About Team Light

Team Light are a group of Seedrians who live in the Temple of Light. They don't usually tamper with events outside of the Temple.

Team Members

Leader:Yume the Seedrian (originally), Mieli the Seedrian (Current)

Main Members: Näkijä the Seedrian, Tunne the Seedrian, Sielu the Seedrian, Dariana the Seedrian

Side/Minor Members: n/a


Näkijä was the second to find the Temple as she had foreseen it in the future. Here she met Yume, who had lived there for many years already. After reading the many texts and books there, they decided to track down the other four seedrians. Näkijä went out to look for the others and Yume stayed in the Temple.
Mieli was found living in a tent of a travelling circus and gladly returned with Näkijä to the temple. Tunne was found trying to pair a couple together (Cassa and Loki) and wouldn't leave until they got together.
Näkijä and Tunne eventually returned to the Temple and Yume asked about the two other Seedrians. Näkijä just explained that they weren't hers to find.

After a couple of weeks, Mieli decided that she really needed to get out of the temple for a while. After she got Yume's permission, she made her way to one of the large cities. There she was attacked and nearly kidnapped by Dariana, a snatcher and one of the Seedrians Näkijä was looking for.
They returned, but Dariana and Yume didn't get along well.

Eventually, Tunne had decided to leave for a while and found Sielu at one of her horrible performances and helped her get out of there. However while he was gone, Näkijä had forseen the "Impending Doom" that was going to end them all. She had also seen that it was Yume who caused it so she imediently went to talk to him about it. Yume was devestated that this would happen in the future but couldn't understand why it would happen. Näkijä told him just put himself to sleep, to aleast post-pone it, to which Yume agreed and put Mieli incharge.

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