Spencer the Flying-Squirrel

Spencer the Flying Squirrel , is the Sonic-World counterpart of Spencer from WiiRikeToPray, and the Support member of Team WRTP.


He is a 20 year old, blue-gray squirrel. He is the only member on his team that wears a hat.


He is funny, playful, and fun to hang around,


He has ice abilities making him a fairly quick attacker. After being knocked around for a bit, he goes into what his friends call "Rage Mode" kicking enemies (and sometimes his friend's) butts with total unpredictability. (seriously, watch their Smashing Sundays on youtube and you'll see what im talking about.)


He is the youngest and least experienced on his team.


WiiRikeToPray (WRTP) is a small group of friends who enjoy playing video games and, ultimately, want to share their fun experience with others. They have done "Let's Play" (LP) videos since 17th November 2009.

VERY Notable Quotes:

"And im Spencer!" (Lasy to introduce himself)

"Dammit i killed my self." (Very common quote)

"Combo-COMBO!!" (When he joins in with a buddy-combo*)

"IM SORRY!!" (When he effs something up)

  • Buddy-Combo: 2 or more allies repeatedly attacking the same enemy, combo'ing them to death.