Teams and Story

1. Team Sonic: Sonic,Tails,Knuckles.

2. Team Rose: Amy,Big,Marie.

3. Team Phyke: Silver,Blaze, Cream.

4.Team Chaotix: Vector,Charmy,Espio.

5. Team Sly: Bean,Mighty,Ray.

6. Team Fang: Fang, Honey, Bark.

7. Team Dark: Shadow, Omega, Rouge.

8.Team Metal: Metal Sonic, Emerel, Gamma.


Team Sonic: A classic adventure to Stop Eggman From Destroying Station Square on his space ship.

Team Rose: Chase Sonic Around and Save Cheese From Eggman.

Team Phyke: Stop Eggman Nega and Rescue the Sol Emeralds.

Team Sly: Get to Eggman Nega's Tresure.

Team Fang: Get to Eggman's Tresure.

Team Chaotix: Rescue Eggman From The Mysteryous Tyrant

Team Dark: Investagate Doctor Eggman Nega.

Team Metal: Get Revenge on Eggman .

Last Story:????


Basic Attacks For Speed Charachters:

1. Homming Attack: Attacking the Enimie while propelling yourself Through mid air

2. Boost: Boosting speed up by 50 percent

3. Basic running : Just running forward

4. Rocket acsel: Team mates propel Echother

5. Tarnado: (Diffrent variations) Sucks Enimies Into Tarnado (Or sends one at Enimies)

6. Spin Dash: Dashing in a ball

7. Power Slide: Sliding Forward Triping Enimies

Basic Attacks For Power Charachters (Streanth):

1.Punch: Punches Enimies With Charachters on hands

2.Side-Swipe: Side Punch

3.Glide: Glides the team over Places

4.Propel: Propeling teamates ahed to crush Enimies

5 . Fire Dunk: (Diffrent variations) Throughs Teamates At Enimies as Fire balls

Basic Attacks For Flight Charachters

1. Thunder Shoot: Shoots Teamates at Flying Enimies as Lightning balls

2. Mini Boost: Mini boosting speed up by 20 Percent ( Not as fast as speed type)

3. Tail Attack: (Difrent Variations) Uses Tail As a wepon

Team Blast

Team Sonic: Sonic Shoot: Knuckles swings Sonic And Tails In Mid Air And Tails Kicks Sonic As A Super Ball

Damege: Shoots Enimies In mid air stealling rings

Team Rose: Paradise Flowers: Stacking ontop of eachother, They freeze Enimies With Flower Power

Damege: Freezes Enimies Attacks( Enimies cannot attack)

Team Phyke: Phykic Wave: Silver and Blaze Launch a Phyke-power/Fire Wave at Enimies While Cream Tosses Power to Every Team Member.

Damege: Flings Enimies and Burns Them

Team Sly: Mighty Wave: The Whole Team Combines there Powers And Mighty Sends Them At Enimies

Damege: Flings Enimies Back Far Distances

Team Fang: Golden Bull'seye: Fang Sends His Teammates In golden balls at Enimies and Shoots out Golden Lazers at Enimies

Damege: Injures Enimies Suverly

Team Dark: Chaos Storm: Shadow Freezez Enimies and Omega And Rouge Send a Powerfull Force at them and Rouge gives Teammates 1 level up each

Damege: Freezes and Injures Enimies

Team Chaotix: Music Mahyem: Vector and Teammates play music to the max!

Damege; Produce Huge Sound Waves and Blow Enimies Far Away

Team Metal: Metal Thunder: The Team Puts all Energy into Metal Sonic And Launches him at Enimies

Damege: Blows Enimies Out Of The Way

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