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Sonichu is the TRUE and ORIGINAL "Electric Hedgehog" Pokemon. He was created by [Weston Chandler] in
RaytoriAdded by Raytori
2000 as a way to bypass copyright restrictions on a school project


Originally a wild male Pikachu heard the noise of battle off in the distance file miles away. His curiosity led him to Station Square, where the Perfect Chaos Monster was attacking. During the battle between Perfect Chaos and Super Sonic, Sonic was knocked away and collided with the pikachu. The resulting collision shot out a rainbow of energy transforming the pikachu into a new type of Pokemon, as well as creating multiple eggs from which the new species would populate the timestream.

The newly-created Sonichu found himself weak with not enough food to sustain his new body, when he came across Rosechu, a Raichu who had become an Electric Hedgehog Pokemon. Sonichu and Rosechu quickly became lovers and together they enjoy raising their children, enjoying a extremely active sex life together, and battling the evil forces that threaten Sonichu's home of CWCville.

Allies and Enemies


Sonic The Hedgehog (met him once)

Rosechu (wife and sweetheart)

Chrisian Weston Chandler (Mayor of CWCville and conceptual father)

Punchy Sonichu

Wild Sonichu

Magi-Chan Sonichu

Officer Luis Perez

Black "Blake" Sonichu (former enemy and clone)


Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (evil scientist)

Giovanni (Leader of Team Rocket)

[Lee Walsh](Love Witch and Dean of the Private Villa of Corrupted Citizens)

Count Graduon (Evil monster trapped in a scepter)

Jason Kendrick Howell (Troll mastermind)

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