Along Time ago, The Dark emeralds were created for storing Evil Energy inside, They say that they could cause chaos to those who can't control their power. No one knows who created the Dark emeralds, Many brave and strong warriors have attempted to control the power but failed, after many failed attempts, Ancient beings appeared and moved the Dark emeralds deep into the Ancient ruins of Labyrinth Zone

One day ( about 3 months after the events of Sonic 4)

Iron, Decides to check out this Cave, He notices that its in a form of a Water slide, he slides down the slides when he jumps he accidentaly opened a secret room, where he found.. The Dark Emeralds.

Controlling The Dark Emeralds

Iron placed his hand over the Emeralds when suddenly a Evil Surging aura beamed skyward Causing Iron to pass out. When he awoken his body was black and red, but he felt so powerful. he realized the Emeralds were gone and Thought, "I wonder if those Emeralds had anything to do with the way I look right now.." That's when Iron found out he could fly! Suddenly, Labyrinth Zone started Collapsing again, and seem to be for good this time! Iron flew as fast as he could but he was too late... Iron hadn't made it out.... but then! a Bright light appeared outside where Iron went in, a explosion happened and Iron flew out. He had thought how to turn back to normal, when thinking about turning back to normal, his fur changed back to normal and his power was normal and the Dark Emeralds reappeared. Iron had decided to leave the emeralds and go home. At night The Dark Emeralds flew up and Returned to Iron laying on his desk. The Next morning. Iron woke up, and found that the Dark Emeralds had came back, Iron had wondered..

" why did they comeback? What if they want me to use them?" After thinking about that Iron grabbed the Emeralds and put them who knows where with him, he decided to do some training outside he normally likes to "pretend" to be Shadow and act like him.. but when He said "Chaos.. Blast!" He actually fired a Blast from his hand! He thought he was seeing things and just said "Chaos.. CONTROL!" but that's when.. Everything froze! He looked around not a thing was moving not the birds who were flying, nor the dogs that were running, Everything froze. Iron had paniced since he had no clue how to stop it. He waited for a while and saw everything turned back to normal. Iron had Chaos Control again, but this time counted how long it takes for Chaos Control to revert to normal. "Ten Seconds.." He said. It took Ten Seconds for it to Revert, Iron stared at the sky... did those Emeralds give him power to use Chaos Blast and Chaos Control?

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