Season 1,Episode 1.The gang get's together.

The adventure starts when Amy,Sonic,Tails,and,Knuckles arrive at Emerald High School. "Hey,guys."Tails said seeing the others "Hey,Tails,what's up?"Amy asked Tails."I got our class schedules."Tails told them. Then they took their schedules.

"I got Algebra A.P,Science 101,Creative Writing,Lunch,Shop Club,and,Cooking. Amy told them.

"I got Algebra A.P with Amy,Chemistry,English,Lunch,Speed Club,and,Study of Flowers."Sonic told them."I got Calculus,Art,Music,Lunch,Power Club,and,Gems of the World."Knuckles told them

"And,I have,Algebra A.P with Amy and Sonic,Art with Knuckles,Mechanics Club, Lunch,Science for the Advanced,and,Studying of the World."Tails told them.

Then the bell rang,on their way in they met,Blaze,Marine,Rouge,Cream,Manic,Shadow,Silver,and Tikal.

After their classes.They all decided to hang out."Hey,can I join you?Julie-su said walking over to them."Sure,Julie."Blaze told her.

Then Knuckles took a quick glance at her and blushed."Hey,Knuckiy." Julie said.Before Knuckles could say hi.

A flash of light came,they all hit the ground."Hello,Guardians.It said."Who are you?"Julie asked it.Then Julie fell asleep suddenly."Hey what did you to her?"Amy asked it.

"I merely put her to sleep to talk to you 12,you see,you are the Guardians of Mobius.It started."Wait,Guardians?"Manic asked it.

"Yes you all are the reincarnations of past Guardians."It said."Well,I say if you going to talk to us,show us your true form."Blaze told it.

"Very well."It said.Then the light vanished and a Pink Hedgehog appeared."She looks just like you Amy."Sonic told Amy."Yes, i am Amy's past self,Moona.It told them.

"Now,as i was saying,you are the new Guardians of Mobius,I was sent here to give you your powers,Amy,you have a Piko Piko Hammer,now you can use magic with it,Blaze,you have fire in your soul,now,you can shoot fire from your hands,Marine,your a pirate,now you can control water,Rouge,your looks can fool anyone,now you can harness that power,Cream,I see you have a Chao,well now you can turn him into anything."Moona started.

Then she turned to the others.

"Manic you now can control music,Tails,you can fly using the wind you now can control wind,Shadow,you are blunt and rude that makes you qualify for the power of darkness,Knuckles,you can dig through the ground,now you have the power to control it,Sonic,you are fast,now you can go even faster,Silver,you can use psychic powers,now you can use them to hide your friends from enemies,and,Tikal,you now can use your ancestry as a princess to fire your soul at enemies,with this bow and arrow.Moona said.

"Now you must go,they are coming,Someone will be watching you to help you,her name is,Stella."Moona said.

Then Moona left,and Julie woke from her sleep.Still in amazement they went back to their day and went home.

Episode 2.

We start with Amy,Blaze,Marine,Rouge,Cream,Manic,Tails,Shadow,Knuckles,Sonic, Silver,Tikal,and,Julie gathering around the lunch table at school.

"Well,we are here."Tails told the others."Yes,we are."Julie said."Now,we should tell you about yesterday."Sonic told Julie.

"All I know is that a light appeared and I fell asleep after that."Julie said."About that."Manic said.Then.Tikal explained everything.

"Wow."Julie said."Yeah,it's a lot to take in."Amy told her.Then the bell rang,after their classes."Hey,Sonic."Amy said."Yes,Ames."Sonic asked her.

"Coming up soon is,Halloween."Amy told him."Yes and I invited everyone to my Halloween party."Sonic told her.

Then Amy left to join the girls at the park."Hey guys."Mina said coming over to them with Sonia, and,Sally."Hey Mina."Julie said.Then an explosion came.

"Hello girls.Eggman said."Eggman."they said."I'm here to take your powers."Eggman told Amy,Blaze, Marine,Rouge,Cream,and,Tikal."Your not taking their powers with us around." Sally said.

"Well i'll have to take care of you first."Eggman told Sonia,Sally, Mina,and,Julie.

Then he went to attack them.But,Marine stepped in front of Mina and water shot out of her hands,then Eggman targeted Sally,but Tikal got in front of her and launched one of her arrows,then Eggman went after Sonia, but,Amy stopped him with her magic,finally,Eggman attacked Julie,but,Rouge used her love hearts to finish him.

"This isn't over."Eggman said leaving.

"Are you guys okay?"Sonic asked them coming over with the guys."Yes."Mina said."Well,I think we should go to my house for tonight."Cream said.

Then they went to Cream's house."Man,that was close."Shadow said."Yeah,but we're safe now."Sally said."Well,we should get some sleep."Silver said.

Then they went to sleep.

Episode 3.

We start with everybody waking up."Hey guys."Sally said.Then a bang at the door."Hey Shade."Knuckles said."Hey Knuckles."Shade said.

"You guys are the new guardians."Shade said."How do you know?"Shadow asked her."A girl named Stella told me."Shade told him."Stella!"The others said together.

"Where did you talk to Stella?"Sonic asked Shade."At the Mall at Station Square."Shade told them."We should split up,she could be anywhere."Tails told the others.

"Well I have to go set up the booths at the mall."Shade said.The Shade left. Later at Station Square."Well I think we should split up,guys one way,girls the other."Manic said.

"Deal.the others said."Later with the guys."Well no, Stella."Silver said.Then a black smoke appeared."Hello,Shadow."An alien said.

"Black Doom."Shadow said."i'm here to take your powers for Eggman.

"Black Doom told them."Never."Tails said.

"Then Manic strummed up a magic beat with his drums,then Tails whipped up a vicious tornado,next,Sonic ran around Black Doom so fast Black Doom got dizzy,then,Knuckles finished him by,tossing a boulder at him.

"I'll get you later."Black Doom said floating away."Wow,first the girls,now us."Silver said."Let's get back to the girls."Sonic said.

When they met up with the girls,they exchanged stories,but no one could find Stella,so they went home to get ready for the next day.

Episode 4.

The episode starts with Amy,Sonic,and,Tails in Algebra A.P class.

"Now,Espio, what is,0 times 500?"Their Algebra teacher Wave asked Espio."0."Espio said. "Man,this is boring."Sonic told Tails.

"Sonic,we all know that some of your friends and you are the Guardians,but pay attention"Wave said."Yes Wave." Sonic said."Now,we have a new student,Stella the Fox."Wave said as a white fox came in.

"Hello,everybody."Stella said.Then she took her seat next to Manic."Hi."Manic said."Hi."Stella said.After school."Hey,Stella."Cream said.

"Hello,fellow Guardian."Stella said."Fellow,your a Guardian too?"Manic asked her."Yes,I am,but I can turn back and go forward in time."Stella said.

"Well join the club,i'm Sonic."Sonic said."I'm Amy."Amy said."I know all the Guardians."Stella said."Well,welcome."Shadow said.

Later,when the Guardians gathered at Amy's house."Now,what we need to do is get all the chaos emeralds before Eggman and Black Doom."Marine said.

"Right I have 1 from that competition show we did."Tails said."Right,tomorrow we start looking."Silver said."Deal."The others said.

Episode 5.

The episode starts with Knuckles arriving at Power Club just in time for the teacher,Halia finishing taking role call.

"Hey Knuxie."Rouge said."What are you doing in Power Club?"Knuckles asked her."Excuse me,i'm here because I passed the requirements."Rouge said.

After school."Well,Stella,Marine,and,Shadow are out looking for Chaos Emeralds."Sonic told Tails.

"That means we get to relax for awhile."Amy said."Well,I have to go on my date with Julie." Knuckles said."Okay.Blaze said.

Then Knuckles left.Meanwhile with Stella and Manic."Hey Stella."Manic said."Hey,um,Manic,is it."Stella said.

"Yes,I see you have an issue of Emeralds Magazine,well i'm the co-founder of it."Manic said. "Really I love it."Stella said.

Then just as Stella and Manic were about to kiss,Tikal came over to them."Sorry,did I just interrupt something?"Tikal asked."No."Stella said.

"Well I came to tell you that Marine found something." Tikal said.When everyone got to Marine's house at the beach."I found a stone with the names of our ancestors,who were Guardians."Marine said.

"She found it while searching for a Chaos Emerald."Jet said coming downstairs."Jet."Sonic said.

"Relax,i'm not here to take you on,i'm here to help,see,she explained to me that you all are the Guardians of Mobius,the rivals of my clan,but I realized that just because of our fued,that doesn't mean we can't get along,for now."Jet said.

"Thanks,now did you translate the stone?"Amy asked Jet and Marine."Yes,it says,that the battle for the Guardians will take place on the day of the Total Eclipse."Marine said."That's in 3 years."Julie said.

"It also says that last time there was a battle,that only 2 Guardians survived,their names were Moona and Lance."Jet said."Moona."Everyone said."Whose Moona?"Jet and Stella asked.

"She is Amy's past self."Cream explained."Well,according to this, each of us had a past self who was a Guardian,even Julie."Blaze said.

"So,why am I not a Guardian too?"Julie asked.

Then Stella went into an fit."Hello, Guardians,this is Moona again,Julie,the reason why your not a Guardian is, your past self,Emily didn't die by the battle,but because,her power over Light was too much for her and she perished because of it."Moona said.

"Even Jet's past self was a Guardian?"Rouge asked Moona."Yes his past self's power over life was useful,but his feud with Sonic's past self,Sun over me was too much for him,so he betrayed them and caused all the others to perish."Moona explained.

"I must go,Sun is waiting for me."Moona said.Then Stella came out of her fit."What happened?"Stella asked."Moona possessed you and talked to us.Tails told her.

"My ancestor?"Stella asked."I guess so."Sonic said. "Well,it's time to go."Cream said as everyone left.

episode 6.

The episode starts with Cream and Sonic in their Study of Flowers class."Wow, what Moona told us yesterday was a lot to handle."Sonic told Cream."Yes it was Mr.Sonic."Cream said.

"Now as you guys can see the Rose has thorns of... Sonic,pay attention."Their teacher,Tallie said."Yes Tallie."Sonic said.Later after school.The gang gathered at the mall.

"Hey guys."Maria said coming over to them.'Hey Maria."Shadow said."You guys are becoming celebrities."Maria said.

"Really."Tikal said."Well it's about time."Knuckles said."Don't be that way Knuxie."Rouge said."Rouge what about that talk last time about calling me Knuxie?"Knuckles asked Rouge.

"Fine."Rouge said."Well,where are Silver and Blaze?"Marine asked the others."Their at the coffee shop."Amy said. "Meanwhile with Blaze and Silver."We haven't been attacked in a few days." Silver told Blaze.

"Well,yes but I wanted to discuss us."Blaze said."What..." Silver started."No words,just emotions."Blaze said.They kissed."Blaze what are you doing?"Silver asked.

"I didn't mean to."Blaze said."It's okay."Silver told her.They kissed again."Well,let's get back to the others."Silver said.

Later everyone got their shopping done and went home.

episode 7.

The episode starts with the Principal,Metal Sonic finishing the announcements over the school intercom."One last thing,we have a new student,Burst the Fox."Metal Sonic said.

Then I walked into my class."Hello Burst."Amy said. "Yeah,we haven't seen you in 4 years."Sonic said."Yeah,it's been awhile."I said."Now,Burst what is 12 times 12?"Wave asked me."144."I said."Yes."Wave told me.

After school,we went to the park,suddenly a blast came at me,then Shadow stepped in front of me,and,suddenly a black mist came out of his hands."Shadow thank you."I said.Suddenly,Amy screamed."Burst look at your hands."Amy said.

I looked at my hands,They were glowing pink,I suddenly put my hands in my pockets."I didn't see anything."I said."But they were glowing."Cream said scared."No they weren't."I said."Can we talk about this later?"Sonic asked."Okay."The others said.

Then they took care of Eggman. While they battled him,I ran away too nervous to stay,While I was hiding I heard the others."Where did Burst go?"Rouge asked.

"He must have ran off while we were battling Eggman."Blaze told the others."Well,we'll look for him later."Sonic told the others.

After they left,I took my hands out of my pockets,they were still glowing."Wow,i've never had something like this happen to me before."I told myself.

Then I left and went home.

episode 8.

The episode starts with the gang going to my house.

"Hey Burst,we know your in there."Knuckles yelled banging on my door.Then I opened the door."Hey what happened to you last night?"Marine asked me."Nothing,I just felt sick."I said.

"Well we saw your hands glowing pink,and you've never done that before."Amy said."I know what's going on?"I asked.Then a knock on my door,I opened it and a purple-haired mongoose came in.

"Melody,what are you doing here?"Tails asked the mongoose."Hey dad I came to tell Burst about his powers."Melody said.

"My powers?"I asked confused."Yes,your power of Nature,when your hands glow pink, you can control wind, when your hands glow red, you can control fire,when your hands glow blue, you can control water,when your hands glow green, you can control earth,when your hands glow purple,you can control darkness, and,when your hands glow white,you can control light."Melody finished

"How do you know this?"Tails asked Melody."Because Moona told me."Melody answered.

"How do you know Moona?"Julie asked Melody."Because i've been watching you guys."Melody said."How long have you been watching us?"Mina asked her daughter.

"Since last week."Melody told them."I gotta go."Melody said leaving."Well,it's time to go and get ready for school."Blaze said.

Then they all left and I went to bed.

episode 9.

The episode starts with everyone at school at lunch.

"Well,today's lunch is, steak."Amy said."I'm a vegan."I said."Since when,you weren't a vegan last time."Sonic asked me.

"I just don't like meat."I said walking away."Hey guys, did I just see a pink fox walk by here?"Cosmo asked the others.

"Yes he's a new student,Burst."Silver told her.Later at the beach."Hey Burst,you okay?" Sonia asked me.

"Yeah,i'm fine,you saw that?"I asked her."Yeah it's okay,i've always loved you,but was too shy to tell you."Sonia told me."Really?"I asked.

"Let me just show you."Sonia told me.We kissed,we would have kept kissing longer,but Sonic and the others came by and stared amazed,we stopped.

"Good job,Sonia,you finally found a guy for you."Manic told Sonia."Anyway,Sonic your Halloween party is tomorrow,right?"I asked Sonic.

"Yeah,we'll just go now"Sonic said.Then they left."Well,good night Burst."Sonia told me."Good night."I said.

Then I went home.

Season 1 finale.

The episode starts with me picking out my costume for Sonic's Halloween party.

"Should I go as a Pirate,a Mummy,Sonic,or,a Vampire?"I asked myself."I'll go with Sonic."I told myself.Then I changed into my costume and went to Sonic's house.

"Hey honey,nice costume."Rouge told me."Not now,I have to talk to Sonia."I told her.I found her with her brothers.

"Hey,Sonia we need to talk." I told Sonia."Hey."Sonia said.She kissed me."Well,yesterday came as a surprise."I told her."What are you saying?"Sonia asked me,

"I'm saying that I love you too."I told her."You do,oh thanks."Sonia said.

We kissed,then I took a look around,everybody was staring at us."You guys saw us last night,it shouldn't be a surprise."I said.

We got back to the party,we partied for 3 hours when a blast came from outside."Burst the Fox,come outside."Eggman said.

We all went outside,there was Eggman with his Egg Moth."You want me, you got me,no-one help me"I said.My hands glowed pink."Take this Egg-Weirdo. "I said.Suddenly wind shot out of my hands.Then my hands started to glow, purple.

"You deserve this."I told Eggman.Then the whole street went black. We could hear a thud,the lights came back on,we could see Eggman's machine on the ground.

"Now to finish you off."I told Eggman.Then my hands started to glow white."It's light's out for you."I told Eggman.

Then a rainbow shot out of my hands."This isn't over Burst."Eggman said leaving."Wow impressive." Knuckles told me."Thanks,let get back to the party."I told him.

Then we got back to the party and after the party we went home.

Season 2.

Season 2 episode 1.

The next day was school,I finally got to school."So,dear,about your battle last night."Sonia started."It's okay Eggman was so not a big deal."I said.

Let's fast forward to 8 months later,it was the day before summer vacation. "So,any plans for summer break."I asked the others."Actually,we're all going to stay here."Sonic told me.

Well,we should get to class."Cream said.After school."Well,it's time to relax."Tikal said."How about we go to my beach house for the summer."Amy said.

When we got there,we saw Storm."Hey Storm."Stella said."Hello."Storm said.

"What are you doing here?"Shadow asked Storm. "I'm here to sell Hover-boards."Storm said."Well I have enough money for one."I said.

"Then come to the store."Storm said.When we got to the store." I looked around."I like this one."I said holding up a white,pink,and,purple one."The Dream Rider,good choice."Storm said.

I payed for it and rode it all the way to Amy's beach-house,we settled in,had dinner and went to bed.

episode 2.

Now it's one week later,there's a surf contest,Me,Marine,Tails,and,Stella are the only one's who's signed up."Good luck."Everyone said.After the surf contest.

"The winner is,Marine."Gamma said."Good job Marine."I said.Then Mina and Tails left to talk,I followed them."Hey Tails about Melody coming to see us 8 months ago."Mina said.

"Yeah,it's strange."Tails said.They talked for 3 hours.Then they left.I followed them back to the others.

"Well that was fun." Sally said."Well,Eggman hasn't attacked us in 8 months."Julie said.

"Yeah, it's kinda boring."Sonic said.Just as Sonic said that,Black Doom appeared.

"Burst reveal your true powers."Black Doom said.When he said that,a gold light surrounded me,when it vanished I was totally gold and was flying.

"Whoa, Burst you've gone super."Sonic said."What's happening to me."I asked Black Doom.

"I unlocked your super form that I sealed away from you last year,it's for destroying Eggman."Black Doom said."Why?"Amy asked him,hammer in her hands.

"Because,I need him out of the way,so I can return to my planet."Black Doom said.'Fine,but we're watching you."Blaze said.

"Goodbye,by the way,you can transform into Sun-Burst whenever you want."Black Doom said leaving."I can't trust him as far as I can throw him."Shadow said.

We then returned to the day.

episode 3.

It's one week later everyone is still talking about what happened to me last week.I finally got up.

"Hey guys."I said."Um,your doing it again."Charmy said. I looked down,I was Sun-Burst."Sorry,i'm still having trouble with transforming at the oddest times."I said."It's okay."Blaze said."Well I have to go."I said.I left.I called HQ.

"Hello,this is agent Burst,calling HQ."I said into my watch."Yes,Agent Burst,what is your report?"The leader said.

"You know I quit this job,but your offer was way too convincing."I said." Stick to your job,HQ out."Leader said."Burst,who was that?"Sonic asked me.

"You heard that?"I asked him."Yes,now what unit are you with?"Sonic asked me."G.U.N."I said."So,your one of their agents."Sonic asked me.

"Ex-Agent."I said."So,why,are you still doing work for them?"Amy asked me."Did everybody hear me?"I asked.

"Pretty much."Shadow said."I'm actually an intern."I said "Well,last time one of us was an agent,we ended up with Rouge."Knuckles said "I heard that."Rouge said

."Well after this assignment,i'm out of GUN."I said. Let's just get back to the day."Vector said.

We went on with our day

episode 4.

Well,one week later after everyone found out my secret,it was my birthday,everybody came,my friends,and my not-so friends.

"Hey Amy."Big said."Hey,it's been awhile."Amy said."Hello,it's time for cake."Cream said."Wow Strawberry cheesecake,my favorite."I said."We know."Amy said giggling.

We all ate our slices and gossiped,after we finished the party,we headed to the beach, Amy went with Sonic,Knuckles went with Julie,I went with Sonia,Manic went with Stella,and Silver went with Blaze.

We talked for a while and after that we went to bed.

episode 5.

Now it's a week and a half later.I was riding my hover-board,I ran into Wave.

"Hey Burst."She said."I'm just out riding my hover-board."I said."Your a natural."Wave said."Thanks."I said."Would you like to join the Babylon Rogues?"Wave asked me.

"How about when I graduate?"I asked her."Sure,i'll tell Jet."Wave said."Okay."I said.

I then returned to everybody and told them everything."How could you?"Amy asked me."But,i'm not actually going to join." I said."Thank goodness."Amy said.

"Well if Burst wants to join them we shouldn't stop him."Sonia said."Thanks."I said."Fine,but don't ever attack us."Knuckles said."I won't."I said.

"Good."Shadow said walking away."Man,does he ever take a break?"Manic asked Rouge.

"Nope."She said."Hey how about a hover-board race?"Cream asked Tikal,Amy,and,Charmy."Sure."They said."After the race.

"The winner is,Amy."I said."Good job Ames."Sonic said.

"Thanks, Sonikku."Amy said."Well,it's time to go to bed."Silver said.

Then we went to bed.

episode 6.

Another week later,We were all just hanging out at the beach,when a two-tailed fox went over to Tails.

"Hey Dad."It said."Hey Skye"Tails said." Just here to relax."Skye said."Well,go ahead."I said."Thanks Burst."Skye said.We relaxed for a couple hours.

Then Eggman attacked us again,this time he used a gas to put everyone asleep but,Me,Blaze,and,Cream."No-one attacks my boy-friend."Blaze yelled.

"3 for one special?"I asked Blaze."Deal."She said.First I sent a water-fall at Eggman,then,Cream turned Cheese into a hammer and whacked him,finally,Blaze threw fire at Eggman.

"Next time i'll attack your weakest friend."Eggman said as he left,then everybody woke up. "What happened to Eggman?"Stella asked."Me,Burst,and,Blaze took him out." Cream said.

"Good job."Sonia said."Thanks"Marine said.

Then Skye left and we went to bed.

episode 7.

One more week later,Everyone was gathered at the board-walk.

"Well,we got a couple week's until we go back to school."Tails said.Then Omega came along. "Hey Omega."Rouge said."Hello Rouge,and,Shadow."Omega said.

"Omega it's good to see ya."I told Omega."Accessing life form data,DNA confirmed."Omega announced."Burst the Fox."Omega said.

"How do you know Omega?"Shadow asked me."Well,he was malfunctioning,so I repaired him."I said.

"How did you know how to fix him?"Tails asked me."I have an IQ Of 318,remember?"I asked Tails."Oh yeah,I forgot,your IQ is higher than Eggman's."Tails said.

"So,your IQ is higher than Eggman's,so that's why Eggman is after you,he must want to capture you to invent something to take our powers."Amy said.

"Maybe, so."I said."Well,let's enjoy our day."Maria said.

So,we went swimming and played volleyball,and after we had dinner,we went to bed.

episode 8.

The next week.

"Well,we've found a lot of stuff out about Burst."I heard Rouge tell the others."Well,first,he's a Guardian,next he's a G.U.N agent,and, finally,he's smarter than Eggman."Shadow said.

"What are you saying?"Amy asked Shadow."I'm saying that he's a little strange."Shadow said.Then I started walking."Shhh,he's coming."I heard Silver say.

When I got into the room. "Hey Burst."Sonia said.

"Dont act like that,I heard you guys talking."I said mad.

"Calm down,your not the kind of person who we think would get mad."Amy said.

"Fine,but you guys should have known,I wasn't supposed to let you guys know,you see Eggman realized I was a Guardian so he targeted me.that's why I was put into G.U.N,to protect me,I met Omega when he was assigned my body-guard,Eggman attacked,Omega got damaged,I had to fix him,so,that's when I had to deal with my powers,on the way I learned how to ride a hover-board,and I was enrolled into school,so you guys could protect me, though I didn't expect Eggman to find me."I explained.

"Well,that explains a lot."Sonic said."Well,okay,now let's get to bed."Stella said.

Then we went to bed.

episode 9.

The week after,we were all gathered at the pier watching the waves.

"So,in a few days is the big hover-board competition,whose entering?"Sonic asked."I will."Blaze said."Me too."Silver said."I might as well."I said.

"Maybe you shouldn't."Sonia said."Yeah,Eggman might attack you."Knuckles told me." Well,if he does,I can just turn into Sun-Burst."I said.

"Still,it's too risky."Julie said."Ok,then Mina,how about you,i'll let you borrow my board." I told Mina."Ok."She said.

"Now that's out of the way,we should get ready for the back to school party after the hover-board competition."Tikal said.

"Okay."We said.

Then we went to bed.

Season 2 Finale.

The next week was the big hover-board competition,the race was about to begin. "Good luck."I told Mina."Thanks."She said.Then the race began.After the race. "The winner is,Silver."Amy said."Good job."Sonic told Amy.Later was the back to school party,since school started the next day.Everybody started to have fun.Me and Sonia went to the beach."Well,this is fun."Sonia told me."Yes it is."I said.We kissed.Then the others came over to us."Aren't you guys getting tired of doing this?"Sonia asked them."Sorry."Amy said.They left,and we got back to our fun,after the party,we got on our hover-boards and got home,got ready for school and went to bed.

Season 3

Season 3 episode 1.

The next day was school,I got up and got ready and got to school.I got to my Creative Writing class just in time for our teacher,Vanilla,Cream's mom to take roll call,after she finished role call we did our work and after school we decided to hang out at the mall.

"Well we're now sophomores."I said."Well,we have a couple days until Christmas."Silver said."Yeah,speaking of that I need to go."I said.

I left to get everyone their presents,first I bought Amy a new dress,then I bought Cream a toy for Cheese,then I bought Sonic some new shoes,next,I bought Tails a Jet Anklet to help him fly faster,then I bought Shadow a emerald,next,I bought Blaze a new coat,then I bought Silver new gloves."So far so good."I told myself.

Next I bought Knuckles a new Shovel Claw,then I bought Stella a new bow,then I bought Rouge a diamond,then I bought Tikal a new skirt,then I bought Mina a new microphone,then I bought Julie a new head-band,then I bought Sally a new jacket,then I bought Manic drum-sticks,then I bought Marine a new sword,last,I bought Sonia a ring to propose to her with,then I went to the gift wrap store to wrap up the presents,then I went home.

episode 2.

I got ready for school,after I got ready,I headed to school,after school,we all went to the arcade at the mall.

"Hey,Sonia how about a game of Groove Groove Battle."I told Sonia."Sure."Sonia said.

After the game we went to the food court and I ordered us a pizza with the works,after we ate the pizza we decided to go to the park."So,I heard that there's this battle on the night of the Total Eclipse."I told the others.

"Yes,we all have to fight."Sonic said. "Only the Guardians."Knuckles said."Right."Sonic said."Well it's great to relax."Maria said.

"You know,there's still plenty of good times up ahead."Charmy said."Hey look at the stars."Manic told us.

We looked at the stars,then we went to bed.

episode 3.

At school,at the lunch-table.

"Hey guys my brother and sister are coming to visit."I told the others."Cool."Sonic told me.After school we went to my house,I opened my door.

"Hey there's our Guardian brother."My brother said. "Anyway this is my brother,Flare."I said."Hello."Flare said."And,this is my sister Luna."I said.

"Hiya."Luna said."So,you guys are visiting?"Sonia asked. "Sorry,this is my girl-friend,Sonia."I told Luna and Flare."Good job bro." Luna said.

"About your question,actually,we'll be attending school with you all."Flare said.

"Wow,but one question,why is Burst a Guardian,but you guys aren't?'Amy asked Luna.

"We don't know."Flare said."Okay we'll see you."Mina said.

Then the others went home and we went to bed.

episode 4.

"So,any news on Eggman?"I asked the G.U.N Leader."No,he isn't on our radar, we're counting on you,agent Burst."Leader said.Then I hung up.

"So,that was G.U.N HQ."Flare asked me."Yeah,that reminds me,are you guys still G.U.N agents?"I asked Flare and Luna.""I'm not."Flare said."I still am."Luna said."Ok,let's get to school."I said.

When we got to school."Hey guys."We said.

After school."Well,we sure are getting lucky with classes."Rouge said."Yeah,by the way I was wondering,why is Burst is a Guardian but you guys aren't?"Sonic asked Flare and Luna.

"Well for our family,the Guardianship is appointed to the one of us who is the weakest and has the most potential,this has been going on for centuries."Luna answered.

"But i'm the only one who has a super form."I said.Then Eggman attacked us again." Now,your all going down."Eggman said.

Then he sprayed his sleep gas again but this time only me and Stella were left.Now to destroy you."Eggman said.

Without warning he attacked me with a rocket and I didn't have enough time to turn into Sun-Burst,and it hit and me and knocked me out,while I was out,Stella went back in time to before Eggman attacked."Burst,turn into Sun-Burst "Stella said.

"Stella,your here and there."I said."I came from the future to save you.Then I transformed and Eggman attacked again,this time I took him out."This isn't over."Eggman said.

Then he left and Stella came back just in time for the others to wake up."What happened?"Amy asked me and Stella." Eggman knocked out Burst and I had to go back in time to save him."Stella said."Thanks."I said.

Then we continued with our day.

episode 5.

We were at school.

"Hey honey."Sonia told me."Hey."I said."Your still shocked about what happened last night?"Amy asked me."No."I said."Good."Sonia told me. She kissed me.

"Hey,bro nice."Luna said."You don't need to do that in front of me."Flare said."What is my younger brother jealous?"I asked him.

"No."He said."He's just mad that his girl-friend Sara won't be able to make it for Christmas."Luna explained.Black Doom appeared."Hello Burst."He said.

"What now."I asked him."Bro,what's happening."Luna asked me."I looked,I was Sun-Burst."I'm here to tell you I have a plan to destroy Eggman."Black Doom told me.

After he told us the plan."Well it's an ok plan."Sonic said.

Black Doom left and we went home.

episode 6.

We are at school.

"Attention students as you all know,Black Doom came here and talked to the Guardians,now classes will continue as scheduled."Metal Sonic said over the intercom.

"Well that was anti-climatic."Rouge said."Yeah."Amy said.After school."Well,I can't believe Black Doom would help us."Cream said.

"Me too."Tikal said."So,how are your studies."Manic asked me."Well,i'm in the middle of my Mobious History studies."I said.

"Enough you weren't like that when we were in that competition show,you owned 4 years ago,that was cancelled."Shadow said.

"For the last time,I stopped the show for school."I said."Sorry."He said."Wow,Shadow just said sorry."Sonic said."Ha ha."Shadow said.

We went home.

episode 7.

We were at school."Hey guys,we're having a talent show."I said to the others. "Cool,I can't wait."Mina said."Well,i'm not worried."Amy said."That's just like you."Sonic told her.Later at the beach with me and Sonia."Well,this is relaxing."Sonia told me."I agree."I said.Then the stars started to fall."Hey, look."I said pointing at the sky."Make a wish."Sonia told me."I wish that me and Sonia well be together forever."I told myself."What did you wish for?" Sonia asked me."If I tell you it won't come true."I told her."Here's for the future."Sonia told me.We kissed.Later with everyone else."Well,if it isn't the love-birds."Luna said.We ignored her."Hey guys,about my name."I said." We know it's really Matt,but to us your Burst."Knuckles said."Thanks."I said. "Um,Burst,your doing it again."Cream told me.I looked down,I was Sun-Burst. "It's okay."I said."I still don't understand your power."Flare told me."Don't worry,I can control it better."I said."Anyway,I have some news,I just joined a performing arts class."I said."Really,what are you studying?"Julie asked me."Singing,acting,and,dancing."I answered."Well,sing us a song."Mina said.

"Ok."I said."Someday I let you in,treat you right,drive you out of your mind, you never shake like me,burn so bright,i'm gonna make you fly,always know what you can't have but you want it so bad if you don't get what you wanted, make you feel good that's the way to feel for you to shake baby,but give it up,you can't win cause I know where you've been,such a shame you don't put up a fight,that's a game that we play at the end of the night,it's the same old story,but you never get it right,give it up,so stop trying to walk away,no you won't ever leave me behind,you better believe i'm here to stay,cause your the shade and i'm the sun-shine,look at me cause I got you where I want you, isn't this so exciting,wanna shake you when I brake you take a back-side cause i'm driving,give it up,you can't win cause I know where you've been, such a shame you don't put up a fight,that's a game that a game that we play at the end of the night,it's the same old story,but you never get it,give it up,look at me cause I got you where I want you isn't this so exciting,wanna shake you when I break you take a back-seat cause now i'm driving,give it up, you can't win,cause I know where you've been,such a shame you don't put up a fight,that's a game that we play at the end of the night,it's the same old story,but you never get it right,give it up."I sang. "Wow,your almost as good as me."Mina told me."Thanks."I said.Then we went home.

episode 8.

We were at the park,when a blast came at us.

"Not again,won't you ever learn." Sonic said to Eggman."You won't be laughing after this."Eggman said.He fired his sleep gas again,this time,me,Knuckles,Amy,and,Shadow were left awake." Your gonna pay."I told Eggman.I transformed into Sun-Burst.

Then my hands started to glow,a color they haven't glowed before,gold,then stars shot out of my hands,next Amy cast a spell with her hammer,then Shadow sent a black smoke from his hands,finally Knuckles tossed a boulder at Eggman.

"I'll get you next time."Eggman said as he left.The others woke up."Sonia,are you ok?" I asked Sonia."Yeah,i'm fine."Sonia said.

"You guys are not gonna believe this, when Burst turned into Sun-Burst his hands glowed gold and stars shot out of his hands."Knuckles told the others.

"Wow,how did that happen?"Tails asked." I guess it has something to do with this."I said.

"A Chaos Emerald."Sonic said."Where did you find it?"Tikal asked me."I found it last week at the beach."I said.

"So,when you transformed,the Chaos Emerald must have reacted with you,causing stars to shoot out of your hands."Tails told me.

"I get it,the magnetic properties of the emeralds,must have synched with your genetic structure,now if we can find the others,we can use their powers to turn,Sonic,Shadow,Silver,Knuckles,Tails,and,Burst into their super forms to defeat Eggman."Julie said.

"But me and Knuckles haven't gone super in a long time,it could be risky."Tails told them."Still,it's worth a try."Rouge said."Ok,it's a deal."Amy said.

Then we went home.

episode 9.

We were at Tails's lab.

"I've built a device that can detect Chaos Emeralds whenever it gets close to one."Tails said.

He gave each of us one and we set out to find them,me,Sonia,Manic,Stella,Amy,and,Sonic went to the Mystic Ruins,Shadow,Rouge,Julie,Knuckles,Silver,and,Blaze went to Station Square,Cream,Tikal,Mina,Tails,and,Sally went to the Kingdom of Soleanna,Marine,Luna, Flare,and,Maria went to the school,and,Charmy,Vector,Espio,Jet,Storm,and to our surprise Wave went to the Egg Carrier crash-site.

With me and my team,I went into the jungle I found an old temple,I went inside,I walked the long tunnel,at the end I found not only a Chaos Emerald,but a old journal,I opened it and saw a picture of me,I read what the journal said.

"To Burst,we sent you to this time to help the other Guardians,you will not remember this,so enjoy life as the first vampire Guardian,we also hid your vampire self to keep your life happy,signed Leader Solar."I read.

I stared in amazement,i'm a vampire, how could this be?"I asked myself.Then Sonic and the others found me."What do you have there?"Amy asked me.

I gave her the book and the Chaos Emerald,she read it out loud."Your a vampire?"Sonia asked me."I guess,I don't remember." I said.

"How could you not remember?"Stella asked."I just can't."I said.We left and when we left the temple the sun was shining and I transformed."Whoa, your different now."Manic told me."Hmm,I don't get it."Sonic said.

"Well, according to the journal,with a vampire he or she transforms according to the light,it also says,that the clan Burst comes from is a good clan that has never attacked a living thing."Amy said."So,we don't have to worry about Burst."Sonia said.

We joined the others,it turns out Blaze's team found a Chaos Emerald,and so did Mina's and Jet's,so we now had 6 Chaos Emeralds so we only needed to find one more."Ok,so Burst is a vampire."Maria said surprised.

"Yes,but he's not evil."Sonic told them."What about Luna and Flare?"Vector asked.

"No,we're not,Burst is our adopted brother."Flare said. "Well,we just need to be careful from now on."Rouge said.

We went home.

Season 3 finale.

I was getting ready for the Christmas party.

"Ok,I have the presents,and the ring i'm going to propose to Sonia with."I told myself.I arrived at Amy's house."Hey there's our vampire friend."Rouge said when she saw me.

"Cut it out Rouge."I said."Oh okay,see you got the ring."Rouge told me."So?"I asked.

"I know your going to propose to Sonia."Rouge said."So?"I asked."What makes you think she's going to say yes,since your a vampire?"Rouge asked."Because we love each other,something you'll never understand."I told Rouge.

"Watch it." Rouge told me."Sorry."I said."It's ok,I won't say a word."Rouge told me." Thanks."I said.When I went into the house."Hey,Burst."Amy said."Hey."I said.

Then a knock at the door came,in came a cat."Hershey,what are you doing here?"Blaze asked it."I heard there was a party here."Hershey said.

"Well,while your here I want to introduce you to Burst."Sonia said."Hi."Hershey told me."Hi."I said.

"Burst here is our resident vampire."Sonic said."Vampire,how exotic."Hershey said."Your not scared."I asked her."No,i've met plenty of vampires before."Hershey told me."Well,thank goodness."I said."It's time to hand out presents."Amy said.

I handed everyone their presents except Sonia's."Sonia,can I ask you something?"I asked Sonia."Yes."Sonia said."Will you marry me?"I asked her.Then Sonia looked around the room,everybody was nodding."Sure."She said.

We kissed."Congrats,your getting married."Sonic told Sonia."Thanks."Sonia said.We celebrated."Well,I have one more surprise,I got everyone a special gift."I said.

I then pulled a big present out of Hammer-Space."Well,Burst can access Hammer-Space too."Tails said.

"Anyway,I found this journal of the clan of vampires I come from,it says i'm the 3rd to be a Guardian,and,I was once the king of vampires in a past life."I said.

"Wow,the king,how weird."Silver said."I know but there's one more thing,it says that on the night of the Total Eclipse I will gain more powers,in the end I have the choice of staying a vampire or becoming totally mortal."I said.

"Well,do what you think is best."Sonia told me."Deal."I said.

We finished the party and went home.

Season 4

Season 4 episode 1.

We were at school,me and Sonia were flirting.

"Ok,we know you guys are getting married,but please."Knuckles said."Jealous?"Sonia asked him."No,I just can't eat with you guys doing that."Knuckles told me."So,Burst have you made up your about choice"Sally asked me."No."I said.After school.

"Well,i'm going to the mall,i'll be right back."I told the others.I kissed Sonia and left.When I got to the mall,I went to the hover-board store.

"Hey,Burst,what can I get you?"Wave asked me."That red one."I said."The Life of Sports,good choice."Wave said.I payed for it and left the mall,on my way to the others, Eggman attacked me.

"Your all alone."Eggman said to me."Your going down."I said

.I transformed,then my hands glowed silver."Take this."I said.Then I turned invisible."Where did that pest go?"Eggman asked himself.I then attacked him.

"I give up."He said.He left and I met my friends."Hey guys."I said."Burst,where are you?"Sonia asked me.

"Right next to you."I told her. "I don't see you."She said."Sorry."I said.I became visible."How did you do that?"Espio asked me."Well,Eggman attacked me,I transformed,my hands glowed silver and then I turned invisible,and finished Eggman."I told them.

"Well, things have officially gotten weird."Rouge said."I know,right."Flare said. "Well,I know one thing,I need to learn to control everything."I said."Don't worry,we're right here to help."Tikal told me.

"Thanks,anyway,New Years is coming up soon."Julie said."Yeah i'm having a party at my house that night." I told them."Cool,can't wait."Cream said.

We went home.

episode 2.

We were at the theater.

"Well,that was a great movie."Sally said to us."It sure was."Maria replied.Then a red echidna girl ran into me."Ow."She said. "Lara,what are you doing here?"Knuckles asked the girl.

"Hi dad I came here because I sensed a powerful presence and came to investigate it."Lara said.

"Well,I can help,like Knuckles and Rouge,i'm a part-time treasure hunter." I said."Great,me,you,dad,and Rouge can start looking for the source."Lara said.Then the others left.

"Ok,so according to my watch,using the G.U.N Data-base,the signal is coming from over there by that tower."I said.

We walked to the tower it was dark and damaged until I walked toward it,it suddenly glowed,a bright light swallowed us,when we woke up,we were on top of the tower,but it wasn't dark or damaged anymore,we looked down,what we saw was be continued.

episode 3.

Previously on Sonic High School,Lara,Knuckles and Julie's daughter ran into us and me,Knuckles,Rouge,and,Lara found a tower,I walked toward it and we ended up on top of the tower,what did we see,find out now.

"Oh my gosh,look." Lara said pointing at the ground.We looked,we saw me,then and there we realized we were in the past."Ok,vampire Burst,are you ready,for the journey?"Another vampire asked my past-self."Yes,leader Solar."My past-self said.

"That must be me."I told Knuckles,Rouge,and,Lara."Your a vampire?"Lara asked me."Yes,but don't worry."I told her."Now,Burst,as the first vampire Guardian of the clan, we are trusting you to save the future,in 100 years."Solar said.

"Yes,sir."My past-self said."Wow,100 years."Rouge said."Keep it down,they'll hear us." Knuckles told her."What's that?"Solar asked."They looked up at us."Come down at once."Solar said.We came down."Hello,i'm Lara."Lara said

."I'm Rouge."Rouge said."I'm Knuckles."Knuckles said."And,i'm Burst."I said."Burst,what are doing here?"Solar asked me."I was in the future,we walked to the tower, and suddenly we were here."I explained.

"Well,I see the tower still has it's time traveling powers."Solar said."I see,now,i'm here and there."I said pointing at the other me.

"Well,I need to send you all back before a time paradox starts."Solar said."How."I asked."By using the 7 Chaos Emeralds."Solar told me."Now,chant the scared words,Vampra Futura Exitis."Solar said."We chanted the words."Vampra Futura Exitis."We chanted.

A flash of light swallowed us,the next thing we knew,we were with the others."Where did you guys come from?"Amy asked Lara.I explained."So,you saw your past-self,did you learn,where the final Chaos Emerald is?"Tikal asked.

"Well,before we left,we found a tablet,it says the final Chaos Emerald is buried inside of Burst." Rouge said."What?"Amy asked."Yes,the Chaos Emerald was stored into me to protect it from Eggman,the only way to release it is,to find the sacred chant of the Immortals."I said."Well,gotta go."Lara said.

She left,and we went home still in shock.

episode 4.

We were looking for the tablet when we ran into someone.

"Watch it."I said. "Says,the guy who doesn't see his former fiancee."She said."What do...Gina?" I asked her."Yes,Matt."Gina said."Gigi,I prefer Burst."I told her.

"Wait you 2 were engaged?"Sonia asked me. "Well,it was an arranged marriage."I said.

"Yeah,but we had our eyes set on other people,Burst wanted to date a mortal named Celeste,and I wanted to date a guy named Martin,when Burst was sent to this time,Solar sent me to watch him."Gina said."How long have you been following me?"I asked her.

Since October,the night of that Halloween party."Gina said."Well,that explains a lot."I said."Well,now i'm your body-guard."Gina told me."Anyway,this is Sonia,my fiancee."I said.

"Ah,you finally found some-one."Gina said."What do you mean?"Marine asked her."Well when Burst was little,he was such a nerd.but that always attracted all kinds of vampires to him."Gina told the others.

"Really,you were a nerd,but I guess, somethings do change."Sonic told me."Not now."I told him."So,I heard you guys are the new Guardians?"Gina asked the others.

"Not us."Mina said pointing to Sally,Maria,Julie,Flare,herself,Sonia,and,Luna."Well,I see that things are ok,but i'm still staying with you."Gina told me."Fine."I said.

So,we went home.

episode 5.

We were at school.

"Attention,we have a new student,Gina."Metal Sonic said over the intercom.During lunch."Well,the steak is good."Amy said."I'm a vegetarian."Me and Gina said together.

"Wow,weird."Sonia said."Anyway,the tablet is somewhere near my house."I said.

"How do you know?"Tails asked me. "I read the tablet when we went to the past."I told them."Ok,let's look for it."Shadow said."Ok."We said.After school."All right,let's see,the tablet is somewhere underground."Gina said.

We dug up the dirt,we found a chest in it was a note."Burst,thank you for betraying your clan and helping me,signed Dr.Eggman."I read it out loud.

"Wait,you betray the clan,this can't be."Gina said."Wait,there's something hidden in the message."I said.

I stomped my foot, the letters scrambled."It now says with a few letters left over,The tablet is near,yet far."I read."Near yet far,what does that mean?"Amy asked.

"I don't know,but under the note is another one."I said.The tablet can be found with true love's kiss,under the last star of the planet's prayer."I read it out loud.

"Ok,the last star must mean the first falling star,and,the planet's prayer must be when the planet's align."Tails said."And,true loves kiss is, the moment where 2 people realize they truly love each other."Amy explained. "And,there's one last note.

"Only a vampire who is pure of heart can read the tablet."Julie said."A vampire who is pure of heart,means,a vampire who can do no wrong,and,can not hate."Gina said."Ok,we know about the 2nd note,but what about the 1st?"Manic asked.

"Near yet far,it must be near someone yet far enough that the person can't see it."I said."Now,the vampire who is pure of heart,who could that be?"Tikal asked.Suddenly a light surrounded me,it lit up,from the light,I came out."Burst,what's going on?"Rose asked me.

"I don't know,I can feel this warmth inside me,it feels nice,I can hear your thoughts."I said."He's it,the vampire whose pure of heart."Gina said.I collapsed,When I woke up I was in the hospital."Burst,your awake."Sonia said to me when I woke up.

"Sonia."I said.I then fell asleep.

episode 6.

I woke up 2 days later.

"What happened?"I asked Gina."You collapsed,before that you mentioned being able to read peoples thoughts."Gina told me.Then the others came in.

"Man,Burst's ok,i'm really worried."Sonia thought."Thanks." I told Sonia."Oh,you read my mind."She said."Do you remember anything?" Sonic asked me."All I can remember is,waking up 2 days ago."I said.

"Well,we found out your the chosen vampire,we found out when you can read the tablet,but we haven't found out where it is,and how to get it."Rose said. "We need to find out before our battle with Eggman during the Total Eclipse." Sonic said.

"Well,according to vampire legend,when the chosen one has found his true love and kiss they will connect with the stars."Gina said."Ok."I said."But who is Burst's true love?"Mina asked.

After thinking."Well,I think his true love is the one who opens his mind to the heavens causing her to instantly show him life."Maria said.

"Have you been on the internet?" Marine asked her."Yes,but besides that the only one Burst has ever connected with is..."Maria started.

Then the others turned to Sonia."Me,but I don't know."Sonia said."Well it's funny you should mention that because in Burst's diary,almost every page has things like I love Sonia,Sonia is so cute,never in my immortal life have I ever met a girl as down to earth as Sonia,and, Sonia is definitely the one for me."Gina said.

"Wait besides the fact he wrote all that the scary part is the fact he has a diary."Charmy said."Hey,it was a good idea at the time."I said."Well,luckily vampires heal quickly."Gina said.

Just as she said that I stood up."Now,Gina,you should keep your mouth shut."I said."What it's not like i'm going to mention the time when you knocked your glasses in a dragon's mouth,and after that I had to break up the fight between you 2."Gina said.

"Well,besides that we need to know."Sally said.Then I read Sonia's mind."Oh boy,what if I am his true love,I mean I love him,but he's a vampire and i'm not."She said.

"I know,but we at least have to see."I told her."Ok."She said.We kissed,then the room vanished and we found our-selves in space,we came back."Wow."We said.

"So?"Gina asked.We nodded."Yes,we found out at last."Mina said."We're one step closer to the battle."Sonic said."And one step closer to Burst's choice."I read Rouge's mind.

Then we left.

episode 7.

It was my 101th birthday,everyone was at my house.

"Happy 101th birthday." Everyone told me."Thanks I said."Now,I have something to show you guys.'I said.I pulled out a stone tablet.

"The sacred tablet,where did you find it?" Gina asked me."It was under my pillow,funny,it wasn't there before."I said. "Let me see that book again."Gina told me."Oh,the tablet says the chosen one finds it in the last place it looks."Gina said.

"Well,that was the last place I would look."I said."Read it to release the Chaos Emerald."Sonic told me."Emerald of Power awake from your sleep,and help us in our time of need."I said.

Suddenly a light came from me,when it vanished,I was holding a Chaos Emerald.

"You got it,we're ready for the fight."Sonic said."I have to go back to the past."Gina said."Ok,good luck."I said.Gina vanished."Well,we have some to relax."Sonic said.

Then they left.

episode 8.

We were at school.

"Hey,I wanted to ask,how did you become a vampire?"Stella asked me."Well,I was normal,I was walking in a forest,when I came by a guy, his name was Derek,he revealed to me he was a vampire."I started."But,your." Stella started.

"He was a pure vampire,anyway he told me he was dying,I know, but he told me to save his home-town,so he gave me some of his blood."I said. "Go on."Marine said.

"It wasn't like what you hear,it was in a vial,anyway,I came across his home-town,they we're in trouble,so without thinking I grabbed the vial and took a home-made electric needle I invented,and well you can figure out the rest."I told them.

"Anyway,it was a slow and painless process,so I had to decide if this was what I wanted,I chose yes,and a few week's later,it was done,I saved his home,and left."I said.

"Well,that was so nice,that's why I love you."Sonia said to me."Later I found out about my powers,it wasn't easy,I kept setting trees on fire,summoning tidal waves, causing tornadoes,causing earthquakes,turning lights out in towns,and, blinding people."I said.

"Then when you found us you discovered your other powers."Sonic said."Yes."I said.

"Well,how strange."Amy added.After school.We were at the beach,when Eggman attacked again,putting everybody to sleep but, me,Sonic,Tikal,and,Marine.

"You never learn,do you?"Sonic asked Eggman."Take this."I said.I transformed,and shot stars out of my hands,then Marine shot water from her hands,next Sonic ran around Eggman,and then Tikal finished him by firing one of her arrows,but I powered it up with my stars."You won't win next time."Eggman said leaving.The others woke up and we explained.

"I'm getting tired of that."Shadow said."Me too."Julie said.

We went home.

episode 9.

We were at the mall.

"Well,this is great,just being able to shop."Silver told us."Agreed."Blaze said.Meanwhile with me and Sonia."So,we agree the date of the wedding is next month."Sonia said.

"Yes."I said.We joined the others." well,my class is having a singing contest."I said."What song are you going to sing?"Mina asked me."A song on a show I watched last night."I said."What?" Flare asked.

"A song called Freak the Freak Out."I said."You know the drill." Sonic told me."I'm so sick of it your attention deficit,never listen,you never listen,I scream your name,it always stays the same,I scream and shout, so want i'm gonna do now,is freak the freak out."I sang.

"Wow,I still can't believe it,a singing vampire."Mina said."Well,I love to sing,even before my transformation."I said."And it shows."Amy told me."Well,let's get to bed." Sonia said.

Then we went home.

Season 4 finale.

I was getting ready for the gang to come to my house for my New Years party, I got the soda,the snacks,and,the music.

"Everything is done."I told myself. Then the gang arrived."Hello,welcome."I said."Thanks."Manic said coming in. Then everyone else came in.

"So,how's everything?"I asked the others."Great." They said.So,it was a normal party.After the party,we were at the mall talking."Well,we've found all 7 Chaos Emeralds."Tails said."Yeah,now we wait."Sonic said.

I looked around the mall and found a store,I never saw before,I went in."Hello,welcome to the Day and Night store,where we sell clothes."Tallie told me.

"Tallie you work here?"I asked her."Yes."She replied.I looked around and found a cool shirt."How much?"I asked her.

"10." She told me.I payed for it and left the store,and went to the food court,and bought a pizza,after I ate it,I joined the others."So,what's up?"I asked them."Nothing."Amy said.

We relaxed and went home.

Season 5

Season 5 episode 1.

We were at the beach talking.

"So,in a couple week's is Valentines Day."Julie said."Yeah,I can't wait."Knuckles told her.Then a green hedgehog walked over to us."Hello,Sonic."It said.

"Hello,Scourge."Sonic said."What are you doing here?"Shadow asked Scourge."Just here."Scourge said.

Then he sat down,we looked at the sky,when we saw a plane fly by."That reminds me of the time I built my first plane."I said.

"Did it work?"Tails asked me."At first no,but I worked harder and it finally worked."I said.Then we walked to the pier."So, anything new?"Rouge asked Scourge.

"No,not really."Scourge said.So,we watched the waves go by."Well,i'm getting bored."Sonic told us.

"Me too."Amy added." We need something exciting."Cream said."Well,maybe something will."Sonia said.

Then we searched the beach and I found a sea-shell."Look."I said."Cool, it's so pretty."Marine said.

"I can hear the ocean."I told the others."Well, it's getting late."Silver said.

Scourge left and we went home.

episode 2.

We were at school talking.

"Well,this is boring."Sonic said."Yeah,we need something to do."Stella said.After school we were hanging out at my house.

"So,what should we do?"Luna asked."Well,I have a book."I said.I grabbed it,I read it and after that we were walking and then Eggman attacked again.

"Well, this is too easy."Sonic said."Not this time."Eggman said.

He attacked using his Egg Walker,Shadow shot a dark mist out of his hands,then Manic struck up a magic beat using his drums,and,then Silver hid us from Eggman's attack finally,Rouge attacked using her love hearts,and Eggman left.

"That was way too easy,he must be planning something big,we need to stay on our guards." Sonic told us."I agree."Blaze said.

We went home.

episode 3.

We were at the Station Square train station waiting for the train.

"Man,this train is taking a long time."Sonic said to us."It takes a while for the train to pick up the others."Amy told him.

Then the train arrived,we got on and headed to the Mystic Ruins for a break,I explored the jungle and found the temple from a few week's ago,I went in and explored it again,at the end of the tunnel I found a secret passage,I followed it,and found myself at a room full of things,I explored,and saw a journal,I read it."To Burst,I hope your doing well,we saved this journal to help you."I read."Be careful,from Solar."I finished.

"Well,that's odd,maybe it says about what my choice is."I told myself.I looked in it and found a page marked,I read it.

"Burst's choice is the way of life,it was destined,you can't argue with destiny,enjoy."I read."Well,that was a bust,but it should help."I told myself.

Then I left the temple and found the others and told them what I found."Strange.but it should reveal more if we examine it."Tails said.

We hopped on the train and went home.

episode 4.

We were at school in my Music class,we we're doing vocal exercises.

"Now, as you all know,the talent show is in 3 days."Our teacher,Halia said."Now, pick a talent and be ready."Halia said.After school."Well,I still haven't picked a talent."I told the others."You should sing,your an amazing singer."Mina told me.

"Ok,i'll do it."I said.I went home to practice."Ok,you need to get over your fear of singing in public."I told myself."I looked around my room,on the book-shelf was my favorite book,The Hedgehog and the Frog,I saw my bed,I saw my mirror,I looked in it.

"Well,I guess it doesn't get any better than this."I told myself.Then Luna and Flare came in.

"Don't you guys ever knock?"I asked them."Yeah right."Luna said."Luna,don't be rude, he's nervous about the future."Flare said.

"What does have to be nervous about?"Luna asked him."Well,his wedding,his choice,and,him singing at the talent show."Flare told her.

"Guys stop it."I said."Sorry."They said."Well, Luna was right about all of it."I said."Well,you love Sonia,you shouldn't be nervous about that."Flare said.

"Your choice to either stay a vampire or not,is far away."Luna said."And,your a great singer,don't be worried about that."Flare told me."Thanks."I said."Our pleasure."They said.

We went to bed.

episode 5.

I was in my room.

"Well,my choice,should I stay a vampire or become mortal, I don't know."I told myself.Then Sonic and the others came in."Hey,Burst, what are you thinking about?"Sonic asked me.

"My choice."I said."Well,whatever you choose i'll still love you."Sonia told me."Thanks."I said.

"Anyway,we came to tell you Tails has invented a new device,that,tell him."Sonic said."Ok,it can detect power spikes,so it can actually help with your transformation. Tails told me.

"Cool,let me see."I said.He gave it to me."Hmm,it's beeping."I said."That means your about to turn into Sun-Burst at any moment."Tails said.

He was right,the next minute I transformed."Well,this is something."I said. "Well,it still has a couple bugs to fix."Tails said."I'll help."I said.

We went to my lab,and started to work on it."How long have you had this room?" Amy asked me."For a long time."I said.We fixed it."Ok,it should work better now."Tails said.It started to beep.

"Ok,it says that your power is growing,if you don't control it better,it will overload and cause massive power spikes." Tails told me."Ok."I said.I transformed back.

"Well,we set our wedding date, it's in 2 week's."Sonia told the others."Wow,good luck."Knuckles said. "Thanks."I said."So,we are getting closer to the battle."Stella said.

"Yeah that's gonna be dangerous."Manic added."Well,it's time for bed."Julie told us."Good night."The others said.

Then they left and we went to bed.

episode 6.

we were at school during lunch.

"Ok,I have 3 minutes to talk before my class." I told the gang.

"Well,good luck."Cream told me.I left for my class."Now,the lesson is,the history of dance."My teacher said.After class,I found the others at the park.

"Hey,how was class?"Sonia asked me."Great,my lesson was great,I found out a lot about the history of dancing."I said."Cool,we're just relaxing until bed-time."Sonic told me.

"Well,I see that the stars are glowing unusually bright tonight."I said.

"Yeah,it's so beautiful."Amy said. We stared at the stars."Well,i'm going to go,see ya later."I said.I left and walked to my house and got my hover-board and decided to ride it,I rode it to the Mystic Ruins,and visited the Master Emerald.

"Oh,Master Emerald,as one of the few remaining children of echidna's left,I need you to show me my future."I told the Master Emerald.

It glowed and I looked in it and saw myself and Sonia,we we're talking suddenly the Master Emerald stopped glowing."Wow, how weird."I told myself.

"Well,well,your part echidna."Knuckles said coming over to me."Yes,I am."I said."And you can use the Master Emerald too, well that's amazing."Knuckles said.

"Well,it's complicated."I told him."Tell me." Knuckles said."Well,my mom was an echidna,and my dad was a hedgehog,they never let me out of my home-town,but I sneaked out and found Derek."I said.

"When I told my parents what happened,they were mad at me,they told me that they hated vampires,and,they kicked me out for it."I said."That's terrible." Amy said."Oh,hi guys,you were listening?"I asked the others.

"Yes,that's terrible what your parents did."Sonia told me."They kicked you out for helping Derek."Sonic said."Well,my mom was against kicking me out,but my dad told her,since I injected the blood into me,it would be too late,and they were worried."I said.

"Where are they now?"Stella asked me."Their in a cave up north called The Eternal Life,where people who were cruel are sent to rest."I said.

"You need to explain what happened."Julie told me."Ok,but the day before our wedding,I want them to see that they were worried for nothing."I said."Deal."They said.

We went home.

episode 7.

Nothing happened until 3 days before my wedding,we we're at the new dance studio.

"Wow,it's so cool,they even have a d.j. table."I said."This place is so cool."Mina said."Look a note."I said.They came over to read it."To whoever finds this place,it's yours,take good care of it."I read.

"Cool."Sally said. "Look it's my favorite song."I said.I put it on and played it."Wow,your a natural."Cream told me."I was in a music camp for a few years."I said.

"Well, drop something hot."Blaze told me.I played a song and did my thing."Well,now that's cool."Amy said."We should run this place and call it Club Pop."I said. "I agree."Sonia said.

So we spent the whole day fixing it."There it's done." Sonic said.We decided to spread the word,we got a ton of applause."Well, things are going well."Knuckles said."The grand opening is tomorrow."Tikal said.

We went back and got the place ready for the next day.So,we went home.

episode 8.

We were at the club 2 days before the wedding.

"Ok,we're open for business."I said.We had a lot of customers,including Charmy,Vector,Espio,Cosmo,Jet,Storm, Big,Shade,and,Bunnie."Hey play something hot."Bunnie told me.

I played something,on the other side of the room,Amy was getting Cosmo and Big some drinks.We had a great time when it was time to close down,Bunnie came over to us.

"Great job,it was amazing."Bunnie said."Thanks."Tikal told her.Then we left and went to the video game store."Wow,this is so cool."Amy said.

"Whatever you want it's on me."I said."How?"Sonic asked me."With my debit card,debit card,debit,debit,debit,debit,Debit card."I said.

"Ok,i'm scared." Cream said."Burst?"Tails asked me."Sorry,I was in my mood,I get like that when I use my debit card."I explained.After shopping."Well,it looks like we have enough stuff."Julie said.

We went home.

episode 9.

It was the day before the wedding we decided to make the trip to the cave of Eternal Life,to see my parents.

"So,how do we get them out?"Tails asked me." This."I said.I placed my hands on the stone by the entrance,suddenly the entrance melted away and my parents came out and they saw me."Burst,is that you?"Mom asked me.

"Yes."I said."Are you still?"Dad asked me.

"Yes,but things are going well."I said.I showed them Sonia."This is Sonia,we're getting married tomorrow."I told them."Well,I see she's blind for loving a vampire." Dad told me.

"Hey,I don't mind,I love your son."Sonia told them."So what,he's worthless."Dad said.

"That's it."I said.I transformed into Sun-Burst."Burst, what's going on?"Mom asked me."I'm a Guardian."I said."So,my Burst is one of the legendary Guardians."Mom said.

"How is this possible?"Dad asked me."I've always been a Guardian,I just didn't let you know,I chose to be a vampire to save Derek's home."I said."I still don't care."Dad said.

"That's enough,guys help me."Amy said.The others unleashed their powers."You all are?"Dad asked."Yes,they accepted me when you didn't."I said."He found me and Flare."Luna said.

"Yes,my brother is the best person in the world."Flare told dad."Brother?"Mom asked."We adopted him."Luna said."So?"Dad asked.

"I can't take it anymore,what do I have to do to convince you?"I asked.Suddenly my powers got out of control."Tails.what's happening?"Sonic asked Tails.

"Burst's vampire powers are mixing with his system causing intense anger and sadness, he won't stop until he collapses."Tails said.

To be continued.

Season 5 finale.

Last time we saw my parents,I got angry and my powers started to go out of control,can the others help me?,find out now.

"We need to help."Sonia said. Suddenly a light came out of Sonia,Mina,Julie,Sally,and,Maria."I'm here to help."Sonia said.

Suddenly a rainbow shot out of her hands,then Mina sang a high pitched song,then Julie tossed a boulder at me,then Maria stomped her feet,the earth started to shake,then Sally pulled out a gun.

"Don't shoot, you'll hurt him."Marine told her."Don't worry,this will only stun him."Sally told her.She fired the gun,but I blocked it."It didn't work."Sonia told her.

"If this keeps up,he'll destroy the world,which he almost accomplished last time."Gina said appearing."Gina,how do we stop him?"Sonic asked her.

"The only way is to seal him in the cave."Gina said."No,isn't there another way?"Sonia asked.

"Yes,there is a way,you must give up your powers for now to calm him you won't have your powers for 3 days."Moona said."Moona?"Amy said."I sensed a danger,I came at once."Moona told them."What if Eggman attacks us?"Tikal asked.

"What's more important,your powers,or saving Burst's life?"Moona asked them."Deal."They said.Then a light came from them."Their gone."Amy said.

"Don't worry,Sonia,Mina,Julie,Sally,and,Maria can help you,their powers finally kicked in."Moona said.

"Wait,we're Guardians?"Julie asked."Yes,the ghosts of the other Guardians decided that it was time."Moona said."You mean they kept our powers until they thought we we're ready?"Sonia asked.

"Yes." Moona told her.

Then a light came out of me,I fell to the ground."Thank you." I said."Now,your vampire powers are still there,but they are calm,they shouldn't cause any more problems."Moona told me.

"Am I still a Guardian?"I asked Moona."Yes."She said.

"Now,there's only one more problem,my parents."I said."What we just saw,convinces me,your a monster,just what I thought when you told me what you did 100 years ago."Dad said.

"You know what?"I said walking toward him."Calm down Burst."Gina told me."I can't."I said."You must or you'll lose control again."Moona told me.

"Fine,but this isn't over."I said."Dear he's changed,he has a fiancee,and,friends,we have to accept him." Mom said."I can't."Dad said.

"Well,you must or he's going to seal us in the cave again."Mom told dad."He only sealed us in there because you wouldn't accept the fact he tryed to save someone,even if he was a vampire."Mom said." I'll try."Dad said."Thank you."I said.I hugged them.

"Tomorrow is our wedding."I told them."We'll be there."Mom said.

We went home,still shocked about what happened.

Season 6

Season 6 episode 1.

I was getting ready for the wedding,I was in my room with Flare,Sonic,Silver, Knuckles,and,Manic.

"I'm nervous."I told them."Don't be just because you went crazy last night,that doesn't mean she doesn't love you."Sonic told me." Still,I don't know."I said.

Then dad came in."Hello,are you ok?"He asked me. "Yes,I just can't believe this."I said."Well,if you weren't ready,why did you ask Sonia to marry you?"Silver asked me."I don't know,I just love her too much."I said.

"If it's bothering you so bad,I can help."Silver told me." How?"I asked.

"I can show you the future."Silver told me."Ok."I said.He waved his hands and a portal appeared.

"This is the future."Silver said.I looked into it."I can see,me and Sonia we're going great,but we have 2 children."I said."Really,what else?"Manic asked me.

"I see me older,but i'm having a problem with my powers,somethings never change."I said.

"And?"Silver asked me. "I can see me and no way,i'm the owner of a company."I said."See,your going to do the right thing."Knuckles told me."Yes I can,i'm ready."I told them.

The wedding started,I made my way to the center of the room,followed by Sonia,we said I Do,and we kissed,in that moment we were officially married.

We celebrated and after that we went to bed for school.

episode 2.

We were at school.

"Well,we still have 2 days until we get our powers back." Sonic told the others."Yeah,but I don't know,what if I lose control again, you guys might not be able to stop me."I said.

"You have me,Sally,Mina,Maria, and,Julie."Sonia told me.

"Still,I just can't take it."I said."Oh no,he's going to lose control again."Amy said."We need to stop him."Mina said.But they were too late,I lost control again.

"Guys,help."I told the others."Let's go."Sonia told the others.

Then Sonia shot a rainbow from her hands,then Maria stomped her feet causing the ground to shake,finally Sally shot me with her stun-gun,I regained control.

"I'm sorry,this why I can't take it."I said."But."Sonia said."No,I just can't."I said.I ran away on my hover-board. I flew in all the way to the tower,I sat down.

"What's happening to me?"I asked myself.

"I don't know what's happening,I never had this much trouble before?"I asked myself.

Then a white mist appeared,it vanished and a red hedgehog appeared,I recognized him."Derek?"I asked."Yes,Burst it's me,your problem brought me here."Derek said.

"Why are you here?"I asked him.Before he could answer Sonic and the others came over to me."Burst,what are you doing?" Sonic started then he turned and looked at Derek.

"Who is this?"He asked me."Derek."I said."You mean the guy who gave you his vampire blood?"Sonia asked me."Yes,I am,i'm here to help him."Derek said.

"How?"I asked him."By staying with you from now on."Derek said."How?"Amy asked him.

"I chanted a sacred spell,before I gave Burst some of my blood,there is a ritual where if a vampire gives his blood to a person who's pure of heart,it sets off a chain reaction that causes the 2 to share the same life,your life before you injected yourself was transferred to me."Derek said.

"But,I."I started."You weren't sure what to do,you only wanted to save my home,but in the process you lost your life."Derek said.

"Yeah,but my parents kicked me out,because of it."I told him."You knew there would be some problems."Derek told me."True." I said.

"Enough,you will lose control again if you don't calm down."Amy told me."I can't I just can't."I said.I transformed and started to lose control.

"He's doing it again."Mina said."I knew this would happen if I gave him some of my blood."Derek said."Why did you?"Sonia asked me.

"He needed it,he wasn't comfortable with himself,looking back,it probably wasn't a good idea."Derek told them."Well,we need to do something."Julie said.

To be continued.

episode 3.

I ran away after my powers went out of control again,I ran to the time- traveling tower,where I met Derek again,after talking,my powers went out of control causing a full-on battle between me and the gang,Am I going to survive this time,find out now.

"I love you."Sonia told me walking toward me. "Sonia,I love you too."I said.Then Derek stepped in front of Sonia."Burst,you can control this,open your eyes."Derek said to me.

Then I shot fire out of my hands."We can't wait,restore our powers."Amy said.

Suddenly a light circled the others."Their back."Amy said.Then Marine shot water out of her hands, Blaze shot fire out of her hands,then Knuckles tossed a boulder at me,then Sonia shot a rainbow from her hands,then Maria stomped her feet the earth started to shake,finally Sonic ran around me,I fell onto the ground,I got up. "I lost control again?"I asked the others."Yes,big time."Derek told me."So, I still can't control it,big deal I"I started.Silver ran over to me.

"Don't tell what you saw."Silver told me."Why?"I asked him."Because it could change the future."Silver told me."Fine."I said."Anyway,it's time to go."Amy told the others.

So they went home,but me,Sonia,and,Derek stayed behind.

"Will,he ever be able to control his powers."Sonia asked Derek."I don't know."Derek said."Don't worry,i've been working on a new device that can help me control my powers."I told them.

"Thank goodness."Sonia said."By the way,is there any reason why you guys told each other,I love you?"Derek asked me."Well,we're married."I said.

"Wow,you were such a geek when I met you."Derek told me." Watch it."I told him."Sorry."He said.

Then we left.

episode 4.

"I'm so excited."I told the others.

"What about?"Derek asked me."The Moon-light dance is coming soon."I said."Well,I see why your excited,but what's with Sun-Burst?"Sonia asked me.

"Sorry,i'm almost done with the device, it should be done soon."I told the others."There's no guarantee it will work."Tails told me.

"Still,I have to try."I told him."Listen to Tails,instead of helping you,it could make it worse."Amy told me."I just have to try."I told them."Ok,we don't want you to lose control."Sonic told me.

"Anyway,I have to go,I have class."I told the others.I left,before I left,I left a hidden microphone under the table,I stopped at the corner and pulled out my camera.

"Man,Burst is in denial about his powers."Sonic said.

"But,can you blame him?"Sonia asked Sonic."He's losing control more and more each day."Amy said."Well,if his device works,we won't have to worry about that." Tails said.

"Let's get going already."Shadow said.

They got up to leave,I activated the spy mode of the microphone,it followed them."Well,Burst does have a lot going on,his classes,his powers,his whole life or whatever vampires have."Mina said."Well,he made that choice."Knuckles said.

"He just wanted to help Derek,by the way where did Derek go?"Cream asked the others." I don't know,he was here a minute ago."Tikal said."You spying on them?"Derek asked me.

"Yes,I need to know,you see the day I married Sonia,Silver showed me the future,I just want her to be happy."I told him."Still it's not right, I mean she trusts you."Derek told me.

"Well,your right."I told him."Wait, their saying something."Derek told me."What was that about spying?"I asked Derek.

"Shh."He told me."I'm creeped out that Derek was the one who gave Burst his blood."Knuckles told the others."You shouldn't be."Julie told him.

"Well,I still can't believe you showed Burst the future."Sonia told Silver. "He was nervous,I had to do something."Silver said.

"Well,I think it's sweet you 2 are doing well in the future."Amy told her."Thanks."Sonia said.

They left,I called back my microphone,and we went home.

episode 5.

I was home working on the device.

"Well it's almost done just one more crank." I told myself.When I finished."There it's done."I told myself.I left to show the others,I found them."Hey,I finished it."I said showing them the device.

" Well,try it."Tails told me.I pressed the button,instead of it working,a portal opened,and a fox came out of it."Hello,everyone."It said."Who are you?"Cream asked it."Your just as scared as when I was younger."It told her.

"Hey,Burst what are you doing here?"A girl said as she came out of the portal."Sorry honey."It told her."Wait,your Burst,but he's right here."Amy told the girl.

"That means that your me from the future."I told the guy. "Well,yeah I am."He said."I get it,my device brought you here."I told my future self.

"That means your me from the future."Sonia told her future self. "Well,not to make things weirder,but Burst's device brought us all from the future."My older self said.

"Do you think that Hannah and Blake were sent here too?"My future self asked Sonia's future self."Maybe."She said."Whose Hannah and Blake?"Amy asked them.

"Well,my kids."My future self said."First, while you guys are here you need different names,so we don't confuse you 2 with our Burst and Sonia."Tails told them."Well,then Tidal for me."My future self said."For me,Star."Sonia's future self said.

"Well,I have a question, what is my choice?"I asked Tidal."Well you chose."He started."Burst,you almost told him."A white hedgehog said.

"Oh,Silver your no fun."Tidal said. "I know your a millionaire and everything,but he needs to make the choice on his own."Silver told Tidal.

"Oh,lighten up."A cat said."Blaze dear,this is important."Silver told the cat.

"You know what will happen."Silver told her. "Man,you can be so naive sometimes."Blaze said.

"Hello,guys as I was saying, Burst you chose,Silver's right,you need to chose on your own."Tidal said. "Well,if we're here than Sonic,Amy,Manic,Stella and the others must be here." Blaze said.

"Well,that's possible,I mean if the time flux indirectly melted by a super anti-gravitational polarity brought on by my device that means that according to the laws of physics,the time-space continuum would collapse into a 2nd multi-verse,the quadruple accelerator would fall into a none reality bio-sphere of titanium mulch-dialectic worlds."Tidal said.

"Ok,dear we can't all be geniuses,so put that into simple words."Star said."Fine,it means that if we don't return by the battle,then the world will cease to exist."He said.

"Oh,thank you,cyber-geek."Silver told Tidal."Now you know how I feel about that,your lucky I learned to control my powers more,but I don't need vampire powers to kick your butt."Tidal told him.

"Ok."Silver said."Wow,i'm tougher in the future."I told the others."Wait he said vampire powers which means you chose to stay a vampire."Rouge told me.

"Good job."A blue hedgehog said to Tidal."Oh hi Sonic."Tidal told it."I see your past self created a device that brought us here."Sonic told Tidal.

"Well,I was curious to see if it would work."Tidal said."Well,your lucky Ames is waiting for me."Sonic told Tidal."Hey Sonikku."An older Amy came running over to us.

"Ames I thought you got over that when we got married."Sonic told her.

To be continued.

episode 6.

I finished my device and accidentally brought all of us from the future,how could things get weirder,find out now.Sonic stared shocked.

"Wait married?"He asked."Yes,Sonikku here asked me after the battle,during his starring role." Older Amy said.

"That was a long time ago,the others probably forgot."Sonic told her."No we haven't."Tidal said."Thanks."Sonic replied.

"Well,you deserve it,you shouldn't have played that prank on me and Silver."Blaze said."Hey,it was funny."Sonic said.

"True how I fell,and Silver landed in that pie was so funny."Blaze said."Well,when I fell into that trap full of water,my device short-circuited causing my powers to wreak havoc."Tidal told Sonic.

"Hey you should have known it was there,you set it up."Sonic told him."You also know without my multipurpose watch I can't help that,besides I don't think you thought it was funny when Rouge started to whack you in the head."Tidal told him.

"How could I forget,it took half of the city to break the fight up."Sonic told him."Well,you deserved that."An older Rouge said coming over to us."Hey, it was just a joke.Sonic told her.

"I still don't think the king of Mobious would pull any pranks."Rouge told him.

"Umm,hello,we're still here."I said. "Sorry."Sonic said."Man things are so weird."Cream said."Not that,but umm,I kinda have a problem here."I said.

"I'll say,in about 3 seconds Eggman will attack."Tidal told us.

Just like he said,Eggman attacked."Ok,you guys are not going to beat me this time."Eggman told us.I transformed."Um,Burst."Sonia said.

Don't worry,I have it under control."I said."Oh yeah that's when I learned to use my uncontrollable powers to beat him."Tidal told the others.

I shot stars out of my hands,that's all it took to defeat him."Just you wait."Eggman said as he left."It's weird I thought the most powerful person on Mobious would be elected king."Rouge said.

"I gave it up after 3 months,so I could work on my inventions."Tidal said."Umm I invented something just in case this happened."I told them."Well,I see I was such a great inventor back then, then."Tidal said."Well,here it is."I said.I pulled it out.

"Ah yes the time- flux generator."Tidal said."Yeah here we go."I said.I pulled a lever on it,a portal opened and the future versions of us walked through it and vanished.

"Well,that was weird."I said."You know what's weirder,your dreaming this right now."Sonia told me."No i'm not."I said.

"You don't find it weird that Sonic is dressed as a burger dancing with Amy dressed as mayo."Sonia told me. I looked it was true,I woke up."Wow,how weird."I told myself.I went back to sleep.

episode 7.

We were at school when a familiar fox came over to us.

"Fiona?"I asked it." "Burst,how's my favorite fox?"Fiona asked me."Great,it's been too long." I said."You 2 know each other?"Sonia and Sonic asked together.

"Yeah we dated for a while."Fiona said."For 3 months."I added."Why did you stop?"Sonia asked me.

"Well,my powers were just coming in,Fiona was a little nervous,I just decided to leave without a word."I said.

"Yeah,but I realized his secret,so I didn't bother going after him."Fiona said."Which powers,vampire of Guardian?" Amy asked.

"Actually I didn't know he was a vampire,how long have you been a vampire?"Fiona asked me."For over 80 years."I said."Really."Fiona said.

"That reminds me I had a dream last night."I told the others.I told them the dream.

"Wait,at the end Sonic was a burger dancing with Amy dressed as mayo?" Knuckles asked me."Yes."I said.

Then Knuckles,and Rouge fell on the floor laughing.

"It's not funny,guys how is it,oh who am I kidding it is."Stella said."Ha ha,very funny."Sonic said.

"Burst,what that dream tells me is,you shouldn't have eaten 10 burgers last night."Blaze told me.

"Oh,maybe."I said."Well,that part of you being a genius and having 2 kids named Hannah and Blake is true."Silver told me."Really?"I asked him.

"Yes."He said."The dream also said I chose to keep my vampire powers."I said."Well,maybe your heart projected itself into the dream."Mina told me.

"You mean I want to stay a vampire?"I asked her."Only your heart will tell you the answer."Mina said."Hey I know what that means, I didn't spend 20 years taking classes to not know what that means."I told her.

"Sorry."She said."It's ok."I told her.

"Well,now things are calming down." Fiona said."What classes?"Amy asked me."Tech and Writing,I took them in my 2 college classes."I told her."How old are you?"Tails asked me."103 years old."I told them."Wow."Fiona said.

"Well,see ya."Fiona said as she left.

episode 8.

We were at my house.

"So,do you have a date for the Moon-light dance?"Amy asked me."Yeah i'm going with Sonia."I said."Big surprise."Amy said.

"Well,I asked her a couple years ago."I said.Then a flashback started."It was a couple years ago,me and Sonia were relaxing on the beach.

"So,Sonia do you want to go to the Moon-light dance with me?"I asked Sonia."I thought for a minute,I was still nervous,because the day before I kissed him,I finally said yes."Sonia told the others.

"The kiss was unexpected,I even surprised myself." Sonia added.The flashback came to an end."So,you kissed him,without knowing if you loved him."Sally asked Sonia.

"Well,yeah,I just found him so cute I couldn't resist."She said."Whoa,too much info."Sonic said."Anyway my glasses were lost in a fight just after that."I said.

"Who did you get into a fight with?"Manic asked me.

"It wasn't someone,it was something,my powers to be exact."I said."Oh,so your powers were just developing?"Amy asked."Yeah,anyway, the dance is in 2 days."I said.

"Hey,Bunnie."Mina said."Hi."Bunnie told her. "why are you staring into space."Espio asked me."Huh,I wasn't listening."I told him.

"What happened?"Julie asked me."Nothing."I said."Well."Sonic said.

Then the others left.

episode 9.

We were at school.

"Um,Burst,your staring into space again."Sonic told me. "Sorry."I said."You've been doing that for 3 days."Sonia told me."Well,I can see the future."I told her.

"Another vampire power?"Tails asked me."No,I can only see 30 minutes into the future."I told him."What did you see?"Amy asked me.

"I can't say,it's too embarrassing."I told them."Tell us."Sonia said.I told them."Wow,that is embarrassing."Tikal told me.

"Yeah,I never knew you had to inject yourself with blood everyday to stay alive."Sonia told me."It's not actual blood,it's synthetic,I make it with non-toxic chemicals."I told them.

"Ok,but where do you?"Rouge asked me."In my arm."I told her."Can we watch?" Tails asked me."You think i'm a freak."I said mad."Oh,no he's losing control again."Sonia told the others.I transformed.

"You guys are dead."I told them.

"We need to save him."Tikal told the others.Cream turned Cheese into a gun and fired,then Stella opened a portal and Knuckles pushed me through,I was calm.

"Thanks."I said."So,about your question,yes you can watch."I told them.

30 minutes later,we were at my house."Ok,here it is."I told them.I showed them the needle,I injected the blood."Well,it's done."I told them.Then Tails spotted my device.

"Hey is this your device you were working on?"Tails asked me."Yeah it's done."I told him."Show us."Luna told me.I pressed a button."Ok,get me mad."I told the others.

"We can't."Sonia told me."Just do it."I told them."Hey your mad and you didn't transform."Shadow told me." Precisely,as long as I wear this ring on my wrist,I won't."I told them.

"But when you take it off you'll transform when you get mad?"Marine asked me.

"Yes, i'll be right back."I told them.I left got on my new clothes and came back." Wow,that's amazing."Julie said."Yeah I got them last week."I told them.

"I thought i'd try a different style."I said."It's so cool."Amy told me.

They left and I went to bed.

Season 6 finale.

We were at school.

"Well,tonight's the dance."I told the others."Yeah,it's gonna be fun."Sonic said."Well,we better get ready."Amy said.After school,we went home to get ready for the dance.

"Ok,I have 3 outfits,which one?"I asked Luna,Flare,Mom,and,Dad."I like that one."Flare said pointing at the first one."I like that one."Luna told me pointing at the 2nd one.

"We like that one."Mom said pointing at the 3rd one."Well,I can't go wrong either way."I said.I chose one at random and put it on.

"Well,let's go over the check-list and make sure you have everything."Dad said."Needle of synthetic blood just in case."Luna said.

"Check."I said."Back-up device to make sure your powers don't go out of control."Flare said."Check."I said."Ok,final item on the list,video camera to record it."Mom said.

"Check."I said."Ok,your ready."Dad told me.

I left to pick up Sonia in my car,yes I have a car,don't ask how I got it,when I got to Sonia's house,and knocked on her door."Are you ready?" I asked Sonia.

"Yes."She said.We left and got to the dance,everyone was already inside.

"Hey,great you could come."Sonic told us."Hey,this is going to be fun."Sonia said.We went to the dance-floor and danced for a couple hours, we sat down.

"Well,this is nice."I told Sonia."Yeah,I can't believe it's almost over."She said."It doesn't have to."I told her.I took her by the hand and danced with her until it was time to go.

"Well,have a good night."I told Sonia."You too."She said.

We kissed and I went home.

Season 7

Season 7 episode 1.

We were at school when Cream came running over to us.

"Hey,guys did you hear, there's a play that we get to do."Cream told us."Really,cool."I said."I don't know,a play just isn't my style."Sonic told us.

"Come on it'll be fun." Amy told him."Yeah don't be that way."Tikal said."Fine."He said.

"So,what's the play going to be about?"Stella asked."Well,I have a couple ideas."Cream told us.We listened to her ideas."Well,I like that last one."I said.

"Me too." Sonia said."Well,i'm for it."Rouge told us."Any objections?"Tails asked us. We talked."No."We said.

"Ok,rehearsals start tomorrow."Cream said."Well,the play is just the thing we need to relax."Knuckles told us."Right,I just hope Eggman doesn't attack us that night."Tails said.

"Yeah,that would be terrible."Shadow told us.Later that night."Ok,now I have some time to relax before I have to go to the beach for my date with Sonia."I told mom and dad.

"Well,i'm still not used to this right now,but I guess it's better than being in that cave."Dad told me."Well,relax,things are going fine."Mom told him.I relaxed for a little and then I left to meet Sonia at the beach.

When I arrived I put my hover-board up and walked toward Sonia."Hey,I brought the picnic."She told me."Great,it looks perfect."I told her.

We ate the food and watched the stars and then we went home.

episode 2.

We were at my house going over the plan for the play.

"Well,We still need to chose who's going to be in the play."Cream said.We talked and after that we came to a agreement."Ok,that's done,now to relax."I said.We relaxed for a while.

"So,I hear your working on a new machine?"Tails asked me."Yeah,it's gonna be a new way to understand binary code."I told him."Super-nerd." Shadow said under his breath.

"You don't think I heard that?"I asked him." Well,it's just that we don't understand what your saying half the time,except for Tails and Marine."Shadow told me.

"Do you want me to take this ring off?" I asked him."No,keep it on."He said."Good."I said."Anyway,I can't wait to see it."Tails said.

"Well,there's still some tinkering to do."I told him."Well, does it ever bother you that Burst is a genius?"Marine asked Sonia."No,not at all."Sonia replied.

"That's good to hear."Amy told her."Well,tomorrow's the talent show."Sonic told us.

"Yeah I can't wait."I said."Well,let's get home to get ready for tomorrow."Rouge said."Later."The others said as they left,and I went to bed.In my dream I was at the beach relaxing when a light came at me.

"Burst,your time is almost here,be ready.The light told me."Who are you?" I asked it.

"Now's not the time,i'll be here watching you,be careful."The light told me.

Then I woke up.I thought about my dream,but I erased it from my mind and went back to bed.

episode 3.

We were at class.

"Now,as you can see that the diamond is a precious jewel once treasured for it's beauty,now it's used for many things."Our teacher Tallie was telling us."Well,Tallie according to this book the diamond is used to power things like radios and some machines."I said.

"Yes,that's a good point."Tallie told me.After class I was walking in the hall toward my locker,I opened it and found a note."Hey,Burst what's that?"Sonic asked me.

"A note."I told him."Read it."He said."Meet me at in the garden after school, signed Sonia."I read."Well,this outta be fun."Sonic told me."Yeah,well bye.

"I told him.I walked to my next class.After school I walked to the garden." Hey."Sonia said seeing me.

"Hey,what did you want to see me about?"I asked her."The talent show,I was wondering if you could help me pick a talent."She told me."Ok."I said.

We talked."Ok,there you go."I told her."Thanks."She said. I left.Later that night at the talent show after everybody else was done,it was my turn to perform.I walked on stage."Hello,i'm going to be singing Freak the Freak Out."I told the audience.I started to sing

."Are you listening hear me talk,hear me sing,open up the door,easy less easy more,when you tell me,to be where,are you here,are you there is it something I should know, easy come easy go,nodding your head,don't hear a word I said,I can't communicate when you wait,don't relate,I try to talk to you,but you never even knew so what's it gonna be,tell me can you hear me,i'm so sick of it your attention deficit,never listen,you never listen,i'm so sick of it don't throw another fit,never listen you never listen I scream your name,it always stays the same I scream and shout,so what i'm gonna do now is Freak the Freak Out,ohhh ohhh,ohhh ohhhh,patience running thin,come again,tell me what I get opposite,opposite,show me what is real,if it breaks does it heal, open up your ears,why is it that i'm here,keep me in the dark,are you even thinking of me,is somebody above me,gotta know,gotta know,what i'm I gonna do,cause I can't get through to you,so what's it gonna be,tell me can you hear me,im so sick of it your attention deficit,never listen,you never listen,i'm so sick of it don't throw another fit,never listen,you never listen,I scream your name,it always stays the same,I scream and shout so,what i'm gonna do now is Freak the Freak Out,woahhh ohhhh,woahhh ohhhh,woahhh ohhhh,woahhhh woahhhh,woahhhh woahhhh,woahhh ohhh,I scream your name,it always stays the same,I scream and shout,so what i'm gonna do now,is Freak the Freak Out,woahhh woahhhh,woahhh woahhhh,woahhh ohhh,woahhh woahhh, woahhh woahhh,woahhh ohhhh,I scream you name,but you never listen,but you never listen,but you never listen."I sang out loud.

After the song everybody cheered,I took a bow and walked back-stage."That was amazing,have you been holding back?"Mina asked me.

"Well,maybe."I said.Later after everybody went home,we stayed behind and talked."So,any plans?"I asked the others.

"Well,i'm going home."Sonic said."Me too."Amy said."See ya."The others said.They left. "Well,we need some sleep."I said."Come over to my house."Sonia told me."Ok." I said.We walked to Sonia's house and we went to bed.

episode 4.

I was at school,I was hearing people talk,I walked past some people.

"There he is."A girl said."I heard that."Another girl said.Then the gang walked up to me."What's going on."I asked them."Your the center of a rumor."Amy told me."What rumor?"I asked her.She told me the rumor."So?"I asked.

"It's a pretty bad thing."Rouge told me."What's so bad,we're married."I asked."That's what i'm saying."Stella said."But,everybody knows your a,well you know."Blaze said.

"A vampire,that doesn't get old,i've been teased about this for too long."I said.

"You know things can't get better,without you trying to make it better."Tikal told me."Yeah."I said.I walked away.Things didn't get any better,I found Sonia.

"Hey,um we need to talk."Sonia told me."What about?"I asked her."Maybe I shouldn't have told you to go to my house last night." Sonia told me.

"No,it's okay,you weren't thinking."I told her."Yeah, people need to get used to this."Sonia said."Agreed."I said.We walked toward class together.

"That's her,the girl loves that vampire."A girl said."Doesn't she have any class?"The other girl asked her.

After school."Guys I just finished a new invention,it hides my appearence and turns me into someone else."I told the others.

"Well,are you sure about this?"Julie asked me."Just untill things calm down."I said.I flipped the switch,after a minute,I was somebody else.

"Well,what do you think?"I asked them."Impressive."Tails told me."I can't even reconize you."Sonic told me."Thanks."I said.Then mom and dad walked in.

"Well,I see your invention worked."Mom said."Well,I think you shouldn't hide from this."Dad told me."I just don't want people to make fun of Sonia because of me."I said.

"Ok,but you need a new name."Silver told me. "Ok,then i'll be Mark."I said."Ok."Sonia said."Well,it's time for us to go." Sonic said."Bye."I said.

They left,and,a knock came from the door,I opened it, in came my old friend,Moonwatcher."Hey,Burst."Moonwatcher told me."Hey,it's been a long time."I said."You know him?"Flare asked me.

"Yeah we met a long time ago,we were going in different directions,we talked and traveled for a while but he had to go,so we said goodbye."I said."Yeah,even though he was a vampire,I didn't mind."Moonwatcher said."Well,it was great to see you again." I told Moonwatcher."Yeah,bye for now."Moonwatcher said.

Then he left and I went to bed.

episode 5.

We were at school.

"Well,so far no-one knows who I am."I told Sonia."Yeah,this could take a while for everything to calm down."Well,we need someone to talk to everyone and straight this all out."Cream told us."Who?"I asked.

"Someone, who is popular,someone who everybody knows tells the truth,and Someone who is calm enough to straighten this out."Tails said.

"Who?"Tikal asked."I say Amy." Sonic said."Ok,i'll do it."Amy said.Amy walked away.Later after school." Everyone,I have something to say."Amy told everybody.

"We know that people are talking about Sonia and Burst,but you need to stop,their married,yes I know that's weird considering Burst is a,well you now,a vampire,but he's a good guy."Amy said."No he's not,he's evil."A guy said."No he's not he's a Guardian just like us."Sonic said.

"We're not going to accept him until he proves he's a good guy."The same guy said."Yeah."The others said."Well,if you guys need convincing,fine."I said."Who's that?"A girl asked."That's our new student,Mark."A guy said."No,i'm not."I said.

I changed back."It's Burst." The girl said."I'm here to tell you i'm not evil."I said."Prove it."A guy said.Just then Eggman attacked."Hello,Burst,prepare to perish."Eggman told me.I took the ring off my arm and transformed.

"You have a lot of nerve, coming after me like this."I told him.I attacked him by shooting stars at him,then I rocketed at him at high speed and shot right through him,finally I grabbed a huge boulder and threw it at him.

"I'll get you next time."Eggman said leaving.I put the ring back on my arm."Whoa hardcore."A guy said."Now any more questions?"I asked them."No."They said."Good."I said.

"Sorry."The others said."Thanks."I said.They left."Well,I don't need this anymore."I told the others."Well,see you tomorrow."Sonic said.The gang left leaving me and Sonia."So,you ready?"Sonia asked me."Yes."I said.

We went to Sonia's house and went to bed.

episode 6.

It was the weekend,me and Sonia were still asleep when a knock came from Sonia's door,I got up and opened it.

"Hey Burst."Sonic said coming in."Hey, guys."Sonia said waking up."How did you guys know we were here?"I asked the others."Derek told us."Amy said.

"Derek."I said."Yes?"Derek asked me."Why did you tell everyone we were here?"I asked him."Hey,we wanted to know if you guys were going to join us for a party in the park?"Derek asked."No thanks." Sonia told him.

"Ok."Derek said.They left."Well,that was too early."Sonia said."Yeah,where were we?"I asked her."I remember."She said.We got back into bed.We stayed there all day.

"So,what now?"Sonia asked."You know."I said.We were there for a while,before we got up and left,we found the others."Did you guys have fun?"Blaze asked us."What can we say?"Sonia told them.

Then Silver grabbed me and pulled me over to talk."If you keep this up,you know what will happen."Silver told me."I know,but what's the worst that could happen?"I asked him."One of them will be half-vampire."Silver told me.

"Right,well,we love each other and we'll deal with the consequences."I told him."Ok,have it your way."He said.We rejoined the others."So,what's up?"I asked the others.

"Nothing."They said."Anyway,the next rehearsals are tomorrow after school." Sally told us."Well,see ya."Sonic said.

They left and me and Sonia went home.

episode 7.

We were at school.

"So,the play is tomorrow."I said."Yeah,I can't wait."Amy said."All the parts have been assigned,the sets are done,and the lines have been memorized."Tikal said.

"Ok,now to relax."Mina said.We relaxed for a while,then we walked to the beach."Well,the stars are shining bright tonight, and the moon is full,it's so beautiful."Amy said.Just then I was shaking.

Burst,what's wrong?"Sonia asked me."Watch it."Sonic said.The others ran,and a light circled me."What's happening?"Sonia asked Tails.

"I don't know,maybe it has something to do with the stars and the moon."Tails told her.He was right,the moment the light vanished,I stepped out of it."Burst?"Sally asked me."Yes,what's happening to me?"I asked.

"Here's something."Sonic said pulling a book out of Hammer-Space.I grabbed the book and opened it."It's says here, as the only vampire Guardian in a 100 years,my powers are settling in,causing me to take on a whole new form."I said.I looked at myself,I was silver, flying,and,had a white mist coming from my hands.

"It looks like a hyper-mode odd only Sonic,and,Knuckles have been known to have a hyper form."Tails told me."Hyper mode,how?"I asked.I looked at the book again."It says my clan is synched with the stars and moon,that's what caused this."I said.

"Well,this might complicate your relationship."Maria told me."Why would it?"Sonia asked. "Yeah it's not like this is a problem."I told them."We'll see."Shadow told me.

They left,I transformed back and me and Sonia went home together.

episode 8.The Play.

We were back-stage before the play getting into our costumes.

"Ok,everybody ready?"Luna asked."Yes."We said.Everybody took their seats.

"Hello,welcome to the school's production of a Knight's Love,starring Burst as Sir David, Sonia as Princess Sasha,Sonic as Bradley Sir David's brother,Amy as Princess Tina,Shadow as the evil villain Darku,Rouge as Morgana,Knuckles as King Arnold,Julie as Queen Alena,Tails as the blacksmith,Silver as Marcus, Blaze as Jessica,Cream as Princess Cynthia,Marine as Jennifer,David and Bradley's sister,Tikal as Vanessa,Mina as the shopkeeper Rose,Manic as the thief Wyatt,Stella as the queen thief Miranda,Maria as the innkeeper Celesta, Luna and Flare as the guards,Henry and Siena,Derek as Darku's minion,and,me: Sally as the narrator."Sally said.

"We begin with 3 princesses,Sasha,Tina,and, Cynthia in their castle talking to their parents the king and queen of their land.

"Now,you 3 know you can't leave the castle,there are too many crooks out there."King Arnold said."Yes,we don't want to see you hurt."Queen Alena said.

"Fine."Tina said.The 3 princesses left."Why do they have to treat us like kids?"Sasha asked Tina."They just want to protect us."Tina told her."Please don't upset them."Cynthia said.

"Ok."Sasha told her little sister.But that night Sasha would do something that would change her life forever,in the middle of the night,Sasha put on her usual disguise."Sasha please,if you get caught,you'll be in big trouble with dad."Tina told Sasha.

"Nothing will happen."Sasha reassured her sister."Ok,but be back soon."Tina told her.With the help of her sisters and the guards,Sasha was able to sneak out,she looked around,she was never able to leave the castle,she was shocked by what she saw,suddenly a cry for help came from out of the quiet night.

"Help,thief's are running around the kingdom."The blacksmith said.Then one of the thief's ran toward Sasha."Well,well,look at what we have here."A thief said."Who are you?"Sasha asked him.

"I'm Wyatt,head of the thief's,i'm sure Miranda our queen will be glad I found her something to take with us."Wyatt said.Just then Miranda appeared.

"Wyatt,what have you found for me?"Miranda asked Wyatt." Her."Wyatt said pointing at Sasha."Good job."Miranda said.Just then a guy came along.

"Stay back."He said."What are you going to do about it?"Miranda asked him.Just then the guy pulled out a sword."You won't get her with me around."He told her.

"Wyatt take care of him."Miranda told Wyatt."Yes."Wyatt told her.The brave guy quickly defeated Wyatt and then he took care of Miranda,defeated they left never to return."Thank you."Sasha told the guy." I'm David."The guy said."I'm Sasha."Sasha told him.

"Wait,Sasha as in the princess."David asked her."Yes."Sasha told him."What are you doing away from the castle?"David asked Sasha."I've always been curious about life outside the castle."Sasha said

."Well,it's getting dark,i'll take you to my place for the night."David said."Ok."Sasha said.David took Sasha to his house."David, whose that?"A blue hedgehog asked him.

"Hello,Bradley,this is Princess Sasha." David told him."Big brother,why did you bring her here?"A girl asked David." Because Jennifer,she was attacked by Wyatt and Miranda."David told his sister.Sasha looked around their house."It's so sad you 3 live like this." Sasha told them.

"Well,our parents died 3 months ago,we have to live here until we get more money."Bradley told her."Don't worry,i'll talk with mom and dad about helping you."Sasha told them."Thanks."David told her.Just then 4 people came into the house.

"Morgana,Vanessa,Marcus,Jessica why are you here?" Bradley asked them."We were attacked,but got away."Vanessa told him."Don't worry you can stay with us."David told them.

We have to stop for intermission." Sally said.

episode 9.Intermission.

We were back-stage."Well,so far the play is a success."I said."Yeah you really know how to use a sword,even a real one."Mina told me.

"I've trained for a long time."I told her."Well,we have a few minutes until the last act." Sally told us.We talked."Ok,the next act is starting in 10 minutes."Sally told us.10 minutes later the last act started.

Season 7. Finale,the Play part 2.

The curtain opened."We join Sasha and the others in the house during the day.

"Wake up."David told Sasha."Oh man i'm supposed to be back at the castle in 5 minutes."Sasha told them."We'll take you there."David told her.

They went to the castle."Yes,Princess Sasha go on in."Siena told Sasha."Thank you." Sasha told David.Sasha made her way to her room."Sis,where were you?"Tina asked Sasha.Sasha explained.

"So,how do you feel about this guy,David?"Tina asked her."I think I love him."Sasha told her.Just then a blast hit the castle."What's going on?"Cynthia asked her sister's scared.

"I don't know." Tina told her.They left to find their parents.When a mysterious guy flew in from a window."Arnold."He said.

"Darku,what are you doing here?"King Arnold asked him."Well,big brother i'm here to take your enchanted sword and take over your kingdom."Darku told him.

Then a black light flew out of Darku's hands."Dad!."The 3 sisters yelled."Go,hide."King Arnold told them."Here." Queen Alena said handing them something in a bag,they ran to the inn while it was raining.

"Hello,welcome to the inn,I see there's 3 of you,and your soaking from the rain,for you free of charge."The innkeeper,Celesta told them."Thank you."Cynthia told her.

They went to their rooms."Sasha i'm scared."Cynthia told her big sister."Don't worry,things will be alright."Sasha told her.The next day they left to find the kingdom different."We need to see David."Sasha told her sisters.They traveled to the home of David.

"Princesses,what are you doing here?"Morgana asked them."Our evil uncle,Darku attacked the castle,we had to run away."Tina told them."That's terrible."Vanessa said.

"I'm going to take back the castle."David told them."You can't do it alone."Bradley told him."That's why we're coming with you."Sasha told him.

"Who else?"David asked. Me."Tina said."Me too."Jennifer said."Don't forget me."Vanessa said."Morgana, Marcus,Jessica,please take care of Cynthia."Sasha told Marcus,Jessica and Morgana.

"Ok."They said.So,they traveled to the item shop."Hello,welcome to the item shop where we sell item,weapons,and,magical spells,i'm the owner, Rose."The item shop owner said.

They picked out their items and headed to the castle."Halt."Henry said."Henry,let us through."Tina told him."If you wan't to pass you have to deal with us."Siena told them."Is there a problem."A guy asked them."No,master."Siena said.

"We want through."Vanessa told him."If you want to advance,you have to go trough us."Henry told them."Sasha,David, Vanessa,Tina,we'll take of them."Bradley told them.

"Yeah,go."Jennifer told them."Ok."Tina said.The 4 made their way up to the throne room."Stop."King Arnold said."Dad,what did he do to you?"Tina asked her dad.

"I can't let you through."King Arnold told them."Sasha,David,go we'll deal with him."Tina told them."Just don't hurt him."Sasha said.So,Sasha and David made their way to the throne-room."Darku."Sasha said

."Princess Sasha,give me the enchanted sword."Darku said."Over my dead body."David told him."That can arranged." Darku told him.

"Not with me around."Sasha told him.After 5 hours of fighting. "Sasha,David,we're here to help."Tina said coming over to them with the others.

"It doesn't matter how many of you there is,I will defeat you all." Darku told them."Sasha."Queen Alena said."Mom."Sasha said.Queen Alena threw a bag at Sasha."What is it?"Sasha asked.

"Darku's weakness,a Sleepy Raindrop use it to power-up the enchanted sword."Queen Alena told her."It doesn't matter,I will defeat you anyway."Darku told them.After 3 hours."He's starting to weaken."Vanessa said.Then David gave the final blow,Darku fell defeated, everyone in the kingdom was returned to normal,so did the kingdom."Daughters.

"King Arnold said running toward them."Dad."Sasha said running to him."You saved the kingdom."King Arnold told Sasha."I had help."Sasha said pointing at Vanessa,David,Bradley,and,Jennifer."Whatever I can do to repay you,just ask." King Arnold told them."Actually,dad I was wondering if they could live with us."Sasha told her dad."Sure."He said.T

hen Sasha turned to David."Thanks."She said."It was no problem."David said.They kissed."And,Sasha's 18th birthday is coming up,she will be crowned Queen,she needs a husband to help her."King Arnold told David."I'd be delighted."David told him.

3 months later,was their wedding,after the ceremony,they all settled in and lived happily after ever, The End.After the last curtain call,the audience cheered.We were back-stage. "Well,the play was a hit."I said."You were amazing."Sonia told me.

We kissed and the others went home,but me and Sonia went back to my house and went to bed.

Final Season or Season 8

Final Season episode 1.

Me and Sonia were alseep."Hello,where am I?"I screamed."Burst,it's time to reveal myself."The light said.The light vanished."Hello,Burst i'm your guardian angel,Nia."The being said."My guardian angel?"I asked her."Yes,I follow you everywhere."Nia told me.

"Why are you here?"I asked her."Because your going to find out something,that will change your life."Nia told me.I looked at her."You know what I mean,I have to go,but i'll be following you,if you need me just shout my name,I will appear."Nia said.

Then I woke up."Burst, what's wrong?"Sonia asked me.I told her the dream."Well,Nia is right."Sonia told me."What do you mean?"I asked her."Well,i'm."She started.I stared at her and read her mind,I knew what she meant."Well,this should be intresting."I told her."Don't worry,i'm sure the others will happy."Sonia told me."You don't know my parents."I told her.

"Their just going to have to accept it." Sonia told me.We went back to bed.After school."Guys,we have something to tell you."I said."What?"Amy asked us."Me and Burst are going to be."Sonia started."What?"Sonic asked us.They stared at us."Oh no,don't tell me."Manic said.They started laughing."Hey,it's not funny."I said.

"Well,it's kinda funny."Rouge said."You know,this why I didn't want to say anything,but Sonia talked me into it."I told them."Yeah,what were you thinking?"Shadow asked Sonia."You guys knew this was coming."Sonia told them."Hey.Nia I need you." I yelled.

Then a familar light came at us.It hit Knuckles."Ow,watch it."He said."Sorry."It said."Show yourself."Silver told it.The light vanished and Nia appeared."You know when I told you about this during your dream,I thought you'd be able to handle this yourself."Nia said."Whose this?"Blaze asked me."My guardian angel,Nia."I said."Ok,things have offically gotten weird."Tails said."Watch it or i'll tell your angel to haunt your dreams." Nia told him.

"Right,so is it true about Burst and Sonia?"Sonic asked Nia." Ok,listen close what they told you is true and if you don't stop laughing I won't need angels to kick your butts."Nia told them."What's with her?" Silver asked Sonic."I heard that,and i'm everything Burst's not,i'm rude,i'm stuck-up,and more."Nia said."Ok,now go away."Shadow told her."No,i'm staying with you guys untill you guys stop with this whole thing,knowing you guys, i'm never leaving."Nia told them.

"Aren't you gonna say anything?"Amy asked me and Sonia.We looked each other."Nope."We said."Now,whose going to break it to Burst's parents?"Nia asked them.They looked at each others."Come on, I don't age,yet i'm dying of boredom."Nia told them."Ok,it should the most understanding."Maria said."Amy."We said together."Thanks,but if they start yelling,the battle will come early."Amy told us."Let's wait till tomorrow." I said.We went home.

episode 2.

We were at my house."Hey mom,dad,Amy needs to tell you something."I told mom and dad."What?"Dad asked Amy."Well,Burst and Sonia are going to be."Amy said."What?"Mom asked."Well,um.Amy said."What?"Dad asked."Fine,i'll tell them,their going to be parents."Nia said.Then mom fainted.When she came around."Wait,what did she say?"Dad asked.

"You heard me,you'd think being Burst's guardian angel would be a piece of cake."Nia said."Burst is going to be a dad?"Mom asked."Yes."I said."I'm trying to understand,Burst is going to be a dad?"Dad asked."Silver,do your thing."I told Silver.He opened the portal and they looked into it,I looked too,everything was just like when Silver showed me.

"Well,I see this won't be a problem."Dad said."Well,congrats."Mom and Dad said."Now for the real problem."Nia said.I stared into the future,I came back."What just happened?"Mom asked."He looked 30 minutes into the future."Sonia told them."Another vampire power?"Dad asked."Actually,no,i've been able to that since I learned about this."I said.

My hands glowed pink, and I shot winds out of my hands."Well,first it was 5 minutes.and now 30."I said."What did you see?"Marine asked me."Actually,it wasn't the future,I looked 3 years into the past."I said.

"That's when you started school."Tikal told me."Well,I saw when Sonia first kissed me,in retrospect,I should have seen that coming."I said.They looked at me."Well,I can't help that.I was 14." I told them."Yeah,he still wore glasses."Sonia said."Yeah she's always found guys with glasses cute."Sonic said."Well,it's true."She said."How weird,this girl has problems."I read dad's mind.

"No,she doesn't."I told him."What?"Mom asked."He was thinking Sonia has problems."I told her."How did he know?"Dad asked."Oh,he can read minds,he's been able to do that at least 2 years,give or take."Stella told them.

"Also,i'm a GUN agent."I said."What's G.U.N?"Mom asked."It's a government facility,bent on keeping the world safe."Rouge said. "Yeah Rouge here is our other G.U.N agent."Knuckles told them."Wow,our son is a government agent."Mom said.Just then my watch started to beep."Hello G.U.N Leader,this is agent Burst."I said.

"We have intel on that tablet you found,it says the king of the vampires,your past life was trying to borrow the Chaos Emeralds,to cure all of them,to relieve them of their powers." Leader said."But,what we also found is shocking."Leader said.To be continued.

episode 3.

Last time we went to see mom and dad,Nia told them without thinking,this lead to a can of worms being opened,just then G.U.N called me,telling me what they found,something surprised me,but the other thing surprised me even more,what is it,find out now."Tell me."I told G.U.N Leader.

"If you chose to become mortal,you will age to how old you are."Leader told me."Wait he's 101,so if he becomes mortal,he will surely die."Sonia told him."Most likely."Leader told her."Then i'll have to."Sonia started."You know I won't leave you."I told her."You better not."Sonia told me."Anything else?"I asked Leader." That's a no."Leader said.I hung up.

"Well,I think we've found out enough."Amy said."Wait,if Burst is going to be a dad,then the kids will be half-vampire." Mom said."Yes,they will."Tails told her."I'm still in shock about this."Dad said."Don't be,you insensitive claud."Nia told him."Nia."I said."Well,he made me mad."Nia told me."Well,see ya."I said.We left."That did not go the way I thought it would."I told the others.

"Nia here should have let you guys tell them yourselves."Flare told us."Well,they were taking too long. Nia said."Ok,calm down."I said."Ok,ok."Nia said.It's getting late." I said."Good-night."The others said.They left."Ok,it's time to get back into my head."I told Nia."Fine."Nia said.She vanished.Me and Sonia went to bed.I woke up in the morning and started pacing."Ok,so what do I do?"I asked myself.I thought about it until breakfast when I fixed me and Sonia my famous veggie sausages.

She came down and hugged me.I placed our food on the table."So,about what was going on yesterday,I really had no right to choose your path for you."She told me."It doesn't matter if you chose it for me or not,cause I still stand by my choice,I won't leave you,I wanna be here when our gifts are born."I replied.She gave me a quick peck on the cheek before eating.

episode 4.

We were at school."Well,the battle is getting closer."I told the others." Yeah,even with all of us,it won't be easy."Sonic said."Yeah,but we get to relax until then."Amy said."Well,I gotta go."I told the others."See ya later."They told me.I walked to my class.

"Ok,class,today is a test on dancing,the test is true or false and short answer."My teacher told the class.After the test,I walked to the others."Hey,how was class?"Bunnie asked me."Great,I got an A on my test."I told her.

"Good job."Espio said."Anyway, the prom is coming up."Sonia said."Let me guess,you 2 are going with each other?"Knuckles asked me and Sonia."You know it."I said."Ok,we should go to the mall."Blaze told us.We walked to the mall,I went to the book-store."Hi, what can I get you?"Cosmo asked me.

This one,A Day like No Other."I said.I payed for it and walked to the food court to the hamburger place."Hello,what can I get you?"Shade asked me."A burger with cheese,and mayo."I told her. After I ate it,I joined the others.

"Well,I see you have a copy of A Day like No Other."Vector told me."Yeah,i've been waiting for it for days."I told him."What's it about?"Julie asked me."It's about a guy whose sick of his same routine,and he finds a girl who takes him on a journey that changes his life."I told her."Sounds like a cool book."Sally told me.I started to read it and then I looked up at the others."What?"I asked them.

"You've been reading that book for half an hour."Manic told me."Well,it's a great book."I said. "I know,I love how Britney is so independent."Sonia told me."I know,Josh is so misunderstood."I told her."Hey,we don't need you 2 to start a book-club." Knuckles told us.

"Oh,let them talk."Julie told him."Ok."Knuckles said."Well, it's getting late,we should go home."Sonic told us."Good night."We told each other,then we went home.

episode 5.

we were at school."Ok,I have tickets for a concert."I told the others."What concert?"Mina asked me."Sara Martin."I said."I love her."Mina said."How many tickets do you have?"Amy asked me."Enough for all of us."I told her."Cool, I can't wait."Maria said.

"Well,it's tonight."I told her."Thanks."Blaze told me."Your welcome."I told her.We left to get ready."Ok,there all done."I said. "Have fun."Mom told me.I left with Flare and Luna,we arrived just in time. "This will be so much fun."Silver told me.We enjoyed the concert and after that we went to the park to relax."That concert was so much fun."Tikal said.

"Yeah,I loved that first song Sara sang."I told the others."I prefer the last one."Marine said."I personally loved the one in the middle of the concert." Stella said."Anyway the stars are so beautiful."Sonia told me."I agree."I said."Yeah,I don't remember them ever shining so bright."Cream said.

"Well, let's hope the rest of the year goes great."Sonic said."Aw,Sonic how sweet." Amy told Sonic."Wow,Sonic how unlike you."Shadow told Sonic."Please,not now." Sonic told him."Hey guys,it's time for bed."Rouge told us.We went to bed.

episode 6.

We were at school,I was in my Study of Flowers class."Now,as you can see,the Lilac is pink and purple,but white,pale yellow,pink and even burgundy colored ones have been found."Tallie told the class."Yes,burgundy is purple with a hint of red."I told her."Correct."Tallie told me.

After school."Well, the prom is getting closer,I can't wait."I said."Yeah,after prom,i'm having a party at my house."Marine told us."Can't wait."I told her.We walked to the pool."This is going to be fun."Cream said.

I jumped into the pool."Come on,the water's fine."I told the others.Everybody put Sonic,Shadow,Knuckles,and, Silver got into the pool."Come on Sonic."Amy told Sonic.

"No thanks."Sonic told her."Suit yourself."Manic told him.We had fun.Then Wave appeared."Hey, Burst,have you made up about joining us?"She asked me.

"Sorry,I forgot,it's a nice offer,but I have to decline."I told her."Ok."Wave said.She left and we got back to having fun.After having fun,we went home.

episode 7.

We were at my house relaxing."Hey,guys I just found something outside."I told everyone."What?"Stella asked me."My guitar,I thought I lost it."I told them."You have a guitar,I didn't know you could play?"Mina asked me."It's one of my talents you guys don't know about."I told them."Play something." Sonia told me."Ok."I said.I started playing."Can you sing something?"Amy asked me."Ok."I told her.

"When I see your face,I think I can hear birds singing and I know your my one true love,true love,true love,I know that your my one and only true love."I sang."Great guitar playing."Amy told me.

"Thanks."I told her.We relaxed for 3 hours."Hey,you know that there's going to be a meteor shower tomorrow?"Tails asked us."No."We said."Well,that's something we can look forward to."Silver said."Yeah,I can't wait."I told hem."Well,it's getting dark,we should head home."Knuckles said.They left and me and Sonia went to bed.

episode 8.

We were at school during lunch."Hey guys."I said.Before they could answer, Eggman attacked."Not you again."Sonic told Eggman."I transformed into Hyper-Burst.I flew at high-speed right through his machine,then Knuckles tossed a boulder at him,then Mina used her microphone to short-circuit his machine,then Tails whipped up a tornado,finally I grabbed his machine and threw it."I will beat you next time."Eggman said leaving."Yeah right."I said. "Man,he's never going to give up."Sonic said.

"It doesn't matter how many times he attacks us,we will always beat him."Silver said."You got that right, I mean he can't even get close to beating us."I said.Just then Sonia screamed."What's wrong?"I asked her.She nodded."Why did she just nod?"Amy asked me."Well,how can I put this?"I asked."It's time?"Sonic asked."I nodded.

"Well,hurry."Knuckles told me.I grabbed Sonia."Chaos Control!"I yelled.We vanished and appeared at the hospital,we checked in,3 hours later the gang arrived."How is she?"Manic asked me."She's ok."I told him.Then Sonia screamed again."Here we go."The doctor said.

I fainted,when I woke up."Burst,are you ok?"Rouge asked me."Yeah,I lost it,what happened?"I asked her."It's over, Sonia's fine."Sonic told me."Congrats to your twins."Amy told me.I walked over to Sonia."Say hello to Hannah and Blake."Sonia told me."Their adorable." I said.We stared at the two.Then we went home.

episode 9.

We were at my house I was holding Hannah and Sonia was holding Blake,when a portal opened."Silver."I said."It's not me."Silver told me.Then a blue fox and a brown hedgehog came out of the portal."I told you we should have turned right when we got to the castle."The fox told the hedgehog." Sorry,I read the map wrong."The hedgehog said.

"Let's ask the 2 who look like mom and dad."The fox told the hedgehog."Wait,did you just say who look like mom and dad?"The hedgehog asked the fox.The fox flew over to us,and the hedgehog ran to us."You think that's them?"The fox asked the hedgehog." Looks like them.

"The hedgehog told the fox."Use your vampire detector." The fox said.He pulled out a device and pointed it at me,he turned it on,it started beeping."It says he's a vampire,but here's the odd part,it says he injected himself with the blood."The hedgehog told the fox."That's really rare,he must be."The fox told the hedgehog.

"Dad."They said."You are?" Knuckles asked them."Oh,i'm Hannah."The fox told him."I'm Blake."The hedgehog said."We're the greatest time-travelers in the world."Blake said."Blake,no we're not."Hannah told him."How did you guys get here?"Amy asked them.

"Well, we were trying out dad's time machine,he told us not to,but well,we wanted to see other half-vampires like us,but Blake here set the time wrong,lucky we brought some things dad invented."Hannah said."Hey,where's Mariah?"Blake asked Hannah.

"Well,she was right behind us."Hannah said.Then a orange hedgehog appeared."Hannah,Blake,what are you doing here?"She said."Mariah,we got lost,sorry."Hannah said."Um,can I cut in?"I asked."Sure dad."Hannah told me."When are you leaving?"I asked them."Well,the time machine is broken." Blake told me.

"So,we're stuck here."Hannah said.Then Mariah looked at Sonic and Amy."Mom,dad."She said running to them."What?"Sonic asked her.Then Mariah pulled out a hammer."What?"She said."Sorry."Sonic told her.Then a knock came at my door."Dylan?"Amy asked."Yeah,i'm here to see Tikal."Dylan said.

"Yes?" Tikal asked him."Well,I just wanted to tell you that i'm sorry."Dylan told her."Thank you."Tikal said.Then Dylan left."Well,it's time for bed."I said. Then everyone left."Well,you guys can stay here."Sonia told Hannah,Blake and Mariah."Thanks."Hannah said.We went to bed.

Series Finale.

We were at school."Tonight's the prom."I told the others.Then Hannah and Blake ran up to us."Blake look,this is what schools looked like before dad's invention."Hannah told Blake."Cool."Blake said."Whose watching your past-self's?"I asked them."Mariah."They said."Well,tomorrow is the Total Eclipse."Sonic said.

"Oh,the legendary day of the Guardians,we studied for that in our audio-books."Blake said."Yeah,it's so cool."Hannah said.Then Mariah came running to us."Guys,i'm here."Mariah said.

"Where are we?"Blake asked her."Virtual crib,thanks to your dad."Mariah told them."So,what's up?" Mariah asked them."Tomorrow's the day."Blake told her."So,cool."Mariah said. "Can we come?"Hannah asked us."Well,you guys aren't strong enough."Shadow told them.

"I beg to differ."Hannah said.Then Mariah pulled out her hammer, then Blake took out a cross-bow,finally Hannah took out a gun."We're tougher than we look."Blake said."Still."I said.

"Chaos Control."Hannah and Blake said together.Blake was gold,Hannah was pink."What,she has a super form,no girl has ever been able to do that,except Blaze."Knuckles said."I'm a mutant."Hannah told him."What?"I asked her."She was born with a rare DNA code."Blake said.

"Yes,one is born every 1000 years."Hannah said."She's always being teased for it."Mariah said."Anyway,we're coming."Hannah told us."Fine."Shadow told her.We left to get ready for prom."Everything's ready." I told mom and dad.

"Go on,we'll look after them."Dad said pointing at Blake and Hannah fast asleep.I left and got to the prom."Hey,are you ready?"I asked Sonia."Yes."Sonia told me.We went in,everyone was there,even Mariah, Blake,and,Hannah."Hey,let's have fun,we leave for the battle tomorrow."Amy told us.

We had fun,and after we danced we took pictures,then we went to our houses to get ready for the next day,the day that started the battle of our lives.