If you remember Sonic High School,you remember the adventures of Sonic and his friends,well,now a new friend has arrived,and he's hiding a big secret.

Season 1.A new Friend.

Episode 1.My Arrival.

My adventure began when I got out of the car at my new school."I know this is a new school,but you really don't know what it'll be like."I told my mom."Yeah,but just give it a try,"She replied."Fine,bye."I said hanging up.I walked up to the school."Ok,here we go."I told myself.I walked right into the front office."So,your our new student,well here's your schedule"The woman behind the desk said.

I took it and scrambled to find my first class."Flowers 101."I said.But,as soon as I walked in,the other students started coming up to me."Hello,welcome,i'm Amy Rose."A pink hedgehog said."Hi,i'm Carter Dupree."I told her.

"Carter Dupree,where have I heard that name before?"She asked herself.I sat down at my desk."Now,as we we're discussing,Roses do come in in a variety of colors,but all the."That was all I heard before I zoned out.

Don't get me wrong,I was still fully listening,I was just more tuned in to other people talking."Can you believe how cute the new guy is?"I heard a girl ask another girl."Totally,but I bet he already has a girl-friend."Her friend replied.The rest of the morning went by pretty fast.

Then came lunch,but as soon as I sat down,a bunch of people started coming up to me."Carter,let me introduce you to my friends,Cream,Knuckles,Silver,and."Amy started before I cut her off."Sonic the Hedgehog,wow."I said amazed."Hey."He said back.Somehow,I knew my life was going to be interesting from now,and that's how my first day went.

Episode 2.

I was just hanging out at the mall,when Sonic and Amy walked up to me."Hey Carter,what's up?"Sonic asked me."Oh nothing,i'm just waiting for my movie to start."I answered."Let me guess,it's the movie you said you wanted to watch last week?"Amy asked with a smirk on her face.

"So,it doesn't come out for another 3 hours."I replied."Don't get your shorts in a twist,she was just curious."Sonic told me."I know,it's just i've been looking forward to this since."I stopped not wanting to tell them the truth.

"Since when?"Tails asked flying over."Since I heard all the critics have been falling over it."I lied."Well,why don't you come hang out with us until it starts?"Knuckles asked from behind us."Sure,why not."I agreed.We cruised the mall for about 2 hours and 45 minutes until we stopped at the food court.

"I'll go get us some pizza."Sonic said."Can you make sure it's vegetarian?"I asked him."Wow,you sound just like a certain fox."Amy giggled."What?"I asked confused."Nothing,it's ok."Cream said giggling too.

After pondering on who they were talking about,the pizza came."Cool,it's got pine-apples,my fav."Amy said getting ready to eat."Um,who were you talking about when you said "you sound just like a certain fox"?"I asked her."Oh she was talking about a friend whose on a mission for G.U.N."Sonic answered.That still didn't clear anything up.So I eventually discarded it.

After eating,it was time for my movie,so I left the others and went to the theater.About 20 minutes into the movie,I heard the others come,so i hid.I heard them take their seats."Seriously,why are we watching this?"Sonic asked."Because,I heard a huge star is in it."Amy replied.

After the movie,I quickly left the mall and went home.The next day,I was in school when,a girl came up to me."Hey,Carter,you know you look like Negia from yesterday's movie?"She asked me."Weird."I said."That's the last time I watch a movie in a mall."I told myself.

Episode 3.