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Summer most closely resembles a fox.

Summer's fur color is a gradient. From head to toe and top hair to bottom, the color gradients from yellow, to orange,to red. The same applies to her tail except for the very end, where it is white.

Despite her appearance, Summer is surprisingly very light for her size.

Summer's eyes are a bright green color, and she has fluffy hair. Her hero attire is a mixture of her parent's hero attire, with the addition of pentagon shoulder pads, and two inhibitor rings, one on each glove.

When flying, a thin orange aura appears around her.


Normada is known for being mainly run by one of the nicest, yet surprisingly one of the strongest species in the cosmos, who are known as Normadiens, aka World-Breakers. Summer was born on this planet, and so inherited the power of this species.

However, she had the rare genetic condition of Disorbere, a condition in which one takes almost all the traits of her parents. While in most cases this could result in the child dying months after birth, there have been some cases where they come out as one of genetically superior beings of their species, Summer luckily being one of those. Summer inherited the traits of both her father and her mother. As a result, Summer had inherited a combination of her father's heliokinetic abilities and her mother's supernaturally high physical stats. She has playfully been called a sun goddess by friends in her childhood because of it.

At age sixteen, the age of maturity for Normadiens, it became very evident that the star (in which Normada orbited going hypernova was imminent, obliterating the planet and killing the species who lived there. Normadiens have been packing up and leaving the planet much earlier, but it was only now that it became a massive scale.

Most of the species ended up becoming nomads, Summer included, until she landed on a new relatively peaceful planet, where she first meets her ally, Star.



Being born and raised by such a species, Summer is, well compared to most others, nice to the point where it is occasionally annoying and/or unhelpful.

Besides that, the prudent vixen is also a very curious fox who will try to socialize with others in order to learn more about the world around her, usually ending up in her talking to strangers a lot more than normal people would.


Normadien Suit

IMG 17082017 125905 0 20170818 150051

Summer in her 1st grade solar body armor.

Summer inherited a suit from her home planet prior to leaving. The suit designed to protect people like Normadiens, it is made mainly out of elements across the galaxy, most of which aren't found on Mobius. They are extremely durable to the point where Normadiens use them, and allow her to absorb kinetic energy from both physical and energy attacks to lower the damage output.


Once obtaining divine empowerment upon being submerged in the ichor pool, Summer's abilities rose to a cosmic level. (Notice: If you are looking for her abilities prior to obtaining her ichor empowerment, scroll down to the Roleplay Edition section and read her roleplay edition abilities.)


Strength: 2-C

Speed: Massively FTL+

Godlike Strength

Upon gaining the enhancement from the blood of a god, Summer's strength has grown to a tier of allowing Summer to punch her way through dimensional and conceptual objects. Her strength is powerful enough to test the limits of physics, allowing her to distort reality and even break through time and space out of nothing but sheer power behind her punches. With capabilities like this, Summer is able to affect beings who are temporally omnipresent, or even beings who exist out of time as a whole, such as Fira.

Cosmic Speed

Already a galaxy traveler prior to the increase in power, Summer is able to traverse the the universe with her own power. During a casual cruise to think to herself, Summer was travelling the perimeters of the Local Group galaxy cluster. She has noted to have flown around the Local Group at least a dozen times in the past ten minutes. Summer can move her body at this speed down to the atomic level, allowing her to phase through attacks, or go completely invisible by reaching the equivalent frequency of the fabric of the universe. This speed keeps up in her combat as well, because being able to travel that fast only to not be able to react that fast is a very bad idea.


Just as she is strong, Summer is tough. She is able to withstand attacks from foes who are on par, and several times especially above, her own power. Summer has been able to absorb the energy from a celestial bomb that threatened to reality warp the universe into an inferno. As such, the energy in the bomb exceeded that of the big bang.

Solar Fuel

Solar fuel is her stamina source. Summer can fight seemingly forever under any form of sunlight. Being under sunlight can also allow her to heal from wounds at a rapid pace.

Divine Pyrokinesis

Summer's signature ability, now enhanced by her newfound ichor. Her fire attacks are able to reach an incalculable amount of degrees that easily surpasses Planck temperature, allowing her to deatomize things due to the heat breaking down the electrical bonds of atoms. When she releases higher amounts of power, the pure heat she generate can deplete space itself, and at her best affect space-time and other planes of existence, such as the time when she had to: "cauterize" a dimensional tear, prevent more enemies from entering an area via destroying the portal 's access, and burn away an artificially created soul.

Radiation Empowerment

Radiation does not negatively affect Summer. On the contrary, it boosts her power. She gets her powers from stars, so it's pretty much a given.

Magical Aura

Summer has some control over her aura thanks to her mother's traits. She is capable of using this to allow her to hold in explosions, such as the big bang statement stated earlier. Anyone she willingly allows in her aura can become immune to flames.

Godly Senses

Originally just supernatural, Summer's senses are now like a cosmic awareness. Summer can focus her hearing to hear nothing at all, or to be able to hear via the photons and tachyons of the universe to hear things light years away. Her eyes are able to focus on things across a galaxy, and on things of a picoscopic level. She is familiar with the scents of many chemicals, and can smell the differences between them, learning the distinctions and types of explosive minerals and chemicals.

Summer's eyes are able to see via thermal vision, and an opposite like mode she calls frost vision. Frost vision allows her to see how cool the environment is, with relatively colder substances sticking out in the environment. Her eyes can also see in microwave vision, though she mainly uses this to invisibly melt objects.

Rapid Healing

Under the Sun, healing can done in very few seconds. Lacking sunlight, Summer can heal from large scars and slit throats in a few moments. Her healing works well against slashing attacks and attacks that affect her internally, but blunt force is relatively slow. Healing only works when not in a painful condition, being dampened the more she is in pain. At optimal power, Summer's healing heals her soul, which correlates to restoring her body to optimal condition rather than just trying to repair scars and restore lost blood. This means Summer can eventually overcome negative status ailments, such as induced blindness, paralysis, illusions, etc.


Summer has mastered flight to the point of being able to make sudden 90 degree turns near top speed. Flight is also one of the few abilities she has that is unaffected by the amount of solar energy she has.

Godly Resilience

Normadiens are already resistant to all forms of power. Summer's state has been amped resist things tens of times better than before.

She pretty much has practical immunity to temperature abilities, making her immune to forms of heat and cold. Due to the physics warping and the divine tier of pyrokinesis, Summer has developed even more resistance to spatial and temporal manipulation, and an immunity to magical variants of flames.

Over the course of battle against mighty foes Summer has been shown to outlast high tier molecular manipulation, reality warping, timeline erasure, quantum foam manipulation, mental attacks, death force manipulation, and even the attempt to override her willpower to kill. The resistance makes her immune to diseases and other illnesses, and balances the ratio of cell growth and death, making her biologically immortal.

While called 'resistances', this is only because the foes she normally faces are around or above her range of power. Should one be noticeably weaker than Summer, the results is absolute immunity. Should the opponent be around Summer's level, it can range from extreme resistance to immunity, depending on the power. Should the opponent noticeably exceed Summer by an unmistakably large margin, resistances can be from low level resistances to no resistance at all.

Solar Evolution

Not only is solar energy her fuel supply, the amount of solar energy Summer can hold increases whenever her limit for energy holding is reached. That means whenever Summer is in peak condition, she grows stronger than she initially was. In short, Summer grows stronger throughout her life so long as she is in optimal condition.


Summer's abilities all require a good deal of solar energy. Without sunlight, Summer's powers will eventually wane, then die out. The only thing she can do without sunlight what her natural Normadien will allow her to do.

Beating the daylight out of her (hehe, puns) consumes her solar energy at an even faster rate. It also lowers the speed and efficiency of her regeneration.

Early on in her life, Summer has had no combat style, and she was a ranged striker and a brawler, relying more on wits and environments to gain advantages.

Summer's pyrokinesis comes at the cost of extra solar energy used.


Summer was initially created to be a Goddess of all the Seasons. As such, her first name was Season.

She's very lighter than she looks. This is because she is an extremely fluffy individual.

Roleplay Edition Summer

Notable Differences

Like all roleplay editions, characters are nerfed based on canonical event changes. In this scenario, Summer never obtained any form of Ichor, meaning she gained no godly amount of power as a result.

Summer is merely 18 in Normadien years, which correlates to 13 in Earth years, though it should be noted that 16 Normadien years is considered adulthood.

Roleplay History

Predator Race

An identity crashed onto Star's planet, which Summer was residing on. After healing the Identity, whose name was Stiper, the identity warned Summer and Star about an incoming threat of star eating giants known as Ror Vlasephs. As Summer went on to hunt for the said giants, one of them pretty much accidentally crushed her under his foot, which one way way of making an entrance.

After getting out from under the foot, Summer and the giant chatted for a while, or moreso Summer was interrogating the Ror Vlaseph, but after some hiding and interpretation, Summer found out that the initial Vlaseph was on their side; the rest were the ones going after the sun in an attempt to consume it, ending life in the solar system.

Once she caught up to the enemy Vlasephs and had utterly failed to verbally stop them, Summer fought them off from attempting to consume the sun while Star began reading the Boss Vlaseph's mind to give Summer intel. During the fight, Summer began realizing that she wouldn't be able to fight them off alone if she wasn't going to kill, and was lucky when they momentarily fell back, only managing to injure one of the four while getting tossed around herself throughout the whole fight, and even then the injured Vlaseph has shown to still be a major threat.

Star eventually caught Summer up with the fact that the Vlasephs won't threaten the star if four Identities like Stiper are traded, Summer obviously disagreeing. After checking to make sure the other Identities were safe from the Vlasephs, Summer and Star began plotting a plan to defeat the Vlasephs should they return when a new person had arrived to the scene, known as Device. The initial Vlaseph was behind her.

Through conversation, the group learns that the Vlaseph came from an alternate universe, which was why it was not a part of the group of Vlasephs that had attacked Summer. Device informs the group on how to defeat the enemy Vlasephs when they return.

Eventually, they do return, and despite efforts, Summer once again is reminded that she isn't powerful enough to take on all of the Vlasephs at once. This is where Device had decided to help out Summer, giving her some sort of metallic morphing suit, which initially Summer was thankful to have. However, Summer's relationship with Device went bittersweet as she took on a Vlaseph suit, which killed the Vlasephs.... in a violent manner, which horrified Summer.

Nonetheless, this efficient and quick kills were enough to save much more lives, which what made Summer move on. She eventually met up with the Boss of the Ror Vlasephs themselves, Fora' Kal. Fora' has shown to be MUCH greater of a threat than the other Vlasephs, but for reasons unknown to Summer, he left the area, Summer being sure he would return soon. Until then, all Summer could do was question her actions as she wondered if there was any other way she could've saved the day without killing.

Temperature's Romantic Masochism

This roleplay takes place about a week after the Vlaseph attacks, and the once upset Summer was bi mirewhere Summer's desire to grab something to eat ends up making her run into what she initially thought of as a criminal. However, with her misinterpretation cleared up via conversation, Summer began taking an interest into Simble.

As a result, Summer later on subtly asked Simble out to a park, where she learned a bit more about him and his unusual powers. Their short doughnut adventure on a higher dimension eventually ended with them on the beach, Summer seeing to enjoy being by Simble.

During the time Simble was teaching her how to fly by ignoring the atmosphere, Summer ended up accidentally singing him. As she ended up going to Simble to attempt to care for the room, she unintentionally got intimately close. However, when she did notice, she didn't bother to move, instead moving closer, which of course led to their initial kiss.

So far, the unexpected date continues with a little dinner between the two, some mischievous thievery to get back at a thief himself, and the recreation of a house. Since Summer was homeless ever since she left her planet world, being given a true home to live in, thanks to Simble calling his siblings, it nearly brought Summer to tears. She thanked him with a kiss in return, regretting the fact that he already has to leave soon without her being able to return the favor, despite the fact that Simble had constantly waved it off. To this day, she hopes to be able to see him again soon.

Multiforce: The Beginning

Doing the last run of her galaxy patrolling, and lacking on her normal amount of solar energy, Summer flies by Mobius, taking note of an odd ship. After hanging back and watching for a while, Summer realized a new threat was upon the galaxy once more. She attempts to enter the ship to stop it immediately, only to be met by a force field. Summer used physical strikes to overcome the barrier, but her last punch that shattered the force field had blasted her with a massive amount of electricity. Had she not have been caught off guard, Summer wouldn't have gone unconscious from the retaliation, where an energy field caught her to transport Summer into the ship.

Waking up in a cell with her powers inhibited by the reality warping Game Master, her first new friend to meet being Rin, she ended up learning that the Game Master wanted to put contestants through a life-or-death challenge. It didn't take long for the very friendly Rin to free Summer from her cell.

While Summer went along with the game for a while with some other people she has met, such as Axel and Isaac, Rin was successfully able to foil the Game Master's plans from behind the scenes and restore everyone's powers. It also ended up causing the ship to fall, in which Summer, Rin, Axel, and Isaac all work together to prevent this from happening by moving the ship into space, Summer being the one who did the pulling.

Once the ship was safely out of crashing onto Mobius, the group eventually had a casual chat, ultimately leading the group to form a heroic alliance, Rin reforming the ship for the new headquarters.

Eventually once helping with city reparations from the initial invasion of Game Master, Summer and the group took off to continue their adventures the heroic group known as the Multi-Force.

Mortality Part 1 (TBA)

Mortality Part 2 (TBA)


Being born and raised by such a species, Summer is, well compared to most others, nice to the point where it is occasionally annoying and/or unhelpful.

Besides that, the prudent vixen is also a very curious fox who will try to socialize with others in order to learn more about the world around her, usually ending up in her talking to strangers a lot more than normal people would.


Roleplay Edition Summer had never had her body infused with ichor, and as such, was never revived with godly stats. Regardless, Normadiens are a powerhouse species, and Summer, along with her genetically given abilities, is still a roleplay character reserved solely for cosmic/powerhouse roleplays when it comes to fighting unless allowed otherwise.

NOTICE: All statements of power here are things that had ALREADY happened in roleplays, hence the reason for the roleplays having links to them.


Strength: High 4-C. 4-B with higher than normal solar energy. Unknown when achieving heliokinesis

Speed: Massively FTL. Massively FTL+ with higher than normal solar energy, also when achieving heliokinesis


Summer's strikes so far have shown to have the potency of supernovae under a normal amount of sunlight energy. She has yet to use the full potential of her power due to: her bad habit of holding back, her inexperience with how to properly throw a punch, and her lack of knowledge of higher achievement potential.


Being a person who assists in protecting the galaxy, Summer has to be fast enough to travel across to different star systems, in which even the speed of light not is fast enough to handle a job such as this. To give a comparison, it takes light four years to reach the closest star to Earth, minus the sun, and Summer travels across portions of the galaxy on a daily basis.

In the Predator Race roleplay, Summer's has traveled from the Earth to the sun in seconds. Summer has used her speed to phase through punches and to seemingly turn invisible.


When off guard, completely relaxed, and not using her powers, Summer's skin has relatively low durability, handling a few dozen tons of force exerted. However, her muscles and bones remain just as durable, relaxed or not. This means one could virtually make Summer bleed much more easily at this state, but still needs much more strength to actually damage her.

"As she phased against the hand, the energy inside burned against her matter.  As it was the energy stored in the body, the concentration and intensity was far higher than that which was shot out prior."

The quote above, from the Predator Race roleplay, shows that Summer's durability is the same down to the atomic level. Special attacks that revolve around rupturing the inside of her body will not have a better chance in doing critical damage.

When caught off guard but using her powers, Summer shrugged off being crushed under the foot of a Vlaseph, a 115,000 ton creature.

At one point, Summer punched a Vlaseph's fist with the force to destroy a planet in an attempt to counter it, but the fist was unmoved as it punched her back. This means the punch had much more force than a planetary punch, which Summer had taken head on with no real damage.

Summer was also hit with a counter-kinetic blast of her white dwarf star punch attack and kept the endurance to push onwards.

Solar Fuel

Her energy does not increase anywhere near as fast as before, but it is still noticeable. However, it is extremely noticeable when she is near a star.


So far, Summer has proved that her temperature can reach twice that of the core of the sun, (54 million degrees Fahrenheit) though this did cause her strain the moment she passed 27 million. However, it should be noted that she is extremely versatile with this ability.


This ability will not be used in roleplays.

Update October 9, 2017: Summer will have this ability due to the fact that her character has been rebooted as a whole. Regardless, she has yet to use this in roleplay edition.

Update October 18, 2017: The reboot to her heliokiness to allow Summer to heavily increase in all of her stats as well as the addition of some esoteric abilities. This will be the Summer pushed to not hold back, should the case ever happen, which so far proves to be highly unlikely.

Radiation Empowerment

Summer has shown nothing of this so far in roleplay edition.

Magical Aura

Summer's aura is shown to act similar to her canon version of the aura, but to an obviously smaller extent of power.

Normadien Senses

Summer's sense of hearing is big enough to here someone casually talk to her while she is high in the atmosphere, and her sense of sight has allowed her to clearly see something many miles away.

This is a Normadien trait, and as such, is not affected by lack of sunlight.

Rapid Healing

This has not been seen in roleplay edition yet. When lacking in a sunlight source, this is best used after battles, not during. Under sunlight, the rate of healing dramatically increases not only in the speed of regeneration, but the quality. Her sunlight amped healing can allow her to recover not only the average blood and organs, but it can even restore negative status ailments such as blindness, paralysis, etc. Given enough time, the regeneration can even remove the ailment of illusions.


So far, it is shown that while Summer has well control over her flying, it is nowhere near astounding as her canon version. However, flight was her own natural ability, and as such, she can use it without sunlight, as seen in the Multiforce Roleplay.

Normadien Resistance

Any form of a supernatural attack (basically, uses of superpowers, superpowered equipment, or anything else that fits this scenario) to Summer will only be able to produce 50% of the damage, status ailment, etc. If Summer focuses on defending on certain element of attack (ex: soul attack), then her focused power would increase that resistance to 75% at the cost of the rest dropping down to 10% resistance.

This is a Normadien trait, and as such, is not affected by lack of sunlight.

Flaws and Weaknesses

Dark pyrokinesis and dark heliokinesis overrides her resistance powers.

If one could match up to the physical stats of Summer and withstand her fire, she will have to resort to physical combat. Summer is not the best close quarters fighter, relying on phasing through attacks to dodge them 90% of the time, and preferring brawler tactics in combat. Other than that, she cannot really fight at all.

Summer relies on sunlight for her powers. Manage to remove her solar energy, and she is is reduced to the power of the average Normadien, which makes her EXTREMELY weaker than normal.

If Summer is fighting a living thing and she doesn't have to kill it, she won't. As a result, she always holds back her true power in these conditions.

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