Soul is a Hedgehog who of couse collects souls. "Your soul is mine!"

-Soul the hedgehog

Name: Soul

Age:  15

Gender:  Male

Species: Hedgehog

Alignment: Good

Type: Speed type 

Likes: Collecting souls,Sleeping, Adventure,Speed,hanging out with friends and music

Dislikes: Needles, Loss of loved ones, Eggman,Mephiles, and Demons

Friends:  Sakura the hedgehog, Pyro the Cat, Kim the cat, Volkner , Spike ,Grizzly , VNC,Howl ,Darren,CJ, Digi etc

Father: Spirit the hedgehog (deceased)

Mother: Shion the hedgehog (deceased)

Personality: Happy, Adventurous ,Friendly, Reliable , Sometimes maybe be a bit wild but fun to hang out with, Concern for his friends , Strong , Quick , Sometimes stubborn or other times lazy , Optimistic.


Soul has the ability to see souls since he is a soul collector. He can see all the souls of the living around him and he also has the ability to convert souls into power making it useful for him in combat, Positive soul is equal to positive energy but Negative soul is equal to negative energy. He can also use his burst mode which his hands and chest are engulfed with soul energy, which he can use for combat like punching, blasting, speed and flight. He may not be able to really fly but rather propel up in mid-air.

Soul is also godd in hand-to hand combat and has experienced many training. He also has super speed but not as fast as Sonic, as he has limits.

Weakness: Despite Soul having a fear for needles he sometimes gets depressed or angry a bit quickly. When he is under the negative influences of others his soul becomes tainted which in return grants him negative energy. He can still maintain his sanity but if he keeps on going like that his own soul will become corrupted as well. 

Being a soul collector means they also have the power to restore the lost soul of the people. But in order for that the soul of the person must be still intact with the body while it's still can.If they also keep using this techniques it could badly injure them or probably worse, Which is why soul collectors have forbidden to use this technique. Soul may not be able to learn this technique but it could hurt him.

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