== Typhoon== Name: Typhoon

Full name: T-144 Typhoon
Typhoon pic


Age: Unknown

Theme song: "Unknown Soldier" by Breaking Benjamin

Alignment: Good

Team: Team Galacta

Powers: Electricity, Atomic beam, can transform his body into various weapons

Forms: Perfect(when restored into original form) and Black hole core mode.


Typhoon was a prototype robot created by Physic, known as the god of science and was a complete success. Physic was fascinated by Typhoon's abilities back then. Althrough the other gods didnt like how Physic neglected his responsibilities. They decided to force Physic to remove Typhoon. Physic loved Typhoon like an own son and didnt want to detroy him. Still, he had to. He removed Typhoon's memories and left him on a junk yard. A few years later, Epsilon found his body there, damaged. He rebuild him as complexely as he could, althrough he wasnt able to give Typhoon all of his past abilities. Typhoon dedicated himself to spend rest of his life with Epsilon, swearing to protect him as long as he can.

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