Soul the Hedgehog (Soul)              

Soul the Hedgehog is a character created in the collection of characters by Soul890 from deviantArt


Name: Soul Tyo Hedgehog

Age: 20

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

D.O.B.: September 15th


Special Attacks: Code 10, Soul Spear

Hobbies And Talents: Computer,Video Games,Drawing,Meeting Lots Of People

Weaknesses: Being cold, rejection

_Personal Facts_

Friends: Team Night, Team Speed, etc.

Enemies: Thunder the Wolf, Damien the Dark,

Known Realtives:Raven(long lost Sister), Serenity(Sister), Phoenix(Brother), Malikora(Father), and Spiral(Mother)
Likes: Having fun, sparring, sleeping, eating pizza
Dislikes: jerks, liars, the past haunting him
Favorite Relatives: Spiral
Least Favorite Relatives: Malikora
Food Of Choice: Pizza,Ramen,Cereal,Chicken,Shrimp,and Etc.
Beverage Of Choice: Milk,Pop,and anything to give him energy
Favorite Color: Blue,Gold,Silver,Black,Red,Navy,Grey,Dark Blue
Love Interests: Tegra the Tiger(married), Maleena the Cat(engaged), Zani the Hedgehog(dating), & Blue the Unknown(married)

Quiet,Calm and Cool,Can be short-tempered at times,likes to help,sometimes nervous,will be a good friend to anyone mostly....

_Physical Appearance_

Color: Blue
Skin Color: Peach Or Light Orange
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Style: Becky-like it seems, white &black
Quill Style: similar to sonics with dreads
Nose: its an ok nose...
Ears: i like my ears...
Tail: ahem...
Attire: Soul has been changed for 2006-2009 and then maybe..2010
Items & Weapons: Soul does really see himself holding weapons

Vehicles: Soul hasnt really drove a car and etc. much

Theme Song: Soul The Hedgehog - Chosen One By A2 From Shadow The Hedgehog

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