Sylvia the Cat

As done on Paintbrush! Not too bad if I say so myself, her "mouth fuzz" looks weird, though.


Name: Sylvia the Cat

Alias: Foxy, Fox, Foxcat, Silvy (By Alan)

Age: 14

Species: Mobian/ Cat

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Personality: Outgoing, friendly, smart, polite.

Likes: Spending time on the rooftops of her apartment, her friends

Dislikes: Being called "Foxy", "Fox", or "Foxcat", people thinking she's a fox, Alan ditching her, Arrow the Hedgehog's evil plans.


General Appearance: Turquiose vest, dark blue long- sleeved shirt, black pants, white gloves, shin- high turquiose boots with glowing connected light blue circles on the front.

Hair Colour: Dark Gray

Hair Style: Has bangs that sweep over to her right eye.

Fur Colour: Light gray

Eye colour: Light blue



Friends: Arrow the Hedgehog (Formerly), Ariel the Hedgehog, Ashlynn "Lyn" the Cat, Autumn the Fox

Love Interest: Alan the Hedgehog (Boyfriend), Arrow the Hedgehog (Small crush)



Enemies: Arrow the Hedgehog, Ana the Rabbit

Love Interest

Sylvia and Alan are dating/ just hanging out in school. Since the two have been through many things together, they get along pretty well. Although Alan did ditch Sylvia once for a while, but that's a whole new story.


Ability Type: Skill


  • Martial Arts
  • Gymnastics Skills
  • Able to use guns.
  • Is an excellent jumper and climber.

Super form(s): None.



She was raised up by her two adopted parents (both hedgehogs) in Techtropolis, and still lives there as a citizen. Her real parents disappeared when she was a few years old, and she still doesn't know anything about them.

Other Info

- Much to her annoyance, Sylvia is often at first glance mistaken to be a fox; as she has the same features. (Fur around the muzzle, fluffy tail with the white tip, medium-size ears.)

- Her boots were inspired off a mix of Silver the Hedgehog and Amy Rose's boots.

- She is actually 1/16 Fox. Though she doesn't know this XD

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