Tarinta is the older sister of Arabella, she is 5 years older then her.About Tarinta Name: Tarinta, is sometimes called Tari.

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality: Very sassy for her age, cares for her sister deeply.

Alingment: Good

Powers: Invisibility

Relatives: Arabella (Little sister), parents unknown but lives with Uncle on Mobious.

Ability Type: Speed.

Other infomation

Tarinta has the habit of being sarcastic and acting smart all the time, which causes arguments with her Uncle. She enjoys annoying her older cousin, Cal, and winding up her little cousin, Arianna. However, Tarinta cares deeply for her family - esspecialy her little sister, Arabella. Tarinta is the only person out her and Arabella to meet her mother, who died from an unknown illness. Her mother died one week after the 7 weeks premature birth of Arabella.

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