== Introduction: ==

Born in a small house in the countryside, at the age of 14 years

he saw his parents killed by a mysterious blue hedgehog named "Rixion"...

From that day on, he left the house and his brother to become

strong enough to avenge his parents ...

during his journey, he found a blue hedgehog, and thinking he was

the same one that killed his parents, he attacked him ...

but soon they cleared up the misunderstanding and became friends ...

And so, the real adventure began.

Chapter 1: The adventure begins

* Three days later *

Sonic: Desh ... are you sure that your brother is still ok ?

Desh: Do not worry, he'll be fine .. is strongh enought ..

Sonic: I hope so ..

Desh: There's still lot to reach your friends ?

Sonic: We should get it in about an hour

???: Haaaaaaa !!!

Sonic: What was that ?

Desh: I don't know, but we'll be better hurry.

* Few Seconds later *

Desh: What the ..

Sonic: They looks like.. Eggman's robots !

Desh: Egg ... who ?

Sonic: There's no time for explanations, we must save that girl !

Desh: Ok, let's go!

* They both fight against the robots *

Sonic: Phew .. not bad ..

Desh: Are you okay ?

???: Yes .. thanks for saving me.

Sonic: Why those robots have attacked you ?

Desh: Perhaps first we should introduce .. my name is Desh

Sonic: My name is Sonic

Iris: My name is Iris, nice to meet you ..

Sonic: Back to us .. why those robots attacked you before ?

Iris: I don't know .. few minutes ago I picked up a strange sparkling gem .. and then

those robots attacked me ..

Desh: A strange sparkling gem ?

Sonic: Could you show us it ?

Iris: Sure .. this. * Shows the gem *

Sonic: Hey, that's a chaos emerald! Surely those robots were sent by Eggman to retrieve it ..!

Desh: Wait a minute, you still havn't told me yet who is this .. Estman ..?

Sonic: Eggman .. is an evil scientist who wants to conquer the world, and intends to use these gems to

make her invincible robot

Desh: I see .. I guess you already know that Eggman ..

Sonic: Yes .. it is my sworn enemy .. and if sent his robot in search of emeralds, is definitely

plotting something sinister .. we must reach the others as soon as possible

Desh: What about Iris? We can not leave her here ..

Iris: Mind if I come with you ?.. Maybe I can help ..

Sonic: Umm .. okay ..

Desh: Come, I'll carry you ..

Iris: (Wow, Desh is pretty cute ..) Ok * Jump on the back of Desh *

Sonic: Ready ?

Desh: Go !

* About ten minutes later *

Sonic: That's the house Tails !

Desh: One of your friends ..?

Sonic: Yes

Iris: Desh .. if you are tired I can walk myself ..

Desh: Don't worry .. * phew * .. I haven't embarked on this journey to rest .. * phew *

Sonic: Hey Tails!

Tails: Sonic! How are you ?

Sonic: Everything ok .. let me introduce two new friends .. Desh and Iris ..

Tails: Pleased to meet you

Desh & Iris: My pleasure

Tails: Sonic .. Bokun yesterday has left a message for you from Eggman ..

* Turns on the player *

Eggman: Sonic ! Really you thought you got rid of me ? Weel, I've built a new robot, powered

by the energy of the chaos emeralds that will allow me to defeat you once and for all .. and

conquer the world !!! Hahahahaha !!! This time you can not beat me annoying blue hedgehog ! Hahahahaha !!!

* This message will explode in .. 3 .. 2 .. *

Sonic: * Throw away the player * Eggman will never change ..

Iris: What strange this Eggman ...

Tails: Sonic .. What should we do?

Sonic: First we must find the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman ..

Tails: OK, let's go !

Desh: It'll be fun ..

Iris: You can count on me!

Sonic: Well .. a new adventure begins !

All together: Here we go !

== Chapter 2 Part 1: The Return of Eggman == * Sonic, Desh and Iris, start to gather sonic's friends *

Sonic: First stage Amy's house.

* At Amy's house *

Sonic: * Knock * Amyyy! Are you at home?

Amy: Sonic the Hedgehog! You're disappeared without telling anyone for two months,

and now you came at my house as if nothing happened?

Sonic: Hehe .. first of all I would like to introduce two new friends: Desh and Iris

Amy: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Desh & Iris: My pleasure.

Sonic: Amy, we need your help: Eggman is planning to get the chaos emerald, so

we must precede it.

Amy: Wow, it was a long time that doesn't show up ..

Sonic: Go to tails' home as soon as possible, we'll get there.

Amy: Ok, see you later.

* Later, at Shadow's home *

Sonic: * Knock * Shaaadooow!

Shadow: What do you want?

Sonic: We had a little problem .. Eggman ..

Shadow: So what? .. The doctor is not my problem ..

Desh: What do you mean it's not your problem? Engman-

Sonic: Eggman ..

Desh: He wants to conquer the world, this may not interest you?

Shadow: Who are you?

Sonic: Oops, that careless .. they are Desh and Iris.

Shadow: Umf .. alright .. I'll give you a hand ..

Sonic: Thanks friend, meeting at Tails' home.

Shadow: We are not friends .. * closes the door *

Sonic: Mhe .. Shadow will never change ..

Iris: Is always like this? ..

* Later, near Angel Island *

Sonic: Over there, Angel Island * indicates the floating island *

Desh: Ugh .. are you sure..

Sonic: What's the problem? ...

Desh: Nothing ..

Sonic: Ok, let's go!

Iris: Sorry .. but how do we get on that floating island? ..

Sonic: With this * shows up the chaos emerald * ( I just hope i'm still able to do it ..) Chaos Control !

* They disappear *

* Meanwhile, on Angel Island .. *

Knuckles: Finally some peace .. no problems, no Eggman, and especially no So-

* Sonic, Desh and Iris appear in front of him *

Knuckles: .. Nic .. * facepalm * what's the problem now? ..

Sonic: Hey Knukcles, long time no see

* Later ... *

Knuckles: Okay, I'll join you as soon as possible.

Sonic: I forgot .. if you see Rouge, tell her too

Knuckles: Hey, wait a second, why m-

Sonic: Chaos Control!

* Later ... *

Desh: Hey Sonic, how you managed to do that thing with the emerald?

Sonic: You mean the chaos control? See, every emerald chaos has within it an energy that allows

to those who can control it, to manipulate time and space ..

Desh: Could you teach me ?

Sonic: Maybe another time, look we got it ! *indicates Tails' house *

* Later, after appropriate explanations *

Tails: If we want recover the other 6 emeralds before Eggman we must separate, and since we're nine,

we can form three groups of three:

Sonic, Shadow and Desh (Team Hedgehogs);

Amy, Cream and Iris (Team Rose);

Tails, Knuckles and Rouge (Team Chaos);


Sonic: Perfect

Shadow: Umf .. if you're able to keep up with me ..

Knuckles: Hey, why do I have to be in the same team of this thief ?..

Rouge: Shut up your mouth !

* They start quarrelling *

Amy: Finally another adventure!

Cream: You're ready Cheese?

Cheese: Chao! Chao!

All together: Let's go !

Chapter 2 Part 2: Team Hedegehogs

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