Sonic heros X-mas is a sonic heroes fan game made by dylanator you can put you characters team/entry in the comments.


1.Team sonic

  • speed:sonic
  • fly:tails
  • power:knuckles dark

  • speed:shadow
  • ???
  • ???

3.Team sly

  • Speed:fang
  • ???
  • Power:cindriz Metal

  • Speed:metal sonic
  • fly:Metal charmy?!?
  • Power Option 1:Metal Knux
  • Power option 2:mecha sonic Chaotic

  • Speed:espio
  • Fly:charmy
  • Power option1:Vector
  • Power option2:mighty
  • power option 3:heavy and bomb

6.Old freinds

  • Speed:Emerl
  • Fly:(need help)
  • Power:Gemerl

Story plots

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