Age: 13 (on earth) 15 (on her homeworld)


Real name: Talim Gender: female

Species: rabbit/angel

Likes: espio,peace, and talking to the wind

Dislikes: war, being lonely,and fighting

Persoeality:shy around new people, kind hearted,and hard working

Theme song : Every heart [[1]]

Ability: flight

Favorite thing to do: talking to the wind


Tai was born on a unknown island on a unknown world far away from earth she was sent to earth when she was 10. she was lonely and scared she really didn't know how use the fans so she was defenceless she's also the pircness of her island. being the pircness she has alot rivals so she learned how to use the fans and her power by herself. She's had her first rival ( Dark engery) when she was 11.

Love interest: Espio the chameleon

Favorite quote : "You can't change your past but you can change your furture"

Fighting style: wind dance ( mostly with big fans)

Powers: Wind and Air,water, and ice ( only when she's in her super form)



Fur: brown

Eyes: purple (also favorite color)

She wears purpleish- pink boots, blue skirt, black shirt with pink band when she's in her super form her eyes are icy blue she wears a icy blue dress she wears no shoes (or boots) and her wings are bigger and their icy blue


  • Twin wind cyclone
  • Tsunami ( only when she's in her super form)
  • Ice spers (only when she's in her super form)
  • Wind silce
  • Ice silce (only when she's in her super form)
  • Water twin cyclone (only when she's in her super form)

Super form

Tai calls her super form a curse because she can't control it so she tries her best not to angery because if she does she'll turn into her super form and she can't turn back until she's to weak from all her powers draining her engery. first time she used her super form was 11 (on earth years) 13 (on her homeworld years) she almost died from all the low engery but jo jo saved her life by restoreing her engery level back to 100%


Wind please help me find the way. (when talking to the wind)

Where are you demon, show yourself!!! ( when fighting Dark engery)

Jo jo!!!!, are you alright? (when helping Jo jo after being attack by one of Dark engery's demon)

Please don't get in my way!! ( when trying to get past demon)

I will destroy you ( when turning into her super form)

Friends: Jo jo (only person that's really her friend) espio (sometimes but not that much of a friend)

Rivals: Dark engery

Tai's sadness and lonelyness

( Will be up soon)

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