"Legend has it that he created the universe a long time couldn't even imagine it. I can indeed confirm his existence thanks to the library in Eden. However, it's better that not everyone finds out about his existence. Please."- Truth at 87 years of age


The Creator is the one and only God of the Fabula de Lumine who created the entire universe. He's also the most powerful thing in this universe and slightly stronger than his evil counterpart, Lucifer. While there's no documentation of him, there's proof of his existence of Pacem, an Aegis Mobian who once met The Creator when he almost died. Through him, the entire Aegis Mobian new the truth of The Creator but wouldn't document his existence. Instead, Pacem became the only one to be allowed to reveal this information if any curious mind found Eden. There's also no pictures of the Creator and the statue at Revaria only depicts many of his creations. The only person who ever tapped into his power was Willis the Fox who used the Emerald Palace which can give a person incredible power.

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