T6 is Shairo's guard robot. To put it to the test,here's some capability tests.


T6 has an astounding top speed of 150 mph,and accelerates to it in 1.5 seconds.

Hurtle jump

T6 has amazing jump capabilities,jumping all hurtles in 5 seconds.

Boulder run

T6 dodges every boulder with catlike reflexes.

Wall shred

T6 shreds treads only through a brick wall in 1 second.


T6 has awesome strength,lifting up a house with a lot of effort.

Super duper heavy weightlifting

T6 lifts 'em with no prob.

Elephant toss

T6 has a bit of a problem,but no biggie.

Car toss

No prob.


T6 is real brainy,mind you smart villians everywhere.

Algebra attack

No problemo.

Algebra assult

See above.

Algebra army

See above.



Would you like a T6 for your villian? Just say "pretzels" and tell me he name of your villian.

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