrest."The prince said."You'll have to go through us."Her daughters said.

But the guards grabbed them all and that was that."Cinderella,would you do the honor of being my bride?"The prince asked Cinderella."I will."She answered.

Then Cinderella's glass slipper rose.Mine and Sora's Key-blades shot a light,and a keyhole appeared.Then the light hit the keyhole and we heard a locking noise."Are you leaving now?"Cinderella asked us."We'll be back."Sora answered.Then Jaq tugged at my shorts.I picked him up."Thank you."He told me."It was no problem."I replied.

Then we left the cottage."Can I come with you guys?"Julia asked us.I looked at Mickey and Sora."Sure."They said.We went to the Gummi Ship.Then Donald waved his wand.Suddenly,we were on the Gummi Ship."Ok,on to the next stop."Mickey told us.Then we were on our way.

Chapter 9.Hakuna Matata at the Pride Lands.

We were on our way to the next stop.I decided to take a nap."Now,the bait has been placed."The black haired guy said."Good,now execute the next step."The red bandaged guy said."I don't get the point of this,we're trying to help him by scaring him?"The black haired guy asked."The point is to help him discover his destiny,if he doesn't,it could spell grave danger."The red bandaged guy answered.

Then."No,Ealxkb."I screamed."Blake wake up."I heard I opened my eyes.I saw the others,"Blake,what's wrong?"Julia asked me scared."Nothing,just a nightmare."I answered."Oh yeah,i'm sure you always yell Ealxkb and make things float in your sleep?"Riku asked sarcastically."Well,excuse me if I seem a little freaked out over me possibly being some kind of chosen one called a Prince of Heart and has to worry about being kidnapped by a witch."I replied mad."Blake,calm down."Sora told me."Enough."Mickey told us."Ok."Me,Riku,and Sora said together."Now,we're at the next stop,the Pride Lands."Donald told us.

Then he took his wand and waved it.Suddenly I was on a desert plain.I realized:Donald's spell separated us.I looked at the lagoon nearby,there was a warthog and a meerkat.I took my wand."Animoza Espinoza."I said.Suddenly,I was a lion cub.I ran over to them,well how lions run,you get the point.

They saw me."Oh,hello,are you looking for something?"The meerkat asked me."Yeah,my friends."I answered."Well,in the mean-time,how about a dip in our lake?"The warthog asked me."No,I really need to find my friends,I don't have the time."I answered."Lighten up."The meerkat said."Yeah,Hakuna Matata."The warthog replied."Hakuna Matata?"I asked."It means no worries."The meerkat answered."Come on and jump into lake."The meerkat said."Ok."I told him giving up.I jumped and made a loud splash.I swam in the lake.

Then the meerkat and the warthog jumped in.The force of them landing in the lake caused a big wave to crash causing water to drench me."Whoa,nice one."I told them."Thanks,by the way,what's your name?"The meerkat asked me."It's Blake."I answered."Well,i'm Timon."The meerkat said."And,i'm Pumba."The warthog told me."Hey,Blake!"I heard a voice say.

We turned around and saw Sora and the others.Sora,Riku,Julia,and,Kairi were lion cubs,Donald was a tropical bird,Goofy was a tortoise,and,Mickey was a lion."Hey,Sora."Timon said."Timon and Pumba,why am I not surprised?"Sora asked sarcastically."Blake,what are you doing?"Julia asked me."Just leaving my worries behind,Hakuna Matata."I answered."What's Hakuna Matata?"Kairi asked."It means no worries."Pumba answered.

I got out of the lake and went on top of the cliff."Here I go."I said.I jumped off and made a big splash."That was cool,but we should look for the keyhole."Mickey told us."Fine."I said.I got out and shook my fur dry."Ok,let's go."Donald said."Mind if we tag along?"Timon asked."Sure."Goofy replied.We left the lake."Ok,now we need to find Simba."Sora told us."Well,he's at Pride Rock."Timon told us."Race ya."I told Julia,Sora,and,Kairi."Your on."They said.

We ran as fast as possible.I beat them by 4 seconds."Whew,that was fun."I said laughing."At least your starting to lighten up."Sora told me."I guess I am."I said.Then,I made a funny face by sticking my tongue out and closing my left eye.Timon,Pumba,and,Sora started laughing.When we calmed down,a large lion,a girl lion cub,and a lioness appeared.I just stared at the lion."Simba."I said.The others stared at me."Yes,do I know you?"Simba asked me."No."I said."Well,you must have to know his name."The lioness told me."No,really,it was just a guess."I replied."Ok,i'm Nala."She told me.

The girl lion cub walked over to us and she stared at me."This is our daughter:Kiara."Simba told us."Dad."Kiara said embarrassed."It's ok,my dad is the worst,he actually thinks:it's easy being the son of a."I started."What?"Simba asked me."A vampire."I said."Mom,what's a vampire?"Kiara asked Nala."Oh,well,their creatures who drink blood,but in some cases,there are good ones."Nala explained."Yeah,but you don't have to worry,we're just here to find the keyhole."Riku told her."Well,it's been so long since you guys have been here,that I forgot where it is."Simba told us."I have an idea."I told them."What?"Kairi asked.

I placed my wand in my tail."Gothru Molthru."I said.I waved my wand.Then,a light surrounded Sora and Simba."What just happened?"They asked me."It's a spell that let's you go through solid objects."I answered."I get it,so we can find the keyhole."Julia said."Right,so let's get started."Mickey said getting ready to run.

We split up.I headed back to the lake."Hmm,not here."I said.So,I jumped into the lake.And fell asleep.I had a dream where I was on Destiny Islands and a guy walked over to me."Who are you?"I asked him."A friend,my name is Ansem."The guy told me."Ansem,what are you doing here?"I asked."Don't be alarmed,you are one of the beings without darkness in the their hearts"Ansem told me.He vanished.

Then Sora,Donald,Goofy,Mickey,Simba,Nala,and,Kiara appeared."We found the keyhole."Goofy told us."That's good."Julia replied."Ok stand still."I told Simba and Sora.I took my wand."Gothru Nothru."I said waving my wand.A light circled Sora and Simba.When it vanished,we started running."Where exactly is the keyhole?"Timon asked."At Pride Rock."Simba answered.

We arrived at Pride Rock.We walked to the back.There was a big lion."Pete!"Mickey exclaimed."Well,well if it isn't Mickey and friends."Pete said not surprised.Suddenly,Heartless appeared."Have fun."Pete said vanishing.I summoned Destiny's Embrace.Mickey,Sora,Riku,Kairi,and,Julia summoned their Key-blades.Donald got out his wand.And,Goofy got out his shield."Nala,take Kiara and go."Simba told Nala."Be careful."Nala replied nodding."Timon,Pumba you go with them."Mickey demanded."Ok."Pumba agreed.They left.We rushed into battle.A Heartless came at me.I swung as hard as I could.It went down.I passed out from the energy it took.

Chapter 10.Facing Destiny.

I woke up.I wasn't at Pride Rock.I was in a castle.I saw the guy from my dreams,you know the guy with the red bandages on his face.He walked over to me.

"Blake,good to see you."He told me."Who are you?"I asked him."I am Ansem."The guy told me."Ansem,what do you want with me?"I asked him getting up."Stay where you are,you shouldn't push yourself."He told me."Where am I?"I asked him."In the castle at the Radiant Garden.I brought you here."Ansem answered.

He placed a wet cloth on my forehead."How did I get here?"I asked him."I teleported you."Ansem replied."This has been fascinating,but I have to go."I told him.I started to walk away."Don't you want to know why you have special powers?"He asked me. I stopped,I was curious,"What do you mean?"I told asked.."Perhaps,I should explain."Ansem said."You think."I replied.

"Well,it all started 14 years ago,around the time you were born."He started before I cut him off."How do you know that?"I asked mad."Well,I was doing research on the different worlds,and I came across yours,I noticed an unusual discovery."Ansem explained."What?"I asked impatient."I found out that a weird energy was overlapping a DNA strand,when I dug further,I saw it was your DNA,so I inserted a testing device of mine."He continued."Stop,this is getting freaky."I demanded."Well,ok,but you'll regret it."Ansem replied.

My thoughts were racing:what does this have to do with me,why is all this happening to me,and,is there any solution.Those thoughts were interrupted.

"Anyway,the testing device brought back the results,it seemed,the energy was that of a Prince of Heart."Ansem explained."Me,are you sure?"I asked."Yes,you are."He answered."Namine."Ansem said out loud.

A girl with blonde hair walked in.She looked just like Kairi but with blonde hair "Yes?"Namine asked."Take a sample of his D.N.A and scan it."Ansem instructed.Namine took a piece of my hair and walked over to a big machine.She placed it on a laser."Hmm,it seems his power has grown twice as much as last time,and."Namine started.But she gasped."What's wrong?"I asked her."We need to check his memories for flaws."Namine said pointing to me."Isn't there any other options?"Ansem asked her."No,we must do it now."Namine replied scared.

Without a warning,Ansem and Namine showed me a pod.I stepped in."What's this for?"I asked them."It's for repairing and checking the memories of others."Ansem answered.Suddenly,the doors of the pod closed.Instantly,I felt sleepy.I fell into a deep sleep.It seemed like forever,but I was awakened by Namine."Blake,wake up."She told me."What did you find?"I asked them."Sometime after your meeting with Sora on your world,you started gaining the memories of others,it's nothing serious,just be careful."Ansem told me.Then he snapped his finger and suddenly,I was on the Gummi Ship with the others.They didn't even notice I was gone."So,let's go."Donald said.Then we were off.

Chapter 11.The Puzzle at Traverse Town.

We were on the ship,I still hadn't told the others what Ansem told me.To be frank,I was scared.I was reading my new issue of Britain Glam,Britain's top news mag."Hmm,once again,fish and chips are the best."I thought.Suddenly,Julia appeared."Blake,what's up?"She asked me."Nothing,just reading."I answered."Where did you go yesterday,during the battle at Pride Rock?"She asked."Well,I was feeling tired,so I went to rest."I lied."Ok,well we're going to Traverse Town."She told me."Cool."I replied.After talking with Julie,we finally arrived at Traverse Town.

"Ok,now we're here to look for the keyhole,so let's split up,Blake and Julie,Kairi and Sora,Me and Riku,and,Donald and Goofy."Mickey told us."I got an idea,let's choose where we search by pulling a name out of a hat."I suggested."That actually sounds good."Riku replied.Lucky I had one.Sora pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down names of places and put them in a hat.First up was Riku and Mickey."Hm,1st district."Riku read.Next was Donald and Goofy."Ok,it says 3rd district."Goofy said.

Next was Sora and Kairi."Now,this says 2nd district."Kairi said.That left the hotel and shops for me and Julie."Ok,let's meet up here in 2 hours."Mickey said.We went our ways.Me and Julie searched every shop we could find.Until,there was two left,an item shop and a weapon shop "Julie,you search the item shop and i'll search the weapon shop."I told my partner.

We split up.I walked into the weapon shop.There was one of Donald's nieces,he was wearing red."Um,Huey right?"I asked him."Correct,wait here."He said walking away.He came back with a flyer."What you are searching for is closer than you think."I read."What?"I asked confused.

Huey just left.I met up with Julie and told her what happened."Well,let's look around and maybe we'll find the answer."She said.We looked all over Traverse Town,in all the shops,the hotel,even in the church,but we didn't find anything."Well,let's go join the others."I told Julie.

So we joined the others,we found out no-one had found the keyhole.My Key-blade shot a light.Then the flyer Julie was holding started floating,before we knew it,the keyhole appeared.Then the light hit the keyhole and we heard a locking noise"Well,another world is safe."Sora told us.

But,our cheers didn't last long,the same light that shot out of my Key-blade swallowed us."What's going on"I asked Mickey."It seems,like the Key-blade wants to take us somewhere."He told me.Before we knew it,we were rocketing off.

Chapter 12.Dinner at the Beast's Castle.

We made a landing in front of a giant castle."Looks like we're at Beast's Castle."Sora told us."What kind of a beast lives there?"Julia asked him.

"Well actually he's a prince who was turned into a beast."Mickey told us."By a magic spell?"I asked."Precisely."He replied.We walked across a giant courtyard and on our way up the palace's huge steps,I noticed something in the distance.

"Will you guys excuse me?"I asked them."Sure but meet us in the great hall in a few minutes."Sora told me.I left the group and walked back to where I saw the thing and I noticed a candelabra walking on it's own.I followed it all the way into a castle before it noticed me following it.It turned around looked at me.

"Hello,are you a guest of the master?"It asked me."I guess you could say that."I answered."That is wonderful,could you help us prepare the master and his guest's dinner?"It asked me.

"Well sure,I guess I mean i'm not much of a cook."I told it."Don't worry,I will show you the ropes."It told me.I followed it to the kitchen and saw more things walking and talking then they should.

"Ok,i'll have you start off with peeling the potatoes."The candelabra told me."I got right to work.After I was done,I was instructed to set the table in the dining room.It wasn't easy,I mean have you seen the size of the table.When I was finished I was told to tell the Beast's special guest that dinner would be soon.

So I walked up the long stairs and into a hall that was even bigger than the Dinning room table,I walked down it and saw a lot of priceless statues and works of art.I noticed another set of stairs and climbed them.I walked down the enormous hall and reached a big door with a gap.

I looked through the gap and noticed a rose on a table and looked at reading it's energy."Yep,it's a magic rose,no doubt about it."I told myself.Right behind me I heard a girl's voice."What are you doing in this wing?"She asked me.

I turned around and saw a human girl carrying a book."Um,I was looking for a the beast's special guest."I told her."Then that's me,I'm Belle,nice to meet you."She said smiling.

I took her by the hand and walked back down-stairs and into the dining room where everyone was seated.The beast spoke up."The feast may begin."He said quietly.

We began eating and in the middle of the meal,I looked at Belle and the Beast starring at each other and that goofy yet sweet cartoon romance way.I leaned over to Sora."What's the deal with them?" Sora clued me in and we finished dinner and headed to our rooms for bed.

Chapter 13.My First Meeting with My Nobody.

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